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  • Are you one of life’s unsatisfied customers?

    A must-read if you feel as though you have missed out somehow!     Time to fess up – are you one of life’s unsatisfied customers? Ouch! Yes I know, but be honest, are you disappointed with the hand you’ve been dealt? Feel like you’ve somehow missed out? Been left

  • Use your powerful emotions

    Like a Ferrari, your emotions are packed with power – use them wisely.   Are you in control of your emotions? A red Formula 1 Ferrari explodes from the grid, wheels squeal, burning rubber to the track. One hundred miles an hour in a few seconds. The driver’s head is

  • Are you right or left eared?

    We process information differently through each ear.   How are you wired? Directions and orders have more impact when heard through your right ear, while emotional messages are recalled better when heard through the left ear. This information has been known for at least 30-40 years, and it has to

  • The maestro of each orchestration in your life

    Are you truly being the maestro of the orchestrations in your life or are you letting others conduct its compositions without your input?   Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and declared: “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind [sic].” His was the first human footprint

  • Self-sabotage stalls success

    Practical steps for you to overcome self-sabotaging behaviour and thoughts, and to become more confident and capable as you strive for your goals.   Do you self-sabotage? Do you procrastinate? Over-think things? Lack self-belief? Do you find all the excuses under the sun to stay right where you are, rather

  • Life in the flow

    Life is a wild, exotic, colourful, kaleidoscopic thing… Flow with it. Walking connects you to the earth Besides the clear health benefits in circulation, breathing, dopamine release to lighten your mood and gentle low impact exercise, walking provides time to think, to meditate and to step out of the rapid pace

  • Moving back to wholeness

    TRE taught me how to utilise my body’s innate capacity to literally move itself towards health and harmony.   Allowing the body’s automatic movements Have you ever experienced your body moving all on its own? Twisting, turning or shaking? Or perhaps stretching and contracting or letting go without having to do

  • Four yoga poses to help you relax

    To help relieve unwanted, additional stress, here are four amazingly powerful yoga postures that will have you feeling back to your normal, on-top-of-it-all self in less than 20 minutes.   It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Our hearts are warm, cheerful decorations fill the shopping malls, and there

  • Holistic & transpersonal counselling

    Discover the transpersonal through counselling.   Growth We experience growth in many forms, with or without the conscious connection of mind and soul. We encounter the spectrum of consciousness through physical, mental, emotional, psychological, cultural, social and spiritual experience. To connect to each facet of this spectrum is a lesson

  • Top five new year resolutions

    Considering new year resolutions? Here are five things that will help you to kickstart the new year and make you happier!   The end of the year is a good time to do a little reflection on what has been happening in our lives. It is a time when many

  • Only two spiritual paths

    After 46 years of spiritual study and practice, and Joyce and I immersing ourselves in many forms of spirituality, I am realising for myself that there are ultimately only two spiritual paths–and both are equally important! I love the saying, “We are human beings on a spiritual journey, and we

  • Obstacles to belonging

    Once we see clearly what our particular pattern is, it no longer has power over us. From here we can learn to experience more belonging than ever before.   I haven’t felt at home since becoming a refugee at the age of nine. I searched for years for a place

  • Transpersonal healing – the whole story

    The transpersonal approach takes an all-encompassing look at you, and encourages you to look within and source your own inner wisdom, honouring all parts of yourself and allowing you to integrate what you discover along the way so that you can enhance your life   Anxiety, depression, anger, lack of

  • Becoming beautiful

    When did we stop seeing and celebrating the beauty in ourselves and others? Society currently places such a premium on body image, which is blinding us to other precious aspects of our self. Our impaired vision causes an obsessive fixation on physical appearance and we lose sight of the beauty

  • Change your mind, change your health

    At 24 Shannon was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. After trying everything conventional medicine had to offer she turned to mind-body science and travelled the world in search of leading experts.   I was just 24 years old. A doctor told me that I had an autoimmune disease and that,

  • Want a happy life? Try compassion

    It’s not in chasing happiness that we find it, but by practising gratitude and compassion, that makes us feel deeply connected and fulfilled, and that is what really makes us happy.   Compassion: The other key ingredient A lot is said these days about the power of gratitude. And rightly

  • How NLP offers different ways to get you out of trouble

    Somehow it seems like we, the individual people, have lost track of ourselves. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) shows us why we let our minds fall prey to bad strategies and bad thoughts. A definition of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Neuro = Nervous system, brain/mind and its interaction with the body. Linguistic = The words

  • How you can use your three brains for effective new year’s resolutions

    New year’s resolutions – another reliable disappointment or an opportunity to do something special? Did you know you have three brains that can help?   It came with the Christmas lights, bon-bons and mince pies: making up my new year’s resolutions! I loved doing this as a young boy, and

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