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No U in love

In Insight and Experience, Love, Sex and Sexuality by John Ptacek0 Comments

Love is where you are not.   It would bomb as a pick-up line, but it’s a concept of love worth pondering. They are the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti, a renowned spiritual teacher who travelled the world in the twentieth century extolling the merits of self-inquiry. At first the statement …

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Staying in love: the hard part

In Love, Sex and Sexuality by John Ptacek0 Comments

Love is not for the faint of heart; at least not the kind that’s got any staying power. Staying in love can often be the hard part.   I had the jeweller engrave the round gold pendant with the words ‘Love, John’. A thin cross-hatched border framing the words made them …

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Happy 2017 to us all!

In Community and Relationship, LivingNow Community by Emma Stephens0 Comments

Hello lovely LivingNow community and happy 2017 to us all! Who’s up for a great year? I know that I certainly am! ? As I’ve mentioned in one of my editorials previously, I don’t believe in ‘luck’; so I’m looking forward to creating some great things! What types of transformations are you looking to create? …

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Nigel Kennedy returns to Australia

In Promotions, The Arts and Expression by Living Now0 Comments

Nigel Kennedy returns to Australia with a new take on Vivaldi’s Masterpiece: Vivaldi:  The New Four Seasons + Dedications Nigel Kennedy, the world’s most famous classical, jazz and rock violinist will perform Vivaldi: The New Four Seasons + Dedications in Australia this summer in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Tickets are …

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The blessing of differences

In Community and Relationship by joyce.vissell0 Comments

Differences – beyond addictions, betrayal, violence and lying – can give the relationship the fuel and incentive to go deeper.   Our son got married a few days ago to Isaiah, the man of his dreams. Hardly ever in our work with couples have we seen such depth in love, …

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Corrupt government review

In Community and Relationship by charles.kovess0 Comments

by Graeme Little & Charles Kovess Corrupt government review rules there is no evidence to support the efficacy of natural therapies New Victorian Health Complaints law heralds an effective abolition of the right to practise 17 popular natural health therapies. While this article focusses on Victoria government, all states have …

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Clearing a path to understanding

In Community and Relationship by John Ptacek0 Comments

Knowing someone for a long time doesn’t mean you understand them. In relationships, familiarity can actually make a mess of things. Disregard history and listen to someone you love as if for the first time.   If you want to offer me something of value, don’t profess your affection for …

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The Iceman is coming!

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Wim Hof discusses philosophy and physiology with Matt Radford via Skype from Amsterdam.   “We should feel great, because life is a miracle. The world is a miracle. We are living in the most beautiful spot in the whole universe. Out there, there’s just cold, lifeless and some rocks going …