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4 ways to change your hair

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Everyone loves changing their appearance from time to time, but new styles can be daunting to try out…

Many people stick to a few select ways of styling their brows and lashes and hair, as these tend to make a significant difference in one’s appearance. However, trying out new hairstyles, whether bold or subtle, can be fun.

And remember: hair can eventually be changed back to the original style if you don’t like the new one. Here are a few ways you can experiment with your hair.

Highlights and lowlights

Adding highlights and lowlights is a simple and subtle way to bring interest to your hairstyle. And particularly great if you’re not looking to do anything too drastic. The perfect highlights can provide a lot of depth to your hair without having to commit to fully dyeing it. Professional stylists are great at blending highlights or lowlights to look natural, as opposed to looking messy – which can happen sometimes when added at home on your own.

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Extensions are a great way to add extra length, or give your hair some volume and texture. You will find a wide variety of options to try out depending on your budget and preference. If you want to change up your hairstyle for a short time for an event, you can opt for clip-in extensions. If you’re looking for a more long-term option, tape-in extensions can last for about six to eight weeks. Another option that lasts even longer and is more suitable for thick or coarse hair is sew-in extensions. If you are in New South Wales, you can get extensions professionally added in at Lux Hair Lounge.


Bangs have the ability to change someone’s look instantly. You should consider your face shape before deciding on the style of bangs you want. Hairstylists can help you with this. If you don’t want to commit right away, you can try out clip-on bangs and find the style that suits you the most.


Wigs are great if you don’t want to touch your natural hair but still want to try out new styles. Furthermore, they can also come in handy if you’ve been experimenting with your hair and would like to give it a rest to replenish. Wigs come in many styles and colours, and are relatively inexpensive. It can be difficult to make them look realistic. However, there are plenty of tutorials available online to give you advice and help you make the most of it. Wigs can also act as a trial hairstyle, to determine if it will suit you if you get your actual hair done that way.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can change your hairstyle. Changing your hair colour is also an obvious option. If you do colour your hair, ensure that you take good care of it to reduce any damage caused. Furthermore, find ways to keep it healthy.

Your hair can be changed in a variety of ways. Transforming it every now and then can be fun and interesting.

Image by Element5 Digital, Unsplash.

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