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Life life as a whole, conscious woman

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The Sacred Feminine is Love. Her only role on this planet is to live and be love. That’s it. It sounds SO simple – so then why aren’t we being it, every second of every day?

The time is now, Women. We are being called. It is time to live from our hearts – to be love. This is not something we need to ‘learn’ – it is within us. It is something we need to remember, and fast. There is no more waiting until we have more time, more money, more resources, more anything.  The time is now.

The Sacred Feminine is Love. We hold the energy of the Mother. We are resonant with the Earth Mother, and she needs us to be who we truly are. It is time to raise the Sacred Feminine for the sake of Mother Earth and all her creatures, and for humanity itself.

Indigenous prophecies and teachings from around the world are telling us that we as a human race have damaged the earth to such an extent that, if we do not step into who we truly are, our time on this planet may come to an end. The damage to the earth is an outward manifestation of the damage we do to ourselves, our own self-hatred, self-doubt and self-destruction.

It is time to remember that we are all sparks of the God Consciousness. You may have a different name for the All That Is – use whatever words feel appropriate for you – but know that we are this. God is not separate from us. We ARE God/Goddess, and, with this knowing, we can begin to live through our hearts.

For too long have we lived through our minds, our egos, in a patriarchal society that lives by logic, rules and programming that do not serve a sustainable future on this planet.

Each of us has a unique gift to bring to this planet. It is our own special unique way we live our love. How do you live your love? How do you love yourself? How do you love all the people you interact with in your daily life? Are you so caught up in your mind, and with doing, doing, doing that you have forgotten how to just be, love? I know I have been.

The Sacred Feminine is Love. Her only role on this planet is to live and be love. That’s it. It sounds SO simple – so then why aren’t we being it, every second of every day?

Our minds are programmed from the beginning of our birth with society’s ideas of what we should be like, how we should live, what constitutes ‘success’ in this world. We have become SO obsessed with matching up to all these ideals, so full of self-doubt and a sense of failure when we don’t match up, that we close down who we really are.

There is really nothing to DO here. There is nothing to ACHIEVE. The true purpose of our being here, in these women’s bodies, is to BE love. That’s it. When we can truly BE love, and spread it around EVERYWHERE we go, Mother Earth can heal, relationships can heal, wounds we have carried through this life, and past, can heal.

Nina Barnes uses her naturopathic training for vegetarian food preparation for retreats/workshops, and is a freelance writer on natural health and consciousness from SE Queensland. She is on the committee of Being Woman, a yearly weekend gathering on the Sunshine Coast, for women, of all walks of life, to come together for celebration, healing, creativity, laughter, dance, ceremony and sisterhood.

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