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  • Mindfulness moments

    Having a small array of mindfulness moments can help us maintain a feeling of ease, peace and calm in our daily life.   I love those times each week when I am able to devote myself to the pursuit of peace. Maybe a morning meditation while the house is still

  • Yin time

    Make your life mystical. A good way to approach your afternoon is to imagine that you have smoked a big fat joint. You’d still be doing things, but not in such an outcome-oriented manner. Instead you’d have no opinion, you’d be cruising along. The goal for the afternoon is to

  • Who needs therapy?

    When is the best time to have therapy? Which is the best style of therapy? How long does it take? These are questions that many people ask before they embark on an inner exploration. Which therapy should I choose? There has been a lot of research into how therapy works.

  • Recipe: Pyjama huevos rancheros

    I love this protein-and-flavour-rich dish for an easy, filling and nutritious breakfast. The herbs and spices in the recipe are what bring it to life – so don’t be shy with them. Best enjoyed in pyjamas and with a few slices of sourdough toast with butter.   1 onion, chopped 3

  • Yang time

    Align with the chi-cycle and make recovery a journey of discovery   Aligning with the chi cycle begins in the morning. Get up as early as you can and immediately do some chi practices and exercise. This gets chi moving and puts you in an altered state. This is exactly

  • Mind, microwaves & maintaining a healthy energy field

    Our vibrational signatures (as part of mind) can be influenced from the outside. Simultaneously, the good news is, if our mind-connected energy field is healthy, strong and coherent we are less susceptible to sickness and stress coming in from the outside.   Where is mind? Have you ever wondered where

  • The minute you walked through the door

    We are totally unaware of how we go about thinking and deciding, and how we shift from sad to curious to optimistic.   I could see you were excited, upset, curious, angry, thrilled… Early in life we learn to read the cues that are displayed in people’s bodies, reflecting their

  • Sound healing for our new earth

    We are striving to become loving, peaceful beings in a difficult time, and the ancient modality of sound healing is re-emerging. Could it be to help us ascend into a higher vibrational way of being?   Humans have used sound and music healing for centuries. In ancient times, the mystics

  • Paleo is like a pair of jeans

    There are many different versions of the paleo diet. Depending on your needs, a moderate- or high-carb version may better suit you.   I don’t follow a paleo way of eating myself. However, I do work with clients keen on following paleo guidelines, and, when it’s done properly, they can

  • Music of the spheres

    Everything in the universe vibrates, from the smallest cellular particle, to the planets in our solar system, to the billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy, creating patterns of geometric waveforms, frequencies, musical intervals, and sounds.   Sound is the key to many cosmologies of the Earth’s creation. According

  • Hypnosis and your mind

    Hypnosis has been used throughout history for healing, pain management and for spiritual awakening. Unfortunately it went out of favour with the introduction of anaesthetics and psychiatric medication.   Have you ever wondered whether hypnosis really works? Have you seen stage shows and thought the subjects were just pretending to

  • Breathe and change your life

    I found out the hard way that, even if we are doing all the ‘right things’ and have a solid spiritual practice, if we bypass emotional clearing or overlook our emotions, we can remain stuck and unable to manifest the desired results in our life. This is because excess emotional

  • Treating allergies naturally

    Do you dread high pollen count days? Is spring a season of antihistamine overload, soggy tissues, and hiding indoors? Treating seasonal allergies naturally is straight forward with the right know-how.   The sleeping earth of winter is re-awakening, and nature heralds her return. We feel an extraordinary push for life

  • Silica: straight and narrow flies the arrow

    This article looks at the mineral silica, describing its functions in the body, the problems which arise when it is deficient, and the best food sources and supplement forms for getting it into the body. Thanks to its great binding capacity, silica inhibits inflammation and contributes to wound healing. A silica

  • What is energy healing?

    Until now, most have called energy healing ‘alternative’ or ‘complementary’, and consider it to be optional. Others would call it essential. Now the mainstream is waking up to its importance. So what is it? And what kind is right for you? “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think

  • What’s the use of Reiki?

    Reiki is used by millions around the world, in health care contexts and now in peer-reviewed science. What can ordinary people expect from Reiki’s extraordinary powers?   Reiki is the channelling of life-force energy through the hands. It is carried out by people who have been trained and initiated in

  • Tapping into healing

    EFT is a simple energy technique to help you to let go of emotional, mental and physical issues – for good.   Have you heard of EFT? No, I’m not talking about EFTPOS, I’m talking about ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ or ‘tapping’ as some people call it. It’s been on the

  • Learn to be a Jedi with pranic healing

    Everything is energy, and, by refining and transforming the energy within ourselves through Pranic Healing, we can transform and improve our lives for the better.   According to the 2011 Australian census over 65,000 people declared themselves to follow the religion of Jedi. Perhaps some of these people are simply

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