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2012: Feng shui tips for the dynamic Year of the Dragon

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“Times have their rhythms, their pulses and currents, their tuggings and tides, times to move forward, times to pull back, the drumming that speaks of the world’s inclinations. Move to this natural rhythm and joy leads the way.” – I Ching

There are two Chinese calendars in use, the solar and the lunar. In 2012 the lunar new year is celebrated on 23rd January, yet the annual influences for feng shui do not begin until 4th February because in feng shui we use the solar calendar. So in 2012 there is 12 days’ difference between lunar and solar new year; this is the time in which to prepare for the coming year’s feng shui changes.

Since 2004 we have been in period 8, which runs for 20 years from 2004 to 2024 and, during this time, number 8 is the ‘ruler’ and, as such, has the power to bring us all the good things. In 2012 the annual star 8 is in the west; this makes the west area of your house very good for prosperity, harmony and stability.

Number 8 in the west is also very good for relationships, love and romance, especially if this is your bedroom. If this is your front door, then the year will bring prosperity and stability.

Next we must consider whether there are any planned renovations, digging or construction in 2012. If this happens to be in the south-east, south or north-west locations of your home then it’s strongly recommended that you change plans and avoid renovations or digging there this year.

The south-east is particularly important as it is the location of three types of potential sha qi (negative energy) this year:

1. First, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon which resides in the east-south-east (not east, but not quite south east either!). The dragon location is called the tai sui and we say, as a general rule, it is not good to disturb the tai sui in any year, as it represents strong earth qi.

2. Secondly, the south-east is also the location of the annual star 5, the most potent and potentially harmful qi, especially if it is disturbed.

3. Third is the location of li shi, the emperor’s guardian. It is also in the south-east this year, making this direction important and delicate as it will be doubly worse than usual if we disturb this area.

It will be very interesting to monitor world affairs in 2012, especially in relation to the south-east of any country, city or, for instance, the south-east of Australia’s Parliament House or the headquarters of any city or country.

What happens if your neighbour decides to dig a swimming pool or renovate to the south-east of your home? This will also detrimentally affect you; so you will need some feng shui cures here to protect you in such a case, such as a golden picture and lots of yellow colour.

There is also a bonus to consider, if you happen to have an existing swimming pool or large pond or calm water in the south-east of your home (or business), then you will experience unexpected money luck. The pool doesn’t have to be in your own backyard – it may be a neighbour’s pool or pond.

Jodi Brunner, Master of Feng Shui, FSRC, is President of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants (International) Incorporated.

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