• Narelle Stegehuis

    Do you suffer from low libido?

    If you do you are not alone. Research suggests that more than 40 per cent of women worldwide report lack of or low libido, making it the commonest female sexual ...

  • Dr Casey Conroy

    The bitter truth

    Bitter foods have been given a bad rap in Western society. But they have many health benefits, and can actually taste great. Befriend the bitters and reap the rewards In ...

  • Jenna Trostle

    Ethical non-monogamy – an introduction

    There are many ways to relate both openly and with integrity. Is ethical non-monogamy for you? What is ethical non-monogamy? Ethical non-monogamy (ENM) is a growing trend in society. ENM ...

  • Roslyn Saunders

    Are you dying a codependent death?

    Codependency is a lethal and rarely acknowledged addiction. Here’s how to recognise if you’re affected, and what to do about it. Saturday morning, 15 January, 2000, was my Armageddon. I’d ...

  • Bianca Hunter

    From breakup to breakthrough

    Relationship endings can be powerful new beginnings if we choose to let them be. Just as the earth orbits the sun, we, as sentient beings, are drawn in by the ...

  • Lesley Ens

    Cat connection

    A fearful and traumatised kitten arrived at my home. Her arrival and her presence in my life opened the door for me to heal my wounded heart, and led me ...

  • Johanna Kern

    Relationship crashers – the 7 ghosts of our past and what to do about them

    They’re uninvited guests to our banquet of love. They will get us where they want us if we don’t deal with them. We all want the same things: good health, ...

  • Jules Sutherland

    Making life my lover

    After years of personifying everything from coffee to heartbreak to music, I decided to create a little character called life – and then take it as my lover. Personifying random ...

  • Michelle Teunon

    The lessons of summer

    Summer is a period of outward activity and self-expression. What would you like to bring into your life in 2019? Summer is the time of year when the sun is ...

  • Georgie Tansley

    How understanding trauma can bring you closer to yourself and others

    Unresolved trauma, even something relatively minor, can show up in our lives in many ways. Here’s how to recognise it, deal with it, and create greater love and connection in ...

  • Martin Oliver

    A new deal for nature

    Australia’s biodiversity record is poor, reflected in the world’s greatest mammalian extinction rate, and was recently identified as being one of five countries that are home to 70 per cent ...

  • Michelle Janssen

    How to set boundaries with friends who ask too much

    How often do you say yes and then relentlessly complain about the task at hand? The remedy to this is to set clear boundaries. Here’s how. A work colleague turns ...

  • Michelle Richmond

    Speechless, you marvel at the wonder of life

    Cover photo – Hyenas at sunset by Jean-Luc Garcette The tension builds in the safari Jeep, a sense of anxiety even, as crocodiles of immense proportions gather, emerging from the muddy ...

  • Rand Leeb-du Toit

    5 tips for harnessing true power

    How do you break out of the all-consuming cycle of striving for more and more power? Learn the secret to true, non-transient power and where to find it. Power is ...

  • Rocky Scopeliti

    How a generation will shape the future – 2 words to know

    As we enter the 4th industrial revolution, Millennials, the largest demographic on the planet, are now shaping humanity, together with next generation technologies. Here are two words that are a ...

  • Sharon Jackson

    Meet Mr P – local identity, therapist, and cockatoo

    Even a five-minute interaction with Mr P brightens the day of dozens of people that he meets. While walking around my local shopping centre one day, I heard the distinctive ...


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  • The ‘sexy, spiritual, successful woman’ ideal – why it hurts us

    It’s a female sexuality course, a yoga training, or a detox program that ‘teaches you how to be female’ – the ‘right’ kind of female: sexy, slim, successful – and let’s not forget the one feature that makes it all cool – spiritual. For years this has bothered me. As a yoga teacher and health professional, I’ve innately felt that there’s something really icky ...

  • Letting go of love

    “There has been no failure – simply a learning experience for the soul.”   It’s only natural to want to ...

  • Meditate or medicate

    Meditation has been scientifically proven effective in reducing stress – a major health issue in modern life – and has ...

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