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Meditation and prayer

In Meditation and Mindfulness, Mind and Movement by rhonda.murray0 Comments

Meditation as a prayer step can overcome the effects of ‘negative prayer,’ where the prayer is affirming and giving power to the problem instead of to the solution. Meditation and mindfulness have become a major part of our culture, with probably more people meditating than praying in the traditional sense …

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Five tips for using mindfulness to calm your day

In Insight and Experience, Meditation and Mindfulness by elise.bialylew0 Comments

Mindfulness is the new black. It is an effective mental technique, borrowed from the two-thousand-year-old Buddhist contemplative practice and adapted to suit non-religious contexts, including boardrooms, corporations, hospitals, schools and sports teams.   Mindfulness is a practice which supports the capacity to stay focussed on what you are doing as …

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The most powerful health and longevity practice on the planet

In Health and Nutrition, Meditation and Mindfulness, Mind and Movement by blake.bauer0 Comments

Blake believes that there is no practice on the planet more effective for self-healing, preventative medicine and longevity than the ancient meditative exercise known as qi gong, which dates back over 5,000 years throughout the Orient. I struggled with severe anxiety and insecurity as a child, teenager and young man, …

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Meditation matters

In Meditation and Mindfulness, Mind and Movement by Living Now0 Comments

Meditation is the state in which we directly experience our essential nature, our consciousness, our connection to the creative spirit. Meditation has no particular religious connection though the mystics of every great religion practise it in some form. Meditation creates the rich possibility for experiencing all that is sacred within …