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6 powerful oriental tips to tap into unlimited wealth

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Want more abundance in your life? Here are 6 powerful oriental tips to tap into unlimited wealth.



Blast your home with good ‘yang’ energy. Start by being a host. Invite a group of caring friends who are positive and whose auras glow with happiness to come together to celebrate a happy event. Such ‘AUSPICIOUS AURA PARTIES’ will dissolve any stale or negative energy that has become stuck in your home.

This is perfect for boosting your house aura – and imagine your own personal aura expanding with ABUNDANCE when your guests bless you with their appreciation after the party!

2. MONEY right in your HANDS

For the 15 days of the waxing moon, draw the dollar sign on the palm of your hand with a red crayon or non-toxic marking pen. Focus and align your thoughts with a strong power of intent and positive energy as you draw the symbol of wealth and money.


While sea salt is a powerful cleanser, it is also a powerful agent to attract wealth! Find a small pouch and fill it with a few grains of sea salt and put it in your wallet. The wallet instantly becomes a cash magnet and ensures money does not leave unnecessarily.


Activate your career luck by creating an aquarium at the north corner of your home. It is important that you maintain it well. The graceful movements of the fish help provide a constant flow of ‘yang’ energy to boost your career.

5. C is for CASH – C is for CITRINE

Invite a beautiful citrine crystal into your life. It is a stone of abundance that never needs cleansing. It’s a tonic for the solar plexus which governs your personal power. Power up your energy with this gift from Mother Nature.


Stop worrying and stop poverty programming. Develop a wealthy mindset; be relaxed rather than uptight about money. Be mindful of your attitudes and motivation towards money. The more positive and relaxed you are about money, the more likely you are able to make your finances grow.


Selina is a certified US Aura Master, principal aromatherapist at Singapore’s Auramatherapy Shop, aura training consultant, tarot consultant, energy healer, relationship counsellor, channel practitioner and medium.

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