Happy 2017 LivingNow community! Emma in Bali writing about gratitude

Happy 2017 to us all!

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Hello lovely LivingNow community and happy 2017 to us all!

Who’s up for a great year? I know that I certainly am! ?
As I’ve mentioned in one of my editorials previously, I don’t believe in ‘luck’; so I’m looking forward to creating some great things! What types of transformations are you looking to create?
A theme for me at this time of year is reflection. I like taking the time to be thoughtful about what I have achieved thus far, and what I’ll aim at. I’ve also really been benefitting from taking the time to reflect on gratitude each day. This picture is of me taking time out to write down what I was grateful for; a practice I’ve benefitted from greatly in 2016! Many of the articles provide opportunities for you to reflect on who you are. Some articles could, potentially, get you thinking about who you want to be… Personally, I like to aim at aligning – and deepening – those positions and perceptions!
As Cameron Burgess writes in the article Namaste Donald Trump: “This moment is an invitation to pause, breathe, and be grateful for the opportunity to know ourselves and each other, and to love ourselves and each other, more deeply than we ever have before.”

Double the fun!

In the great, double magazine for Jan/Feb 2017, we have some wonderful articles about people making transformations in their lives and in the larger spheres of society. We also have wonderful tools for you, to help you make the changes you’re aiming at.
There is a fascinating way to think about how we could make New Year’s resolutions. Did you know we had three brains? There is also a photo-essay showing a new vision for fashion. Both the images and the words give us an opportunity to think differently about stereotypes.
We have also doubled the opportunity for you to win some amazing prizes! You may have seen the information telling you about prizes you could win..? All you need to do to be in the running is join our online community and comment on / share articles. So easy! You could sign up now! ?

Why we do this

Being part of the community is such a great way for you to have a voice, too. I was touched and delighted by what someone recently wrote on one of our articles – One Cosmic Day:

“…Thank you all for the magical and inspiring article in the 200th edition of the magazine (congratulations).

I do not know what drew me to the magazine this beautiful Sunday morning. It usually (I am so sorry to admit) gets added to the pile of unattended reading material, after being faithfully delivered by my mum month after month. I have just felt too busy juggling life to treat myself to a luxury I once knew, seemingly many years ago – reading for pleasure.

The article that drew my attention ‘Grace Curley: an astonishing 12 year-old’, I think, may have changed my life forever. If this proves to be the case, I will be forever grateful. And I hope this pleases Grace, for that is what this young author intended.

…This article has inspired me to take the time to really reassess and define what is important to me and to sharpen my focus on doing what I feel destined for – to send messages to others that may inspire and change lives. For this is what a 12 year old girl, her mother, and an editorial team at a magazine dedicated to inspiring people’s greatness has done to me.

Thank you all so much.

Kindest regards, Vikki”


This is a great example of why we at LivingNow do what we do! We aim to spread inspiration, so that we all may be urged into better things in our worlds; attitudes or actions (or both!). And just for writing that lovely comment Vikki is now in the running to win a share in more than $6ooo worth of prizes! That’s a fun way to be part of a thriving community, isn’t it?

In service & gratitude,



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