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2020 vision: creating a safer world – part 2, astrology

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An in-depth astrological and numerological perspective on the crises facing us in Australia and globally.

In part one of ‘2020 vision: creating a safer world’, a deeper understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic has been sought using numerology to reveal insights and guidance which can be gleaned from the world-wide health crisis.

Here, in part two, I’ll give an astrological perspective on the crisis, adding an extra dimension to the numerological view. Societal patterns which have emerged as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic have been re-framed from an astrological perspective. Particularly using solar and lunar eclipse patterns.

Far reaching impacts of social distancing

One of the key strategies for successfully attenuating the spread of the COVID-19 virus has been ‘social distancing’. This is a practice very much in tune with ‘space-needing’ air sign Aquarius. Due to the worldwide application of social distancing, there has been an upsurge in the use of technology. This is also a key association of Aquarius.

One undeniable impact of the pandemic, which aligns precisely to the challenges of ‘333’ in the Numerological Ingress Chart for 1st January 2020, has been the global curtailment of creative, fun-loving pursuits involving artistic expression. These include live-onstage performance, and spectator sports, too. These activities are readily associated with ‘performance-based’ fire sign Leo. And Leo is, notably, the opposite sign to Aquarius in the Tropical Zodiac.

Quite unexpectedly in 2020, ‘Leo-based’ creative activities have been overshadowed by technologically delivered ‘Aquarius-based’ activities, through TV, subscription services, internet, and other socially connecting platforms. As a side effect of the COVID-19 crisis, 2020 has brought a focus to the Aquarius-Leo polarity. People, communities, and nations are actively trying to rebalance, so that creativity and live, heart-to-heart connection can still flourish in the world. A perfect example is the recent Europe Shine A Light concert, where socially distanced individual performers, representing their nations, broadcast live to the world in a heart-warming event which replaced the Eurovision 2020 song contest.

Solar eclipses and nodes of the Moon

Astrology can reveal emerging patterns in society and offer timing guidance relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, solar and lunar eclipse patterns are particularly informative. Solar eclipses are powerful new moons, occurring twice a year. They act as indicators of new beginnings in national and societal affairs.

When the Moon circles the Earth on a monthly basis, it moves above and below the ecliptic plane, defined by the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. As it heads north, the Moon crosses the Ecliptic at a point called the ‘North Node of the Moon’. This is a symbol of the future direction to embrace.

When heading south, the Moon crosses the ecliptic at the ‘South Node of the Moon’. This is a symbol of the past, and old issues requiring work to resolve. During a solar eclipse, both Sun and Moon are simultaneously at one or other of the Moon’s nodes. Within a few degrees of tolerance. As the Moon moves in front of the Sun, it temporarily blocks the Sun’s rays from reaching the Earth.

Solar eclipse of December 2019

On 26th December 2019, a solar eclipse occurred in early degrees of the earth sign Capricorn. It was co-incident with Tourism Australia’s ill-fated launch, featuring Australia’s beautiful ‘safe’ beaches, as bushfires raged in Southern NSW! This eclipse focused intensely on Australia’s leadership (Saturn-Sun conjunction in Capricorn) in both the Sydney Federation Chart, and the Melbourne Midnight Chart, drawn for 1st January 1901.

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison experienced the impact of this solar eclipse with his authority ‘eclipsed’ due to his absence overseas in the midst of the bushfire crisis. Weeks later the prime minister’s leadership credentials were miraculously restored through his careful handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Such is the nature of solar eclipses to showcase the death of an old way, and the birth of a new way.

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Impact on travel, education, home and security in Australia

In the Federation Chart drawn for the ceremonial signing at Centennial Park, Sydney, the solar eclipse in December focused attention on Australia’s 9th House of international travel and higher education. These two areas of vital national importance have been hit hard by COVID-19. So much so that travel companies and airlines are on their knees. International travel has ceased. Many universities and educational institutions have struggled to retain their international students. Some establishments have moved to ‘distance learning’. The path forward is not yet clear.

In the Melbourne Chart, the solar eclipse focused attention on the lowest point of the chart (4th House cusp). It relates to home and security. It was under assault from devastating bushfires. Several months later that same configuration aptly described the impact of the pandemic on Australia’s homes, families, and security.

South Node eclipse: there’s work to do

Significantly, the solar eclipse on 26th December was a South Node solar eclipse, indicating there’s work to be done before moving forward! The Sun literally ‘shined a light’ on the South Node, which represents the past and old issues that need to be fixed, before we can head towards a new future.

In a global context, the South Node arrangement of this solar eclipse supports the suggestion from numerology that outstanding issues left over from the past, resurfacing in 2020, must be resolved. Consequently, only then can Australia and the world move forward positively to embrace a new future.

Transformation of Australia’s leadership and government

That this solar eclipse heavily impacted prime minister Morrison’s leadership is beyond doubt. Within two months, however, Mr Morrison had judiciously salvaged his authority through decisive, empathic, fatherly handling of the COVID-19 crisis. The Australian government has emerged transformed from its indecisive, budget-conscious handling of the vital national issues of drought, farmers, and bushfires. Taking its place has been a bold, authoritative, mostly (but not always) sensitive government, acting intuitively in the face of an existential threat to the health and economic wellbeing of the nation.

Lunar eclipse on 11th January: help is at hand

help is at hand – Remi Walle UnsplashThe lunar eclipse (full moon) which followed two weeks later, on 11th January 2020, was significant in several ways. The DNA sequence of the COVID-19 coronavirus was officially released by the Chinese government on 11th January. This followed partial sequencing of the coronavirus’ DNA on 27th December, one day after the solar eclipse. It revealed a striking similarity to the 2002 SARS coronavirus.

This co-incidental alignment of DNA sequencing to the solar and lunar eclipse events of December and January suggests that the next solar and lunar eclipse sequence in June and July 2020 – which includes a North Node solar eclipse – could point to significant advancement in the campaign against COVID-19. Finding an effective vaccine or treatment in rapid time to counter the coronavirus may not be out of the question! Keeping in mind the cautionary note of medical scientists, of course.

The lunar eclipse on 11th January also marked the beginning of a more positive phase for Australia’s east coast. A veritable ‘biblical deluge’ poured down just days after the lunar eclipse, thereby helping to replenish dams.

Impact on family, home, education and business in Australia

The focus of the lunar eclipse in January in the Sydney and Melbourne Charts for Australia has been very revealing, as it described the experience that Australia has been living. The full moon, on 11th January, showed the culmination of a new pattern initiated at the new moon of the December solar eclipse.

In the Sydney Chart, the full moon was placed in the nurturing, motherly, home and family-oriented water sign Cancer. This brought a sharp focus to the 3rd House of education and communication. It would be hard to dispute that family homes all over Australia have seen a sudden educational and communication focus,  with many parents involved in home schooling their children.

In the Melbourne Chart, there was also a significant focus for the Moon in Cancer, falling in the 10th House of business and career. The family home has become the scene of much business activity as a result of ‘social distancing’. Many sole traders have been working from home. Larger businesses have been re-deploying their staff to work from home.

Home life vs. business life

As the COVID-19 crisis developed over the first four months of 2020, one of the traditional polarities of astrology, Cancer vs. Capricorn (home vs. business), has been very much in evidence.

The North Node of the Moon’s focus on home and family sign Cancer emphasised that home was the right direction in which to head. Whether for home schooling, or business from home. Or even the booming home improvements sector.

Simultaneously, the South Node of the Moon’s focus on big business sign Capricorn emphasised that it was an appropriate time to head from ‘business life’ towards ‘home life’.

Cancer held the winning hand until early May (in fact 5th May). All around the world this shift from business life to home life has been a predominant trend. Recent reports in Australia suggest the COVID-19 crisis has produced such a major shift in work-family dynamics that past norms may not return once the pandemic is over.

Home schooling vs. normal schooling

In Australia there has been much debate within families, the media, and state and federal government on the question of when schools would go back. When would home-schooling end? In the National Cabinet, on the advice of senior health officials, prime minister Morrison consistently stated that schools are ‘safe spaces’. He says children should therefore be at school. State premiers and chief ministers have agreed with the PM and the Chief Medical Officer.

However, once back in their own states and territories, premiers and chief ministers have reverted to inconsistent agendas for schools. Arguably, this has been a modern manifestation of pre-Federation times, when the states had different rail gauges that failed to meet at state borders!

Astrology’s view on opening schools

Astrology (if consulted) could have assisted federal and state governments resolve this thorny question. Referencing the directional quality of the North Node of the Moon indicates which beneficial future path to follow. The North Node of the Moon aligned closely to the full moon in Cancer at the lunar eclipse, 11th January. The node remained in the homely, family-oriented, safety-conscious sign Cancer until 5th May 2020.

On 5th May, the North Node of the Moon transitioned in a retrograde fashion into the inquisitive, educational and commercially oriented air sign Gemini. This has placed a new emphasis on learning and education. And it has shifted the focus from home as a place for schooling. Notably, on 5th May, the main headline of a national daily read: Back-to-school push gathers pace!

The transition from ‘home schooling’ (Cancer) to ‘normal schooling’ (Gemini) has certainly gathered pace. And there are corresponding benefits for Australia’s commercial economy. WA, SA and NT public schools had already opened before 5th May. Other states and territories have made plans to reopen schools at various dates in May and June.

Astrology’s view on opening the economy

Several days after the North Node of the Moon transitioned into the commercially oriented sign Gemini, the North Node hovered over the cusp (doorway) of the 2nd House of money and finance in the Sydney Federation Chart. This signalled a new focus for Australia. The baton was about to pass from the 3rd House of education and commerce. The economy would therefore become a prominent focus for the nation.

On 8th May, prime minister Morrison announced his ‘3 step plan’ to gradually re-open the Australian economy and manage the nation’s return to normality. The North Node moved fully into the 2nd House of the Sydney Chart on 17th May. And news was emerging that a new industrial relations compact would be sought to boost jobs and reform the economy.

At the upcoming solar eclipse on 21st June, the Sun and Moon will occupy the first degree of the caring and nurturing sign Cancer in the 3rd House of education and commerce of the Sydney Chart. Meanwhile, the North Node will be placed just inside the 2nd House of money and finance in the last degree of Gemini. This combination has the potential to direct the focus of a powerful new beginning in education and commerce into the sector of finance and economic return.

From the point of view of Australia’s schools (3rd House), the nurturing focus of the sign Cancer will be very welcome. It could also extend to education which has a positive financial return, where safety and education is an attractive drawcard. The Melbourne Chart reinforces this possibility, as the upcoming solar eclipse and North Node of the Moon will fall together in the 9th House of international travel and higher education. This could therefore stimulate the restart of international students seeking a safe haven for study.

Numerological perspective on the way forward

The defining numbers of the name ‘coronavirus’ (summing to 56 = 11/2) precisely match the numerology for May 2020. This is significant. The 5th month associates with Life Path 6, from the 2020 Ingress Chart, producing a matching ‘56’ pattern. Number ‘56’ is a subtle, fluid, musical, chameleon-like pattern which is hard to pin down to one expression.

During May, the COVID-19 coronavirus could reach a peak having run its course, seek new prominence, slip across boundaries, or mutate into another form. All of the above could occur, in different locations within one nation, or within a group of different nations.

In June, the 6th month will come into association with Life Path 6. The ‘66’ pattern (summing to 12/3 where 3 is also the challenge in the 2020 Ingress Chart) usually doubles up on the responsibility aspect of the Number 6 archetype, rather than the beauty aspect. Number ‘66’ often expresses as tough measures and responsibility required before having fun. How June will present may depend on how responsible people, communities, and nations have been. Caution should not be thrown to the wind just yet!

In July, the 7th month comes into association with Life Path 6. This ‘76’ pattern usually expresses as freedom, individuality and independence. Summing to 13/4, there is also a focus on going back to work (4) and being inventive and innovative (13). July 2020 is therefore an excellent month to break out of lockdown. We could become free, independent, creative, inventive and productive again. Provided the hard work has been accomplished by June, that is.

Australia has a particularly inventive and innovative astrological theme running from early July to late September. It could be put to good use in re-inventing and transforming the economy.

Eclipse photo by Ian Parker, Unsplash

North Node eclipse: heading in the right direction

The upcoming sequence of two lunar eclipses on 5th June and 5th July encompasses a North Node solar eclipse on 21st June. This suggests that events are heading in the right direction so keep on going. One plausible interpretation of this solar eclipse is that the world may have the COVID-19 crisis under control. Although this will depend on how carefully individual nations have followed the prompting of Universal Year 2020 to create a safer and more secure world. In Australia, if the current COVID-19 flattened trend continues, the resumption of normal life by early-mid July will be on the cards.

Research groups around the world have been working to develop vaccines and effective treatments for COVID-19. A minimum time-frame of eighteen months usually slated. Regardless of the usual norms for vaccine development, 2020 has shown itself to be a ‘year unto itself’, so nothing should be excluded from the realms of possibility. Just five months ago, who could have imagined that the world would find itself battling a global pandemic?

The alignment of COVID-19’s partial sequencing and the official release of the DNA sequence to the solar and lunar eclipses of December and January is striking. Therefore, it is possible that significant progress on a vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19 could emerge during the upcoming eclipse period which culminates on 5th July.

Re-engagement with the world

Renewed engagement with the world, for any nation, will depend on the progress made by other nations in their battle against COVID-19. That said, every nation’s priority should be to get their own act together first, before venturing responsibly into the world. The discovery of a vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19 would be a game changer, signalling a return to normality. But this ‘new normality’ will be a totally different reality!

Preventative action against future pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic confronting The World in 2020 has parallels to the SARS crisis which began in 2002. In both cases, the transmission of coronaviruses from animals to humans was involved. By 2020, the deadly warnings for international health which emerged in 2002-2003 had still not been addressed!

The New York Times Magazine published a feature by Jennifer Kahn on 22nd April, 2020: How scientists could stop the next pandemic before it starts. Kahn described how a key group of microbiologists, zoologists and public health experts met at the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva in early 2018 to assess future viral threats.

Commenting on the SARS outbreak in 2002 and later viral outbreaks, namely MERS (2012), Ebola (2013) and Zika (2015), one of the experts interviewed by Jennifer Kahn said, “The alarm went off with SARS and we hit the snooze button”. Preventative action was possible but seemingly not on WHO’s agenda, and viral outbreaks once resolved quickly disappeared off the radar.

According to Kahn, a major positive to emerge from the expert group is that generic vaccines or drugs could be developed against coronavirus outbreaks, ready for distribution whenever required. Funding is the problem. Pharmaceutical companies are unwilling to fund research that may be unprofitable. Governments are averse to spending big to prevent future pandemics. At least charity foundations can see the need for preventative action.

Reading between the lines

It appears that a lack of bold, decisive action by WHO to coordinate a global funding drive for preventative action, plus an inability to learn from the past, has got the world to where it is today.

Perhaps the devastating health and economic consequences of COVID-19 will bestow a clear-sighted 2020 vision on governments and pharmaceutical companies. What else could convince them of the extraordinary cost benefit to be derived from preventative research? And the benefits of cooperative action to prevent the next coronavirus pandemic?

2020: creating a safer world

Sadly, there have been many personal tragedies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, numerology and astrology still see 2020 as a visionary year. A year of major change for the world.

Year 2020 is a year to create a safer world. A year to show compassion. A year to celebrate true heart connection. It is a year to value creativity and fun. A year to re-balance work and family life. And it’s a year to come together as a global community.

@Copyright 2020 Dr Neil Hair (18th May 2020)

About the author

Dr Neil Hair

Dr Neil Hair is principal of Sydney School of Numerology. He teaches and consults to individuals and businesses, and applies scientific thinking to spiritual matters. He is writing a book on numerology.

Lead photo by Jongsun Lee, Unsplash. Helping hand photo: Remi Walle, Unsplash. Eclipse photo: Ian Parker, Unsplash.

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  1. Did any readers notice the interesting timing for the approval and release of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines vs. COVID-19 in USA ?

    In 2020 vison: Creating a Safer World – part 2,  a timing coincidence was noted between Solar and Lunar Eclipse cycles and projects to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.  Partial sequencing of the coronavirus DNA was available at the Solar Eclipse on 26th December 2019,  and the full DNA sequence released at the Lunar Eclipse of 11th January 2020.

    Although vaccine development traditionally takes years rather than months,  the article speculated that the following eclipse cycle could be important for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.  By the next Solar and Lunar Eclipse cycle in June and July 2020, it turned out that many of the advanced vaccine trials were underway.

    The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines have broken all records in terms of development,  efficacy and release.   Pfizer-BioNTech applied for approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 20th November 2020,  prior to the Lunar Eclipse on 30th November. Moderna applied for FDA approval exactly on the Lunar Eclipse.   

    The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was approved for emergency UK use on 2nd December 2020,  and in USA on 11th December prior to the Solar Eclipse on 14th December (EST). The Moderna vaccine was approved for emergency use on 18th December 2020,  following the Solar Eclipse.

    This has been extraordinary work by Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna to develop, test, manufacture and release ~94% effective vaccines in world record time.   There are even numerological links between the name of the fastest developer, project code and 2020. BioNTech (vowels = 20/2, consonants = 20/2,  name = 40/4),  and BNT162b2 = 22/4.

    Best Wishes for a positive 2021.
    Dr Neil Hair

  2. Great article Neil outlining the Astrological climate and how it is playing out. There is definitely something to be learned from all of this globally and also on a personal level!

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