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  • Herbs for stress management

    Are you feeling acutely stressed, or chronically exhausted from being too stressed out for too long? Powerful botanical herbs exist that can help your body adapt to stress, and recover from the negative effects of adrenal exhaustion – if you know how to use them correctly.   Forget asbestos, Roundup

  • Throw away your glasses – steps to follow at home

    If you can’t see anything without glasses, here is a simple solution. Follow this exercise to accomplish reading the bottom line of the eye chart without reading glasses. When the power of your reading glasses exceeds +3.5 diopters your vision may begin to change until you can’t see anything without

  • Support the body through the elements

    Making diet and lifestyle choices to get us through winter using Traditional Tibetan medicine (TTM).   During winter we seem to catch cold after cold, taking multiple courses of antibiotics in an attempt to achieve (a perception of) health – but is this approach really helping us? Tibetan medicine has

  • Sacred feminine reconnective dance

    A long, long time ago, on this land and in distant lands, before women were practising yoga, before we lifted weights or joined gyms, before we ran marathons and trained our bodies to specific purposes…WE WERE DANCING, and our purpose was to tell the story of our being, lives, family,

  • Recipe: Almond rose petal chicken with Persian spices

    This tasty recipe is not only warming and satisfying, but very simple to prepare.   This is a fancy-looking dish that even the laziest chef can pull off. The dried rose petals add a sensual scent. They are the same ones used in herbal teas, and can be found in good

  • Have mice proven we can inherit emotions and trauma?

    Can something that happened to your parents, grandparents, great grandparents or generations beyond affect your life and the choices you make today? Can emotional trauma and beliefs be passed on in your genes? Are your fears and anxieties really all your own?   Epigenetics looks at how environmental factors, including

  • Go with the cosmic flow: The relapse cycle

    Chi is the medium to find your cosmic self. It is limitless and, the more you work with chi, the more extraordinary your life after drugs will become. The idea is to make everything revolve around chi, the way it once revolved around substances. You can build chi and move

  • Confused over vitamin D?

    Courtesy of one or two recent papers, the extensive knowledge base on the efficacy of Vitamin D is being questioned by a few high profile academics who are not vitamin D experts themselves. This advice is being used to influence health authorities around the world to be very conservative about

  • Healthy hair

    Heat styling and environmental elements can wreak havoc on hair, but the right shampoo, conditioner and treatment can help repair any damage and bring it back to life. Winter is the perfect time to indulge in treatments that will help protect the hair from the cold and wind and reverse

  • The power of chi

    Jost explains how you were addicted to chi and not to drugs – and a fabulous explanation of life for you if you are not addicted to anything!   Taking up yoga, chi-gung, tai-chi or another martial art is a critical part of your recovery plan. These practices involve moving

  • Medicinal mushroom chocolate truffles

    Medicinal mushrooms are fantastic for boosting immune health, making this a functional and delicious dessert going into winter. By itself, a pinch of powdered medicinal mushroom tastes pretty ordinary. Combined with raw cacao and a little honey in a dessert, they are sensational. Source your mushrooms (ideally organic) from good

  • 11 tips for a healthy winter – make your winter whimsical, not woeful

    Does winter leave you feeling congested or cosy? Sick or strong? Does the cold crisp air leave you devitalised, or invigorated? Grab a hot mug of golden milk, rug up and read on to discover how to get through this season flushed with health.   Stillness. Silence. What emotions do

  • Stigmata: how the mind wounds and heals the body

    My interest in stigmata is psychological rather than theological. My investigations with stigmatics and their extraordinary beliefs helped me understand how the body responds to religious and cultural perceptions.   Stigmatics are people who develop physical wounds that resemble those of Christ, with no detectible physical cause. But what are

  • What if one essential vitamin could prevent you from becoming a statistic?

    by Kate Quackenbush When most people think about vitamin K, they think of blood clotting. This is not at all surprising given that the Nobel Prize was awarded for this discovery in 1929. However, recently research has shown us that vitamin K – specifically vitamin K2 – may be key to

  • Roast earth vegetable, kale and dill salad

    This recipe is delicious, flavoursome comfort food at its healthiest! Serves two as a main, or four as a side dish. Ingredients 8 small desiree potatoes 3 carrots 3 red onions 1 head garlic 1 bunch cavolo nero kale (Tuscan cabbage) 1/2 bunch dill 1/2 bunch flat leaf parsley juice from 1/2

  • Quit with your body

    Quit to feel good, not to be good. Nutrient deficiencies are one of the major reasons you feel like crap after quitting and the best way to get nutrients back in as fast as possible is nutritional supplements. There are three practical components to quitting with your body: correct deficiencies,

  • Manscaping

    A light-hearted musing about trends, and a reminder that the real you is neither in fashion nor out of it.   No longer content to trim only nasal and ear hair, it seems men have fallen victim to what may be at times an obsession with physical beauty… introducing, ‘the

  • How efficient is your metabolism?

    Thyroid gland disorders are incredibly common. The symptoms you may experience vary depending on whether your gland becomes over active or under active. Luckily there are plenty of modifiable factors that are under your control.   A fast metabolic rate is high up on nearly everyone’s wish list. Your metabolism

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