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  • HANNAH – Buddhism’s Untold Journey

    We at LivingNow recently saw a remarkable movie about a woman called Hannah and how she made a huge impact on European hippies back in the sixties and introduced them

  • No U in love

    Love is where you are not.   It would bomb as a pick-up line, but it’s a concept of love worth pondering. They are the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti, a

  • Everything that good marketing should do

    Would you like a press release in LivingNow? It does everything that good marketing should do. Are you sending press releases around the traps? It is a time-consuming activity isn’t

  • Namaste Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is neither a hero, nor a villain. His election presents the perfect opportunity to practice compassion, and self-awareness, and to bow before the divine spark that animates us

  • Obstacles to belonging

    Once we see clearly what our particular pattern is, it no longer has power over us. From here we can learn to experience more belonging than ever before.   I

  • ‘Blockadia’ – and how you and I are changing the world

    In the past, action on climate change has been stymied by the dominant system of neoliberal capitalism. In contrast to endless economic growth, the solution is likely to lie in

  • Black dog

    Andrea’s shamanic journey reveals the moment of trauma in a distant past life that has triggered her current medical condition.   I am behind my client Andrea as she flees

  • My top five green smoothie recipes

    Starting off your day with a green smoothie is like injecting rocket fuel into your body! It’s the easiest, cheapest, yummiest and most efficient way to increase the volume of

  • Four yoga poses to help you relax during the holiday season

    To help relieve unwanted, additional stress, here are four amazingly powerful yoga postures that will have you feeling back to your normal, on-top-of-it-all self in less than 20 minutes.  

  • Season your meals with mindfulness

    Mindful eating is a way to take a moment to get off life’s treadmill and have a chance of three ‘sweet spots’ every day!   Taking mindfulness to your food

  • How you can use your three brains for effective new year’s resolutions

    New year’s resolutions – another reliable disappointment or an opportunity to do something special? Did you know you have three brains that can help?   It came with the Christmas

  • How NLP offers different ways to get you out of trouble

    Somehow it seems like we, the individual people, have lost track of ourselves. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) shows us why we let our minds fall prey to bad strategies and bad

  • Last instalment of the Rebel’s Guide to Recovery

    The chi-cycle lifestyle is a bridge from the mundane to the mystical. Do a daily chi practice, follow the cycle and make finding your cosmic self your priority, and you

  • Want a happy life? Try compassion

    It’s not in chasing happiness that we find it, but by practising gratitude and compassion, that makes us feel deeply connected and fulfilled, and that is what really makes us

  • Who are we? Why it matters

    Who are we? How differently would we live our lives knowing that we’re more than the product of random evolution?     Since the time our earliest ancestors looked with awe

  • Getting our environmental legacy right

    “We have very little relationship to our garbage here in Australia. We throw it away, and my point as an environmental geographer, is to say: Where is ‘away’? Away is

  • Eat your sunscreen

    Did you know that certain foods can protect you from sun damage? Produce and plants, in their whole form, contain several complex compounds that prevent us from the harmful effects

  • Staying in love: the hard part

    Love is not for the faint of heart; at least not the kind that’s got any staying power. Staying in love can often be the hard part.   I had the

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  • Nov 26

    Yoga Practices to Embody Gratitude

    At times when life is feeling particularly rough, challenging or even hopeless, invoking feelings of genuine gratitude and moving our bodies in ways that change our current state is perhaps the most proactive thing we can do.   Genuine feelings of gratitude increase blood flow to the hypothalamus, and increases both dopamine and serotonin production. This counters low self-esteem, loneliness and depression, and results in better sleep, higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, optimism and determination, an increased willingness to share and to help others. A regular gratitude practice creates what Alex Korb PhD refers to as a ‘virtuous cycle’ – once we begin to train ourselves to more regularly practise gratitude, our practice becomes self-expanding. Based on my observation in my own practice, and in working with clients, I have found that adding experiential movement with the element of appreciation for our bodies is a profound addition to the common

  • Namaste Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is neither a hero, nor a villain. His election presents the perfect opportunity to practice compassion, and self-awareness, and to bow before the divine spark that animates us all.     There have been many words written about the election of Donald Trump over the past month, and

  • From grief to gratitude after suicide

    Soraya lost her only brother, and then three years later, her son Prem, to suicide, both strangely on 10th September. Soraya was unaware at the time of World Suicide Prevention Day. However this date is now etched in her mind. Soraya has just published her memoir, ‘Shining Through from Grief to

  • Open heart surgery

    Raym’s client wants to understand why he cannot have deep emotional relationships. The answer is hidden inside his chest.   Jamie approaches our healing studio and my young assistant surprises me with her soft reflective sigh as she gazes at him. Standing close, I unintentionally read her unguarded thoughts, He

  • India – bringing the experience back home

    Erika, a birth coach, travels to India and the Himalayas. She finds a metaphor in the beauty and challenges, and returning home, asks how this might apply to her work and life.   As a birth worker, it’s important that I stay grounded, resourceful, skilled and empathic to the birthing

  • October Stargazer 2016

    US election – celebrity vs responsibility In the January Stargazer column, I predicted that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be chosen as official candidates in the US presidential election, with Clinton going on to lead the country. Nine months later, with the US election just weeks away, what, if

  • My Mother Amma experience

    “Amma is the embodiment of pure love. Her presence heals.” [Dr Deepak Chopra]   An open-hearted, soul-nourishing unconditional embrace was my first Amma experience. When dear friends asked if I would like to attend the Amma conference explaining that I could receive what is known as an Amma hug, I

  • The mirror of solitude

    Solitude was fine as an appetiser, but not as a main course. I thought those opting for a single lifestyle didn’t know what they were missing, but did my non-stop coupling come with a price?   I will never know what it’s like to be one half of one of

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