• rhonda.murray

    Four steps to manifestation

    Positive thinking is an early step in the manifestation process. Bringing dreams into reality takes something more.   It begins with an idea   Manifestation always begins with an idea, and at Unity Brisbane (where I serve as Reverend) we believe we can ‘tune in’ to inspiration as original ideas from

  • Elizabeth Denley

    Meditation – a lot more than meets the eye

    Celebrate the inner beauty that awaits you through meditation.   During the last 50 years there have been many scientific and medical studies on the effects of meditation on human beings. For example, the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), USA, cites that meditation reduces blood pressure, depression,

  • A.C Ping

    Manifesting outcomes or stumbling on happiness?

    Happiness isn’t a rational logical thing, it’s a feeling. Manifesting therefore needs to be focused on the ‘why’ & the feeling or essence that you’re looking for.   “It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness.” [Viktor Frankl] Free will or destiny? Self-directed manifestation or flow? Self-reliance or

  • elise.bialylew

    Mindfulness: 5 steps to emotional freedom

    Mindfulness is a practice that supports the capacity to stay focused on what you are doing as you are doing it – a powerful antidote to the distractible nature of the mind and information overload.   Mindfulness is an effective mental technique, originating from the 2,500-year-old Buddhist contemplative practices and

  • Adriana James

    Meditation: are you passive or active?

    For some, meditation has led to passivity and inaction. Some tend to use it as an excuse for DOING nothing; for accepting their lot in life with increasing indifference and non-participation. So what’s the real purpose of meditation?     What’s wrong with the unconscious mind? Nothing is wrong with

  • Living Now

    When is life a living meditation?

    Have you ever felt like life is totally unstable and changing, the intensity of physical, emotional and mental stress is at an all-time high, and some days you feel lost at sea without a rudder, and you are yearning for inner stillness, peace and calm?     Energy follows awareness

  • Living Now

    Meditation: the dark side

    Warning: meditation in high enough doses has severe side effects and most of them are unpleasant. These side effects are unavoidable.     Meditation in sufficient doses is a serious business. Contrary to the promises of peace, love, and stress relief, serious meditators will inevitably encounter a phase of practice

  • Adriana James

    Are you right or left eared?

    We process information differently through each ear.   How are you wired? Directions and orders have more impact when heard through your right ear, while emotional messages are recalled better when heard through the left ear. This information has been known for at least 30-40 years, and it has to

  • Clint Lowe

    Use your powerful emotions

    Like a Ferrari, your emotions are packed with power – use them wisely.   Are you in control of your emotions? A red Formula 1 Ferrari explodes from the grid, wheels squeal, burning rubber to the track. One hundred miles an hour in a few seconds. The driver’s head is

  • michael.levy

    The maestro of each orchestration in your life

    Are you truly being the maestro of the orchestrations in your life or are you letting others conduct its compositions without your input?   Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and declared: “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind [sic].” His was the first human footprint

  • alisonbeaty

    Self-sabotage stalls success

    Practical steps for you to overcome self-sabotaging behaviour and thoughts, and to become more confident and capable as you strive for your goals.   Do you self-sabotage? Do you procrastinate? Over-think things? Lack self-belief? Do you find all the excuses under the sun to stay right where you are, rather

  • richmond.heath

    Moving back to wholeness

    TRE taught me how to utilise my body’s innate capacity to literally move itself towards health and harmony.   Allowing the body’s automatic movements Have you ever experienced your body moving all on its own? Twisting, turning or shaking? Or perhaps stretching and contracting or letting go without having to do

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