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Where is Baubo now?

In Insight and Experience, Places, Travel and Retreats by kaalii.cargill0 Comments

The seasonal rituals of ancient goddess religions, based on the cycles of death and rebirth in Nature, offer a very different perspective from current patriarchal religious and scientific traditions. The ancient myths offer us stories of eternally returning, of renewable creative experience, personally and collectively. On my first day in …

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The intuitive traveller

In Places, Travel and Retreats by Living Now0 Comments

Dustin has found that his intuitive abilities are heightened when he is travelling. He takes a fascinating journey around a town in Northern Africa and experiences his intuition kicking in at what may be a crucial moment. Maybe it’s also a timely nudge for us that it is safer to …

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Hundertwasser’s humane architecture

In Environment, Ethical and Eco Agriculture, Insight and Experience, Places, Travel and Retreats by Martin Oliver0 Comments

  What exactly is wrong with today’s architecture? How can it be overhauled to meet the deepest needs of people who inhabit buildings? These questions intensely preoccupied Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser (whose name literally translates as ‘Realm of Peace, Rainy Day, Darkly Multicoloured, Hundred Waters’), an iconoclastic Austrian artist and …

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A monkey burger – do you want fries with that?

In Business and Environment, Environment, Ethical and Eco Agriculture, Places, Travel and Retreats by Living Now0 Comments

Some years ago, while travelling in the Amazon, I found myself involved in the rescue of a three-toed sloth which had endangered itself by accidentally wandering into the territory of a carnivorous ocelot. While we were busy trapping and trussing up the unfortunate animal, my local guide asked me if …

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Bhutan – a spiritual odyssey

In Places, Travel and Retreats by Raym Richards0 Comments

Imagine an unspoiled country nestled into the foothills of the Himalayas with sensational scenery, soaked in soft high altitude sunlight and with a vibrant spiritual energy that goes back centuries. A place where billboards, traffic lights and tobacco are not allowed. A place where the people have not been spoiled …

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Transformational travel

In Places, Travel and Retreats by jo.buchanan0 Comments

We travel to all corners of the earth seeking answers to the meaning of life. In the process, we are often pushed beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone, but if truly committed, the experience is usually positive and often transformational.   More and more people are travelling to places …