• Living Now

    A personal experience of brain plasticity

    After having a stroke and then acquiring epilepsy, I had to train my brain all over again. Even if you aren’t struck by a catastrophic event as I was, knowing how to manage your brain can help you to achieve your goals and live a fuller life.   On the

  • Barry Vissell

    How do you go expressing your ‘unpopular’ feelings?

    If you want integrity and wholeness in your life, you must embrace all of your feelings, not just the popular ones.   There are ‘popular’ feelings: joy, happiness, love, and affection, to name a few. And then there are ‘unpopular’ feelings: anger, sadness, grief, hurt, and fear, among others. Most

  • Julie Ann Cairns

    Are you being pulled from above or below?

    Are you being ‘guided to walk away’ because something doesn’t feel right, or are you avoiding an important spiritual message from above? Sometimes it’s important to look within and truly, humbly ask when your impulses tell you that something is not in ‘flow’.   Are you ‘letting go,’ or are

  • Raym Richards

    A mistrust of men

    Raym’s client’s desire to uncover the reason for her mistrust of men uncovers a past life of luxury and incarceration.   My apprentice and I observe my client Jane as she walks up the driveway to my healing studio, not too steady on her feet. “It’s in her ankles…” “Which it?”

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – horoscope for April 2017

    Easter – a lunar celebration. Venus retrograde – The honest heart. Autumn harvest ritual. Sun in Aries – my way or the highway! Mercury retrograde – messages from the unconscious. April moon calendar.    Easter – a lunar celebration Will Easter be early this year or late? Why is it

  • Living Now

    The power of the mind

    We had a goal and we worked hard to develop a mindset of success. The result was that everyone improved in their performances, established where their weaknesses lay and began to improve on them. From the book, From Brilliant and Broke to Inspired and Abundant, by Andrew Jobling. Allen Aylett

  • John Ptacek

    Great expectations – not!

    Once a gauge for how charitably life was treating me, my expectations had become as pointless as my appendix.   Expectations: a mission statement for psychopaths We humans are cursed with a bad habit. We deem nearly every thought that puffs from the chimneys of our overheated minds as logical

  • Raym Richards

    A healer’s dilemma

    A stone in her shoe reveals the deep-seated reason for Raym’s client’s stagnation as a healer.   I am sprinting across a cold and bleak moor following my client Diane in a past life. She is frantic, literally running for her life. Her hot breath remains suspended in small, puffy

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – horoscope for March 2017

    The controversial president. Venus retrograde. Sun in Pisces.   Donald Trump – the controversial president Love him or loathe him, President D J Trump is here to stay. So let’s take a quick look at what makes him tick. America’s 45th president was born on 14th June, 1946, at 10.54am in

  • Anne Wilson Schaef

    Only we can damage or heal our souls & the planet

    None of us had a perfect family. We are humans. Humans, by definition and design, are imperfect.   We humans are a confused and a confusing bunch. On the one hand we have difficulties to admit and utilise our limitations and on the other we have equal difficulty recognising and realising the

  • Julie Ann Cairns

    What do turtles have to do with abundance?

    Are you hiding out in your shell or collectively doing your part to create the abundant world we all want to live in?     The creation of a collective consciousness One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about creating a life of abundance, freedom and choice is that we’re

  • Peter Walker

    Life in the flow

    Life is a wild, exotic, colourful, kaleidoscopic thing… Flow with it. Walking connects you to the earth Besides the clear health benefits in circulation, breathing, dopamine release to lighten your mood and gentle low impact exercise, walking provides time to think, to meditate and to step out of the rapid pace

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