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  • Shireen Tripp

    We all move to the beat of an unfathomable melody

    Though her mother’s carers encouraged non-movement, Shireen knew that she needed to dance. She was right; after starting a regular wu tao routine, her mother truly came alive again.   What a difference the walker made for the elderly lady who had suffered the effects of multiple silent strokes. She ...

  • Tony J. Selimi

    3 ways to combat loneliness

    Loneliness affects many people, at different times and to varying degrees in their lives. Here are 3 principles to overcome it.   More with less; factors increasing loneliness Living in the era of perpetual globalisation and rapid technological advancements affects our perception of the world and increases the rate at ...

  • Narjes Gorjizadeh

    Train your mind, claim your life

    Meditation is a form of exercise for the mind that strengthens our brain. Just as our body needs exercise, our mind needs exercise and training to remain healthy.   Meditation needs to be integrated in our daily life. There are several reasons for this: rapid pace of modern life-style, dramatic ...

  • Michael Lewin

    The contemplative life

    I used to think that a contemplative life belonged to monks, nuns, and those living in silent orders in remote places far away from the ‘real’ world. I know better now.   “Contemplation is life itself, fully awake, fully active, fully aware that it is alive. It is spiritual wonder. ...

  • Carol Talbot

    Change your perspective of reality and reach your potential

    Remember, a lot of what you perceive as going on actually isn’t. So, be a quality shopper, stop making excuses, and you’ll change your perspective of the world.   Are you the kind of person who sees the glass half full or half empty? Do you experience life as a ...

  • Julie Ann Cairns

    5 abundant ways to keep calm and carry on

    Do you want more abundance? Start with cultivating habits that promote internal peace & you will open the door for abundance.   More peace = more abundance I normally write about abundance. That’s kind of my main topic of expertise,  but today I sat down at my desk and all ...

  • Jena Griffiths

    Feeling stuck? How to get going again.

    Action creates energy and motivation. Not the other way round. The secret is to keep moving, just like when riding a bicycle. But what happens if one is totally stuck? How do we get back in the swing of things? 2600 years ago Buddha said, “Life is dukkha”. Although ‘dukkha’ ...

  • Rhonda Murray

    Four steps to manifestation

    Positive thinking is an early step in the manifestation process. Bringing dreams into reality takes something more.   It begins with an idea   Manifestation always begins with an idea, and at Unity Brisbane (where I serve as Reverend) we believe we can ‘tune in’ to inspiration as original ideas from ...

  • Elizabeth Denley

    Meditation – a lot more than meets the eye

    Celebrate the inner beauty that awaits you through meditation.   During the last 50 years there have been many scientific and medical studies on the effects of meditation on human beings. For example, the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), USA, cites that meditation reduces blood pressure, depression, ...

  • A.C Ping

    Manifesting outcomes or stumbling on happiness?

    Happiness isn’t a rational logical thing, it’s a feeling. Manifesting therefore needs to be focused on the ‘why’ & the feeling or essence that you’re looking for.   “It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness.” [Viktor Frankl] Free will or destiny? Self-directed manifestation or flow? Self-reliance or ...

  • elise.bialylew

    Mindfulness: 5 steps to emotional freedom

    Mindfulness is a practice that supports the capacity to stay focused on what you are doing as you are doing it – a powerful antidote to the distractible nature of the mind and information overload. Mindfulness is an effective mental technique, originating from the 2,500-year-old Buddhist contemplative practices and adapted ...

  • Adriana James

    Meditation: are you passive or active?

    For some, meditation has led to passivity and inaction. Some tend to use it as an excuse for DOING nothing; for accepting their lot in life with increasing indifference and non-participation. So what’s the real purpose of meditation?     What’s wrong with the unconscious mind? Nothing is wrong with ...

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