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Rock your menopause

In Health and Nutrition, Women's Health by Casey Conroy0 Comments

Women in midlife are at a crossroads: either we can continue living with jobs, relationships, and poor health situations that we have outgrown, or we can do the inner work that our bodies and hormones are calling out for. A full 85% of women suffer hot flushes, vaginal dryness, and …

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A sunshiny pregnancy

In Health and Nutrition, Women's Health by A.C Ping0 Comments

Did you know that many prenatal vitamins do not contain enough vitamin D to prevent deficiency in pregnancy? Most prenatal vitamins only contain 400 to 600 IU of vitamin D, which simply isn’t enough to keep your vitamin D at normal levels without regular midday sun exposure. Worse, studies suggest the …

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Honouring Aphrodite

In Community and Relationship, Women's Health by marianne.williamson0 Comments

What’s exciting about being a Western woman today is that we’re allowed to embody as many and whatever goddesses we choose.  For those who seek a deeper romance, it serves to embody the goddess Aphrodite, for she is the goddess of romantic love.   Many people complain these days that …

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Our beloved bodies – seeing yourself as a sex symbol

In Insight and Experience, Insight and Self Awareness, Love, Sex and Sexuality, Women's Health by Living Now0 Comments

What can you do to see yourself as the divine sex symbol you are, rather than unconsciously (or obsessively) comparing yourself to the external icons of supposed perfection we are repeatedly bombarded with?   After two thousand years of cultural conditioning that has demonised pleasures of the flesh as the …

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Recipe for conception

In Children and Family, Women's Health by Living Now0 Comments

Recipe for conception – Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to enhancing fertility by Wendy Rosenfeldt Conceiving a child may seem the easiest thing in the world for some couples while others go through myriads of tests, years of ‘trying’ and hundreds of dollars in their quest for a child. Both …