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  • Kinesiology feature, March 2017

    Byron Kinesiology Centre Professional Training 2017 The International Institute of Kinesiology Australia Get more sleep! Byron Kinesiology Centre Professional Training 2017 Become an excellent practitioner in the fast-growing field of kinesiology with Kinesiology Schools Australia, the leaders in comprehensive kinesiology education. The Byron Campus offers a nationally accredited Diploma in

  • Overcoming self-sabotage with kinesiology

    Personal growth continues throughout our lives when we are open to clearing self-limiting sabotages. Kinesiology can help.   The virus of self-sabotage It is those quiet times when we stop and reflect on what we’d like to achieve in life that we may recognise we are sabotaging ourselves. Kinesiology can

  • Dark side of the spoon

    What to do when seemingly sensible diets (like raw, vegan, or paleo) don’t work Paleo. Raw. Vegan. 80/10/10. 5/2. Sugar-free. Dairy-free. Low fat. Low carbohydrate. Low calorie. Not working? Whatever the diet, research shows that 95% of people who go on a diet for weight loss reasons will regain any

  • Risky herb & drug combinations

    With at least two out of three Australians using alternative medicine, global criticism regarding the safety of nutritional and herbal medicine is gaining attention.   You may have heard on the radio that vitamin E is a cardio-protective, or seen a television ad highlighting the immune boosting properties of echinacea

  • How kinesiology helps you sleep

    Many people struggle with sleep every day. Research is demonstrating how kinesiology can improve sleep by discovering the source of the issues. That elusive good night’s rest My talent is that I’m a great sleeper. I rarely wake at night and can easily fall asleep for hours on a plane.

  • The beauty of the subconscious revealed

    Take a peek behind the scenes of ‘you’.   If you’ve experienced kinesiology before, you may agree that there’s a magical quality to this modality. I say “experienced kinesiology” because in a way, it is highly experiential. It’s not easy to explain to people. Despite this, people trust it because they FEEL

  • Is there a pebble in your shoe?

    “The past is a pebble in my shoe.” – Edgar Allan Poe The emotional rock in the shoe I recently came across a quote by Brene Brown that said; “If you have a rock in your shoe you don’t just keep walking, you stop and deal with it. But we

  • Ten ways to enhance your bushwalks

    Australia is lucky to have an abundance of bushwalks that are spectacular, safe and have easy access. They can be a cheap way to get fit, reconnect with nature and great way to de-stress. Here are ten tips to add a new dimension to bushwalks: 1) Stretch and do a

  • My top five green smoothie recipes

    Starting off your day with a green smoothie is like injecting rocket fuel into your body! It’s the easiest, cheapest, yummiest and most efficient way to increase the volume of green leafy vegetables in your diet.   We all know they’re good for us, but few of us have the

  • Season your meals with mindfulness

    Mindful eating is a way to take a moment to get off life’s treadmill and have a chance of three ‘sweet spots’ every day!   Taking mindfulness to your food Mindfulness is an age-old practice experiencing resurgence in modern life. It is being explored in medical research and finding its

  • Last instalment of the Rebel’s Guide to Recovery

    The chi-cycle lifestyle is a bridge from the mundane to the mystical. Do a daily chi practice, follow the cycle and make finding your cosmic self your priority, and you can cross that bridge at will.   Unreal reality If you were drawn to repeat a drug experience it was

  • Eat your sunscreen

    Did you know that certain foods can protect you from sun damage? Produce and plants, in their whole form, contain several complex compounds that prevent us from the harmful effects of UV radiation, and are delicious at the same time! This article highlights both the dangers and importance of sunlight exposure,

  • One cosmic day

    Think of your recovery as a road trip in which you can’t see your final destination, only the stretch of road ahead.   One mainstream recovery concept I do like is living one day at a time. Make it a day aligned with the chi cycle and then repeat it

  • Hangovers – how to lessen the pain

    The best way to lessen the pain of hangovers is to avoid over indulging in alcohol, but for many of us we learn the hard way!   What happens in the liver? Excess alcohol is very toxic to human cells because it is broken down (or metabolised) into a substance

  • Quick and easy blender recipes for the holidays

    These blender recipes will help to maintain health over the holiday season in the easiest possible way – they are great to taste. For all of them, you simply blend the ingredients together in a high speed blender and add any toppings suggested or desired.   Holiday 2-in-1 soup and

  • Say goodbye to jet lag

    If you are lucky enough to be changing time zones these holidays, make sure you don’t waste a minute to jet lag.   Why do we get jet lag? The answer is simple. Our bodies are finely calibrated to each second of every day through our internal body clock –

  • How can we prevent male suicide?

      Can taking a spiritual view of suicide help us stop men killing themselves? by Glen Poole There is a male suicide crisis in Australia. It is killing one man every four hours, with each death creating a ripple effect that impacts his friends, family and wider community. The Australian

  • Demystifying detoxification – beyond juice fasts and colon cleanses

    When it comes to optimising your body’s detoxification processes, just doing a 3-day juice fast or a colonic – then going back to your normal diet – won’t cut it. It’s time to understand how our bodies really work, and what you can do to gently detoxify every day. Doing

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