• LivingNow

    Do you wish to manifest peace in your life?

    Do you wish to manifest peace in your life? ‘Path to Illumination & Liberation’ This will be the first-ever Australian Immersion Retreat with Kenji Kumara – here’s your chance to ...

  • Alexandria Phillips

    5 ways to find fulfilment in your daily life

    Finding fulfilment in your daily life sounds like a fluffy concept. But the desire for those soul-quenching moments of joy, that mighty sense of accomplishment, those life-defining eureka moments – ...

  • LivingNow

    Two prize packs for LivingNow readers!

    Competition now closed – thanks to everyone who entered 😊 Winners announced soon Life-Space Probiotics is celebrating the release of its latest probiotic ‘Immune Support’ just in time for the winter months ...

  • Catherine Plano

    Three channels to love

    Having ‘chemistry’ with someone is another way of feeling love. There is an emotional and psychological bond when individuals connect or “when two become one”. When people first connect in an ...

  • Erika Munton

    Birthing in the Himalayas – my doula experience

    SNM hospital – Leh Sonam Nobroo Memorial Hospital (Kashmir India). Aug 2016 On my travels in Kashmir, I was keen to visit the local hospital to connect with birthing women ...

  • Jipala Kagan

    Returning to wholeness

    How moving through trauma can return us the the complete self we were born to be.   Traumas, both massive and minute, are an inevitable facet of this life. This ...

  • Gabriella Jaye

    Finding gentleness in life

    Adopting an attitude of gentleness can be a powerful antidote to the stresses of living in the modern world.   I was reminded of the importance of living with gentleness ...

  • Mahdi Mason

    The very best thing you can do for the planet

    You may never have heard of me. Maybe you never will again. But hear me when I tell you – I am changing the world. And you can too! How ...

  • Martin Oliver

    Australia’s recycling crisis

    How do we deal with the changing conditions and growing problem around disposal and recycling of our waste?   Recycling is a deeply ingrained habit in Australia, with a remarkably ...

  • Martin Oliver

    Car & ride sharing

    There are several innovative car sharing models revolutionising the way we get around.   Everybody needs to get around. And sometimes it is convenient to be able to access a ...

  • John Ptacek

    Guess what? We’re related!

    Sometimes the things that trigger us can be a beacon to a deeper sense of connection with strangers.   The moaning coming from the room above my bedroom seemed undeniably ...

  • Dane Tomas

    Is personal development dead?

    Personal development has been a booming industry this past century. But has it had its day? Personal development is dead. There, I said it. Perhaps I should’ve said, “Personal development ...

  • Raym Richards

    Heaven & earth

    Raym’s client’s desire to explore her own future death has profound consequences. “Raym. She has stopped breathing. We should do something!” I hear my apprentice’s rising tone, faintly, in the ...

  • Matthew Noffke

    The hidden power of architecture

    It is undeniable that our surroundings affect us energetically. They can cause us to feel cheerful or melancholy, free or constrained, connected or disconnected, clear or confused. Architecture: it creates ...

  • Leeanne Hughes

    Aromatherapy – powerful tools for healing and connection

    Aromatherapy can infiltrate our body, mind, and soul. When used correctly it is a powerful therapy to help ease and heal deep emotional wounds and connect to our authentic self. ...

  • Jo Wagstasff

    7 keys to cultivating authentic leadership

    It is both a privilege and a great responsibility to be a leader. The responsibility being to lead with wisdom, compassion, and courageous authenticity for the benefit of those we ...


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  • Letting go of love

    “There has been no failure – simply a learning experience for the soul.”   It’s only natural to want to be loved. We all want to have a sense of belonging. Falling in love is one of the most amazing feelings that we will ever experience. There is nothing quite like meeting someone special. From the moment we feel that ...

  • The ‘sexy, spiritual, successful woman’ ideal – why it hurts us.

    It’s a female sexuality course, a yoga training, or a detox program that ‘teaches you how to be female’ – the ‘right’ ...

  • Meditate or medicate

    Meditation has been scientifically proven effective in reducing stress – a major health issue in modern life – and has ...

129258 Sun Warrior Pearman GBN MREC Jan Feb 2018
Touch of Spirit Tours MREC 129576
Dunstan Dental & Medical – Fred Karalis MREC 300×250 for 2018

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