• Dan Thomas

    The autumn garden

    After the last six months of growth and hard work, the autumn garden is ready for change, reflection, and restoration.   Autumn is upon us. Like a mad man I’m

  • Narjes Gorjizadeh

    Train your mind, claim your life

    Meditation is a form of exercise for the mind that strengthens our brain. Just as our body needs exercise, our mind needs exercise and training to remain healthy.   Meditation

  • Gemma Di Bari

    Well-being coaches in schools: the way forward

    Employing life or well-being coaches in our schools is one way to support teens in navigating the choppy waters of the high school years and become resourceful.   A new

  • Rhonda Murray

    The vibration we put out into the world

    When we change our internal vibration, we change the vibration we are putting out into the world. Only then can the universe (or whatever we call God) start to work

  • Martin Oliver

    The Transition Movement

    The Transition Movement is a global network of local towns, villages and suburbs that are pursuing a community-level response to the issues of oil depletion and climate change.   In

  • Megan Hateley

    Mindful parenting and family well-being

    Mindful parenting provides an approach to parenting that can serve to enhance both the parent’s and child’s well-being, and it’s catching on.   Get up, get dressed, feed the kids,

  • Alison Burton

    Creating better birth

    Many unconscious beliefs are created at birth, so perhaps empowering women to manage a normal, healthy, and natural birth might be an idea worth exploring.   Creating a welcoming environment

  • Jules Sutherland

    Ebb and flow

    I have spent the vast majority of my life living in a highly sensitive woman’s body, but treating it more like a machine. A Chinese doctor once said to me,

  • Anne Wilson Schaef


    The gift of noticing is so precious that we need to take some time to notice that we have it and lovingly develop and honour it.   One of the

  • Raym Richards

    The awful answer

    Raym’s client searches for the cause of her deep and irrational despair and opens a window through time into a surprising reality.   I am walking next to my client

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – horoscope for May 2017

    We all know about living life in tune with the seasons – but how about living life in tune with the moon to create a more rewarding, emotionally balanced and

  • Living Now

    Recipes from The Adriatic Kitchen

    These tantalising treats from the sun-soaked Croatian island of Korčula will take your tastebuds on a trip to the Adriatic Sea. Recipes extracted with permission from The Adriatic Kitchen published

  • Clare Pace

    The role of homeopathy in the pursuit of wellness

    As the wellness industry in Australia flourishes, what role will be assigned to the much maligned field of homeopathy?   While homeopathy remains on the fringes of acceptance in Australia,

  • Michael Lewin

    The contemplative life

    I used to think that a contemplative life belonged to monks, nuns, and those living in silent orders in remote places far away from the ‘real’ world. I know better

  • Julie-Ann Harper

    Nurturing children’s spirituality

    If we strengthen children’s spirituality from an early age, then they won’t need to wait until middle age to realise that many of the answers come from within.   Many

  • Michelle Taffe

    Looking for love? Look inside

    When you are really and truly loving yourself, love from others will show up like magic in your life.   Are you looking for love? Perhaps you are on Tinder,


  • Glenda Lamaro

    Letting go of love

    “There has been no failure – simply a learning experience for the soul.”   It’s only natural to want to

  • Jennifer Keller

    Yoga Practices to Embody Gratitude

    At times when life is feeling particularly rough, challenging or even hopeless, invoking feelings of genuine gratitude and moving our

  • Joanne Greene

    My Mother Amma experience

    “Amma is the embodiment of pure love. Her presence heals.” [Dr Deepak Chopra]   An open-hearted, soul-nourishing unconditional embrace was

  • Soraya Saraswati

    From grief to gratitude after suicide

    Soraya lost her only brother, and then three years later, her son Prem, to suicide, both strangely on 10th September. Soraya

  • Cameron Burgess

    Namaste Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is neither a hero, nor a villain. His election presents the perfect opportunity to practice compassion, and self-awareness,

  • Raym Richards

    Open heart surgery

    Raym’s client wants to understand why he cannot have deep emotional relationships. The answer is hidden inside his chest.  

  • Living Now

    Obstacles to belonging

    Once we see clearly what our particular pattern is, it no longer has power over us. From here we can

  • Casey Conroy

    My top five green smoothie recipes

    Starting off your day with a green smoothie is like injecting rocket fuel into your body! It’s the easiest, cheapest,

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