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It’s funny how you get a different impression of people on emails. Robert Kirby has been sending me his email newsletters for years now. I’ve heard about his work and what a consummate healer he is, not to mention his talents in transforming lives. However, somehow this didn’t come through for me in his emails. Actually it came through at a head level because of his achievements, but I realise as I write that it is the heart that is hard to get across by email. Well, let me tell you, he has the biggest heart out! When you meet him you’ll feel that, and when you see him in action in one of his workshops, wow!, you will well and truly feel it.

Oh, and he sure has the certificates and runs on the board to ground his work. However, I jump ahead.

I asked Robert how he got into this work and he told me about being brought up in New York with Irish roots and his parents therefore possessed famine and depression mentality. “If you had three meals a day and a bed to sleep in you should want nothing more.”

“The contradiction in my family was that my parents made great sacrifices for me to have a university education in business and psychology. This was their way of supporting me to having a better life than they had.

“However, after a seven-year run of the high life my guilt finally caught up with me. The inner conflict dampened my spirit and suppressed my immune system. I became physically ill and the doctors could not determine why. This caused me to consider alternative therapies.”

As part of his own healing process he studied so many modalities, including: Core Energetics, Family and Business Constellations, Voice Dialogue, Kinesiology, deep tissue bodywork, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Imago Therapy, and Hands of Light Healing.

I asked him why he integrates so many modalities in his work. “The creators of all modalities are human beings with blind spots and limitations. Therefore no one healing modality can hold the solution for the suffering of humanity. There are many factors involved in the mind-body and psycho-spiritual aspects of life.

“In addition I found that using the same modality over and over eventually creates a dynamic where the ego overrides the effectiveness of the modality and more defences pop up.”

This amazing man is not all about healing modalities. He’s motivated by a deep spiritual connection. “In the late nineties I came across a book of lectures by medieval German mystic Meister Eckhart. The truth of his message rocked me to the core of my heart and soul. Eckhart’s teaching allowed me to feel no separation with God and all creatures. He gave me permission to use my spiritual and energetic power to transform thousands of people.”

After that it was hardly necessary for me to ask him why he does what he does – but I asked anyway, as it’s always fascinating to hear how people answer that. “I feel this life is a great opportunity to purify my soul of everything that separates me from God and connecting to humanity. Since tapping into a great depth of energy and consciousness, the priorities, goals and dreams of my youth are now obsolete. My purpose, therefore, is to guide as many people as possible, as safely and quickly as possible, into heart-centred living. This is why I do what I do.

“We teach people to energetically intervene in their own issues so they fully extract the true meaning of every challenge. What I have observed in so many people that have gone through our programs is that they are able to let go of their ‘not self’ and get in touch with their authentic self. This enables them to be completely present, passionate and purposeful regarding their life’s work and their personal relationships.”

As I mentioned above, I’ve recently completed one of Robert’s courses, and it was truly transformational. So I asked him to explain for you what people experience while participating in his programs. “People undergo multiple growth processes that enable them to be grounded in the present moment. When we still have attention on the past, all the energy of awareness (attention units) held in a time warp distorts our reality. As this is finally resolved the energy stuck in the past returns to the present moment.

“The ability to possess this kind of focus and power in the modern world is rare. Also it is the difference between having a good life and a great life. In our view, being grounded in the present moment is the prerequisite for launching our greatness into the world.

“This leads directly to the second step, which is heart-centred living. All energy blocks, on all levels of consciousness, are intended to keep the heart protected and safe. In other words, we protect our heart from more pain. Although the intention of this is understandable, the result is disastrous. We become disconnected from our true essence.

“With a closed heart we can only create a mask or pseudo-personality that lacks passion and the capacity to love and be fully creative. When the heart is open, we align ourselves to the divine, all of humanity and our true purpose.

“This open-hearted living provides a direct link to the soul, which is our brightest light. Since the beginning of time our link to the human soul is embedded with gifts and talents that only we possess. To miss out on this, leads to a life of non-fulfilment. This is why people who go through our programs are on fire about life and, fortunately, they are able to sustain this passion.”

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