• Living Now

    Twenty years showcasing world class jazz in Melbourne

    A platinum milestone – Melbourne International Jazz Festival   Australia’s pre-eminent jazz festival recognised internationally for the creativity and depth of its programming, this year the Melbourne International Jazz Festival

  • Living Now

    Mick Thomas national album launch tour just got bigger

    Mick Thomas is set to tour his new retrospective double album These Are the Songs and autobiographical book These Are The Days right across the country this May and June. Joining Mick and his

  • Martin Oliver

    Buderim’s Urban Food Street

    Nature strip gardening such as the Urban Food Street has seen a resurgence in Australia.   Evoking an association of ginger for many people, Buderim today has grown into an

  • Martin Oliver

    Waste not, want not cafes

    The Real Junk Food Project is a world-wide effort to prevent food waste, and diverts many tonnes of food from the tip each year.   According to the best estimates,

  • rhonda.murray

    Four steps to manifestation

    Positive thinking is an early step in the manifestation process. Bringing dreams into reality takes something more.   It begins with an idea   Manifestation always begins with an idea, and

  • Living Now

    A personal experience of brain plasticity

    After having a stroke and then acquiring epilepsy, I had to train my brain all over again. Even if you aren’t struck by a catastrophic event as I was, knowing

  • Elizabeth Denley

    Meditation – a lot more than meets the eye

    Celebrate the inner beauty that awaits you through meditation.   During the last 50 years there have been many scientific and medical studies on the effects of meditation on human

  • Barry Vissell

    How do you go expressing your ‘unpopular’ feelings?

    If you want integrity and wholeness in your life, you must embrace all of your feelings, not just the popular ones.   There are ‘popular’ feelings: joy, happiness, love, and

  • Julie Ann Cairns

    Are you being pulled from above or below?

    Are you being ‘guided to walk away’ because something doesn’t feel right, or are you avoiding an important spiritual message from above? Sometimes it’s important to look within and truly,

  • Raym Richards

    A mistrust of men

    Raym’s client’s desire to uncover the reason for her mistrust of men uncovers a past life of luxury and incarceration.   My apprentice and I observe my client Jane as she

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – horoscope for April 2017

    Easter – a lunar celebration. Venus retrograde – The honest heart. Autumn harvest ritual. Sun in Aries – my way or the highway! Mercury retrograde – messages from the unconscious.

  • Liisa Halme

    The placebo effect – is it ‘only’ in the mind?

    Often the placebo effect is brushed off as being ‘only in the mind’. But hang on a minute – doesn’t it actually prove how incredibly powerful the mind is, and

  • Anne Wilson Schaef

    Heal the building, the land, & the people

    “We, as humans and as a planet, want to be healed, fully-functioning and whole. And sometimes, we lose our way.” [A.W. Schaef from Boulder Hot Springs, Montana] Finding my ‘center’

  • Casey Conroy

    Om, should I eat this?

    There is a growing – and alarming – trend of yoga teachers giving potentially harmful dietary advice to their students.   Editor’s note: while many readers will not be yoga

  • Emma Stephens

    Emma writes to the LivingNow community

    Time to be mindful. Prizes to win. Share the love with this great community.   Hello lovely LivingNow community There has been SO much going on for me this month!

  • Living Now

    The power of the mind

    We had a goal and we worked hard to develop a mindset of success. The result was that everyone improved in their performances, established where their weaknesses lay and began


  • Glenda Lamaro

    Letting go of love

    “There has been no failure – simply a learning experience for the soul.”   It’s only natural to want to

  • Jennifer Keller

    Yoga Practices to Embody Gratitude

    At times when life is feeling particularly rough, challenging or even hopeless, invoking feelings of genuine gratitude and moving our


    My Mother Amma experience

    “Amma is the embodiment of pure love. Her presence heals.” [Dr Deepak Chopra]   An open-hearted, soul-nourishing unconditional embrace was

  • soraya.saraswati

    From grief to gratitude after suicide

    Soraya lost her only brother, and then three years later, her son Prem, to suicide, both strangely on 10th September. Soraya

  • Cameron Burgess

    Namaste Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is neither a hero, nor a villain. His election presents the perfect opportunity to practice compassion, and self-awareness,

  • Living Now

    Obstacles to belonging

    Once we see clearly what our particular pattern is, it no longer has power over us. From here we can

  • Raym Richards

    Open heart surgery

    Raym’s client wants to understand why he cannot have deep emotional relationships. The answer is hidden inside his chest.  

  • Casey Conroy

    My top five green smoothie recipes

    Starting off your day with a green smoothie is like injecting rocket fuel into your body! It’s the easiest, cheapest,

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