• Sarah Peyton

    The surprising root of self-sabotage

    What needs are you meeting by remaining small? Surprisingly, most often those needs are survival and integrity. How do you then transcend these self-made limitations? I was teaching a multi-day ...

  • Sarah Alexander

    Learning to love NO!

    How to truly say ‘yes’ to yourself by owning the power of your ‘no’. 2018 has been the year where I’ve given my relationship with ‘no’ room to thrive. Now, ...

  • LivingNow

    Awaken your senses and transform your mood

    Nina Hargrave, founder of Serene Body Health, tells us how to awaken our senses to transform our mood with essential oils From an early age I became interested in essential ...

  • Dr Karl-Heinz Rauscher

    Constellations give you a system to discover what your illness is telling you

    If you’ve seen a constellation in process, you will likely have been in awe of a seemingly miraculous outcome – but it’s all part of a system. A systemic approach ...

  • Dr Anngwyn St Just

    Transgenerational trauma

    Are some families cursed? Can trauma from past events be passed on to your descendants through inherited genes? Transgenerational trauma Throughout cultural history we find the theme of descendants punished ...

  • Stella Woods

    Stargazer – Summer 2018/19

    For 2019 we can look forward to a year of abundance, growth, wisdom, freedom and optimism, according to both Chinese and Western astrology Jupiter in Sagittarius – expand your horizons ...

  • LivingNow

    “Perpetual Frustration Machine”

    Theatre Works presents: Perpetual Frustration Machine By Stephen Sewell & Zebastian Hunter This review by Anna Bukchin and Emma Stephens, LivingNow team members. The show will run at Theatre Works December ...

  • Calista Castles

    Meditation – for stress release, overcoming fears and feelings of unworthiness

    Using meditation to quiet the mind and create space for healing, those who have experienced trauma can begin to heal and process the difficult emotions and memories standing in the ...

  • Michael Yapko

    Let’s expand our view of depression

    Depression is more a social problem than a medical one, and no purely biological cure will be found for it any more than biology alone will cure other social ills ...

  • Natalia M Schotte

    Flower essences: combining ancient technology with future science

    Flower essences are a profound form of energy medicine and have long been part of the tradition of Earth-based and shamanic healing. For millennia, healers of all descriptions have accessed ...

  • LivingNow

    Everything that good marketing should do

    Would you like a press release in LivingNow? It does everything that good marketing should do! Are you sending press releases around the traps? It is a time-consuming activity isn’t ...

  • Lynne Thorsen

    All you need to know about ecstatic birth

    “There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that childbirth is painful, it’s that women are strong.” Laurie Stavoe Harm When most people think of the words ecstatic and ...

  • Michele Wolff

    Breakfast – Ensure you have fats and protein for breakfast

    Eating the right breakfast can have a significant effect on the digestive system and weight management. Fats – an interesting study on office workers A study was done in Melbourne ...

  • Blossom Benedict

    Ending the war with your body

    What if your body could actually tell you what it needs? I remember sitting in a doctor’s office with tears streaming down my face before the doctor even walked in. ...

  • William Lee Rand

    Reiki energy – What is it? How does it heal?

    As reiki flows through a sick or unhealthy area, it breaks up and washes away any negative thoughts or feelings lodged in the unconscious mind/body thus allowing a normal healthy ...

  • Susanne Grace

    Caffeine – it’s a matter of survival

    If you’ve ever thought your morning coffee helps you to get through the day, you may be surprised to discover the physical link between caffeine and your instinctive need for ...


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  • The ‘sexy, spiritual, successful woman’ ideal – why it hurts us

    It’s a female sexuality course, a yoga training, or a detox program that ‘teaches you how to be female’ – the ‘right’ kind of female: sexy, slim, successful – and let’s not forget the one feature that makes it all cool – spiritual. For years this has bothered me. As a yoga teacher and health professional, I’ve innately felt that there’s something really icky ...

  • Letting go of love

    “There has been no failure – simply a learning experience for the soul.”   It’s only natural to want to ...

  • Meditate or medicate

    Meditation has been scientifically proven effective in reducing stress – a major health issue in modern life – and has ...

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