• Great expectations – not!

    Once a gauge for how charitably life was treating me, my expectations had become as pointless as my appendix.   Expectations: a mission statement for psychopaths We humans are cursed with a bad habit. We deem nearly every thought that puffs from the chimneys of our overheated minds as logical

  • A healer’s dilemma

    A stone in her shoe reveals the deep-seated reason for Raym’s client’s stagnation as a healer.   I am sprinting across a cold and bleak moor following my client Diane in a past life. She is frantic, literally running for her life. Her hot breath remains suspended in small, puffy

  • Stargazer – horoscope for March 2017

    The controversial president. Venus retrograde. Sun in Pisces.   Donald Trump – the controversial president Love him or loathe him, President D J Trump is here to stay. So let’s take a quick look at what makes him tick. America’s 45th president was born on 14th June, 1946, at 10.54am in

  • Only we can damage or heal our souls & the planet

    None of us had a perfect family. We are humans. Humans, by definition and design, are imperfect.   We humans are a confused and a confusing bunch. On the one hand we have difficulties to admit and utilise our limitations and on the other we have equal difficulty recognising and realising the

  • What do turtles have to do with abundance?

    Are you hiding out in your shell or collectively doing your part to create the abundant world we all want to live in?     The creation of a collective consciousness One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about creating a life of abundance, freedom and choice is that we’re

  • Life in the flow

    Life is a wild, exotic, colourful, kaleidoscopic thing… Flow with it. Walking connects you to the earth Besides the clear health benefits in circulation, breathing, dopamine release to lighten your mood and gentle low impact exercise, walking provides time to think, to meditate and to step out of the rapid pace

  • The prophecy of the ‘Black Snake’

    The Lakota prophecy of the ‘Black Snake’ – that there will be a great black snake that will run through the land and bring destruction to the people and to Earth – is happening now. The prophecy states that it must not be allowed to cross the river;  otherwise it

  • No U in love

    Love is where you are not.   It would bomb as a pick-up line, but it’s a concept of love worth pondering. They are the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti, a renowned spiritual teacher who travelled the world in the twentieth century extolling the merits of self-inquiry. At first the statement

  • Obstacles to belonging

    Once we see clearly what our particular pattern is, it no longer has power over us. From here we can learn to experience more belonging than ever before.   I haven’t felt at home since becoming a refugee at the age of nine. I searched for years for a place

  • Black dog

    Andrea’s shamanic journey reveals the moment of trauma in a distant past life that has triggered her current medical condition.   I am behind my client Andrea as she flees down a sloping subterranean stone tunnel illuminated only by the flickering torch held overhead by her servant, penetrating the thick

  • Who are we? Why it matters

    Who are we? How differently would we live our lives knowing that we’re more than the product of random evolution?     Since the time our earliest ancestors looked with awe into the distant stars of a moonless night sky, a single question has been asked countless times, by countless numbers

  • January and February Stargazer – horoscope for January/February 2017

    2017 predictions I’d like to wish all LivingNow readers a happy new year filled with joy, adventure, love, learning and positive experiences! As usual at this time of year, I will be discussing the general energy in the months ahead. Innovation, flexibility and change The overall vibe for 2017 is

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