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2007: Out of the depths

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Enormous challenges have confronted the world each year, and we are still only 60% along the ‘tunnel of zeroes’. In 2001, it all began with terrorist strikes against USA; by 2002(4), the lack of security in the world was palpable; political ‘double speak’ in 2003(5) lit the fuse of conflagration in the Middle East; appalling human rights abuses emerged in Iraq in 2004(6); devastating tsunamis, floods and hurricanes rose up in 2005(7) demanding peace and compassion. In 2006(8) just past, leadership at all levels, most often political, bore the brunt of Saturn’s relentless quest for accountability.

From detailed observation of world events, these rolling crises reveal more than a tenuous connection, each year’s events ‘morph’ seamlessly into the next. There’s clearly more to the ‘noughties’ than meets the eye. Around mid-year, as if in pre-cognition of events to come, new stories begin to emerge, which expand to fill the year to come. Year 2007 may seem like a welcome respite, a sensitive, mysterious, deeply contemplative year in this troublesome decade. It can be that, but more besides: “Fasten your safety belts; dust off your life raft”, for 2007 will raise the ‘emotional ante’, if that is humanly possible!

Numerologically, the year 2007 reduces to universal year 9, a year of completions – and of transformation, reform and cathartic change in the world. To help unravel the universal forces likely to affect 2007, we have also at our disposal mythological and astrological correspondences to the number archetypes of the universal year and, by all accounts, 2007 is going to be one transformative year!

Numbers 2 and 7 (giving 9), have one of the widest ranges of meaning of almost any number combination, encompassing far reaching themes such as spiritual growth; deeper spiritual awareness; transformation; purification; reform and rebirth; emotional catharsis; emotional distancing, evaluation, control and measurement of the flow of resources on many levels – emotions, finances, compassion and even water itself. In mythological terms, 27(9) relates to a blend of Pluto, Roman God of the Underworld (or Hades from ancient Greek culture) with the Moon, the Mother Goddess. Together they form a deeply transformative emotional bond.

In a further intensification of Pluto’s presence in 2007, the ‘double zeroes’ will take on the role of Pluto (Hades) and the underworld of undiscovered riches or outstanding karmic debts. What we will get in 2007 is what we have sowed. All issues we have not dealt with and prayed would go away, personally or collectively, lie under Pluto’s jurisdiction in the Hades’ garbage can! In 2007, they will be dug up for examination, purification, transformation, and release. What an exquisite universal irony, after demotion to ‘dwarf planet’ status by the International Astronomers Union in 2006, that Pluto should be so strong in 2007. Pluto’s ‘bona fides’ were so called into question, he may feel obliged to defend his honour with a powerful Sagittarian performance, decrying his ‘helmet of invisibility’ for one last year. Astronomers may live to rue the day they messed with Pluto.

The separation of leading and ending digits containing the zeroes is also vitally important in discerning challenges for the coming year. For 2007, numbers 2 and 7 and their separation 5 will be energised, calling on Neptune, God of the Oceans, to make a re-appearance from the deep. Neptune was the Roman equivalent of Poseidon, brother to Hades (Pluto); so 2007 shapes up as a transpersonal ‘family affair’ with collective issues well to the fore. The positive face of Neptune was daunting in 2005, with a virtual ‘water-world’ on display. Now in 2007, Neptune, master of unfounded fears, will have licence to create highs and lows of feeling, empathy, belief and truth. Perhaps the challenges of 2007 are beginning to become apparent. The two outermost planets, Pluto and Neptune, will have a field day. Stand back and batten down the hatches!

Interwoven themes from Pluto and Neptune will emerge in 2007, and Pluto will bring its own brand of breakdown, purification, release and transformation to issues popped up by Neptune, with many “carry-overs” from 2005. Some likely candidates are religion, faith, compassion, deception, illusion, mysterious
illness, mental health, oceans, shipping, leaks, spills, boundaries, escapism, addiction, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, impurities, poisons, and last but not least, oil. Many of these will rise “Out of the Depths” in 2007, particularly if unresolved in 2005.

Judging from the emerging stories in late 2006, there seem key areas where 2007 Pluto and Neptune will make their mark. These will be far removed from 2006’s leadership accountability, except where finance is involved, a matter close to Pluto’s heart. After some welcome time-out in 2006, God is likely to make a second comeback. In the world of fashion, Pluto’s favourite colour, black is back! In the financial world, we are likely to see tightening of the money (=27/9) supply, with interest rates and economies affected globally. All inflows and outflows – assets, capital, dollars – will be affected, with the ‘zeroes’ tossing in wild cards, and reform may be triggered through crisis. Markets will be prone to unfounded fears and exaggeration, as Neptune glamorises, then pulls the rug with a whisper here and a word there. Up or down will be hard to discern, as logic will be out the window. Stock market ‘hurricanes’ could blow up like storms. Billions of aid dollars were promised by governments after the Boxing Day tsunami. Where is this money and how is it administered? Where is Africa’s debt relief? 2007 will want answers! Oil is ruled by Neptune and will tap into the emotional turbulence of 2007, creating uncertainty. A positive focus would be to cut needless usage. Another natural resource in crisis is water, with issues on value, purity and flow control. Rainfall has slowed, reducing river flow, irrigation and water catchments. A transformation in thinking may be needed. Water is always in the oceans, though not as ‘free’ to access! Water purity is a major issue for 2007 and vital to Australia if a recycling plan is embarked upon. Unresolved issues on chemicals, additives, pollution, drugs (illicit and legal), mental health and depression, especially where linked to dollars or dangers, will be on the agenda again for 2007, with some hope for reform.

On the world scene, numerological triggers can activate when the universal year 2007(9) matches the names of countries or cities, or even individual charts. On this basis, we would expect the major focus to still be on Iraq (=27/9). Perhaps transformation is possible and Iraq can emerge from the nightmare created by the US-led invasion of 2003. UK’s PM Blair seemed to have regained his senses somewhat, and in late 2006, conceded the Iraq experience had been a disaster. Apparently, the two close buddies, US President Bush and Australian PM Howard, have no regrets on their decision for war! Personal karma, one would imagine, would be immense for such inability to admit fault or apologise in the face of, conservatively speaking, over 100,000 deaths of innocent Iraqi civilians. The Middle East abounds with 27/9’s and both Lebanon (=27/9) and Syria (=27/9 are strongly featured by 2007. Lebanon is another candidate for rebirth from the ashes of its calamitous war with Israel, and its subsequent political crises.

USA has its own connections to Year 2007, and US goals, especially on the financial front, could be profoundly affected. Rebirth or transformation on some level is also on the cards, and this will certainly apply to New Orleans, devastated in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina and due to fully re-emerge in 2007; and to New York’s World Trade Centre whose regeneration is already underway, albeit with a certain Plutonic quality. Construction workers involved in the rebirth of the US icon, ‘out of the ashes’ of its former self, pressed on with work in late 2006, despite grisly finds and 50% of the remaining ‘underground’ spaces still to be dug up in 2007. With victory in the US mid-term elections on 7th November (7 & 11/2), the Democrats intend to set about ‘Remaking America’, a process of reform and transformation well aligned to 2007, but likely under Pluto’s control! Americans were entranced by the ‘promised land’ of ongoing Republican control of both houses of Congress, now Democrats must try to repair the foreign policy disaster inspired by Mr Bush in Iraq, while their commander-in chief is still steering the sinking ship of US military power.

Neptune rules the oceans, and 2005 brought tsunamis, hurricanes and floods, but in 2007, Neptune’s role is likely to be more covert with Pluto at the helm, but potentially more cathartic. US experts had expected nine hurricanes in the 2006 season, after the devastating record of 2005, but many fewer showed up in an unexpectedly mild Atlantic season. Saturn’s well-bounded and controlling influence through 2006(8), and heavenly opposition to Neptune in August 2006 likely helped to keep the God of the Oceans at bay. But in 2007, there is far less protection, with Neptune re energised, and Saturn, ruler of land boundaries, diminished and less able to maintain control of the watery realm. In the article, “2005: Tides of Compassion”, in the December 2005 issue of LivingNow, it was suggested that the incidence of water-based devastation around the world had tended to occur in war zones or to warring nations – perhaps Mother Nature’s way of saying ‘desist’. While hurricanes of the financial type seem most likely in 2007, water-based outcomes are also possible, and may depend on Mother Nature’s view of the actions of the ‘enemy combatants’. If USA and President Bush do not desist from their war-loving confrontational path, in 2007 the US Atlantic coast could become another battleground, especially Florida, nerve centre of USA’s military power. Nationally-inspired violence may beget Mother Nature’s ultimately more powerful force!

In the absence of major peace-making moves by the Bush administration in the Middle East, individuals are taking the noble quest upon themselves. US film director, Steven Spielberg, has tapped into the collective energies of Neptune and Pluto in trying to create some good news of his own in the Middle East. Spielberg is personally seeking to transform the Israel-Palestinian conflict by equipping Israeli and Palestinian youths with film cameras, and through sharing and exchanging documentary accounts of their lives, hopes to catalyse more moderation, reflection and understanding. The world needs more of this insightful work in 2007, and I sense Pluto and Neptune would approve.


Dr Neil Hair is principal of Sydney School of Numerology, teaches numerology and astrology and consults privately. He wishes to acknowledge The Australian and Sun Herald for original source material.

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