Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and longest running healthy and sustainable living publication, LivingNow.

At LivingNow we value diversity and encourage articles that support, inspire and celebrate individual and global thrivability. Well-researched pieces and articles that offer ‘a gift for the reader’ are what we look for.

In order to create the most enjoyable, impactful and educational experience possible for our readers, please consider the following key points when preparing your submission:

General notes:


  • Preference will be given to articles that have not been published elsewhere, and for print, it’s rare that we will consider articles that our readers may have already been exposed to
  • For online, we are open to republishing articles, however it is essential that the original source be provided so that we can reference it.


All content for your article to be in ONE email, with the only formatting being in the form of headings, subheadings and paragraphs


  • 10–15 words of introduction or preamble to whet the appetite of the readers – try to include the key word (focus of your article) in this intro
  • Select the category and/or sub-category you think is appropriate for your article (from our web categories, viewable on the homepage)
  • 15–30 words of biography
  • Contact details at the bottom of the bio, for inclusion in the web version
  • Keywords for use with the web version of your article (list at the bottom of your submission)
  • References, with links for the web version
  • If the article is based on or excerpted from a published book, we will include that detail at the end of the article, e.g.: The above article is based upon XYZ book, published by ABC. So please provide those details if applicable
  • If the author is a presenter at an event, we may include some detail such as: X is keynote presenter at Y event to be held in Z city this month (but no contact details). Please provide the details of X, Y and Z if applicable


Note: Preferred format of photos: JPEG or TIFF – attached directly to the email (never embedded in Word)

  • Author Photo
    • Please name your image LN-author-firstname-lastname
    • Minimum requirements 300DPI, 512×512 pixels
  • Article Photos
    • If you have photos to illustrate your story (not necessary but nice if you have them), please send them in a small file format for choosing, and confirm that you have them in a very large format for printing

Articles & stories

Word counts:
all-inclusive, ie. title, preamble and bio

  • 400–500; for a single page
  • 400–650; for an advertising feature
  • 800–1000; for two-page stories
  • 1350–1800; for three-page stories
  • note: we will consider longer articles, but our preference is shorter ones

Podcasts & videos

  • Provide a playable URL (web address) for the file
  • Pay-to-access content will not be accepted
  • Note: we do not host podcasts and videos directly on our site, so please do not submit original audio or video files; links only

Additional information:

Email subject line:
Please label your email (and the document itself) with the words ‘Article submission’ and then add your topic (rather than your proposed title). A word count in the title would also be helpful.

We aim to choose print articles about eight weeks before publication. If you would like to be included in an earlier publication, please tell us why in your covering letter. We prioritise articles submitted by our advertisers!

Due to Google’s algorithms, it is now vitally important that either your article is exclusive to LivingNow – and not even published on your own site – or that we know where it has been published so we can reference it. You might want to write something unique for us and then put the heading and first 20 or so words on your site with a link to our HTML version of your article. You will find the link after we publish that article on our site (which would have more traffic than most people’s individual sites anyway!). From Wikipedia – Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, warns that rewriting duplicate content so that it is original may not be enough to recover from Panda, the rewrites must be of sufficiently high quality, as such content brings “additional value” to the web. Content that is general, non-specific, and not substantially different from what is already out there should not be expected to rank well: “Those other sites are not bringing additional value. While they’re not duplicates they bring nothing new to the table.”

By your agreeing with these guidelines, this is what we concur about copyright. The enduring copyright is your own, and you acknowledge that we, LivingNow magazine, have permission to publish the article in whole or part in any or all of our business media platforms, e.g., the print magazine, our website, apps, ebooks, blogs, social media and e-newsletters and other forms of digital promotion. Note that your submission will be edited prior to publication.

Our articles are for kudos and not commerce:
Apart from having no contact details in print, there should be no form of promotion in them – no hooks for the readers to get the rest of the story in your workshop, your book or your private sessions. (If your need is a promotional article, talk to us about our ‘write-up’ options.)

Please note that we do not currently pay for articles.

We do not use your contact details in print. We will, however, use them in the web version.

Send to:
editor[at]livingnow[dot]com[dot]au with confirmation that you have read these guidelines and agree with them.

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