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A healer’s dilemma

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A stone in her shoe reveals the deep-seated reason for Raym’s client’s stagnation as a healer.


I am sprinting across a cold and bleak moor following my client Diane in a past life. She is frantic, literally running for her life. Her hot breath remains suspended in small, puffy clouds in the damp, frigid air as she rushes onward, bewildered and barely aware of her surroundings, somewhere in northern Europe.

This dramatic recall has been triggered by her feeling a stone under her foot as we began our session. I am trying to figure out how and why it got there.

Feel into her. What is going on for her? Is there a stone in your shoe? I telepath.

No stone; just abject terror and confusion, although, I can feel everything through these thin slippers.

I am wondering what kind of animal could be chasing her when my question is answered. Her pace quickens as we hear deep, coarse, threatening male voices in the mist behind us. I catch parts of words, thick with an old Scottish accent.

“Cailleach de’il – she’ll be close… Faster neebors… She’ll nae outrun us!”

I don’t understand what is happening. Why are they after me? What have I done?

My grasp of any Scottish dialect is tenuous, but I sense what might be coming. I suggest she ask her body to show her what led to this present situation, so she can understand why her actions have triggered such anger in her pursuers.

Command your body to show what your life was like before this.

She is taken immediately to a ‘bothy’, a simple shack in a woodland grove, and what she sees there is beautiful…

Diane has come to see me to get to the bottom of her inability to move forward as a healer. She is a bright, well-presented young woman who hides her challenge well, appearing confident and forthright, but deep inside things are different.

She knows, after studying a variety of modalities, that she has a great latent ability as a healer, and her teachers have reinforced this. The challenge is that she hits a glass ceiling, where she can go no higher or deeper as a therapist in her chosen modality.

Prior to the session, Diane has mentioned recurring physical challenges with her foot, from wearing corrective shoes as a child to spraining and then breaking her ankle later in life. From a shamanic perspective these persistent injuries are a sure indication that she is holding unresolved trauma there.

In her pre-shamanic journey body scan, Diane noticed what felt like a painful stone under her foot. Commanding her body to show us when this started has taken us to this desperate moorland chase and vivid recall of what led to it…

Diane sees herself in her simple home, surrounded by plants, herbs, and small, gentle, friendly forest creatures. Although her home is basic, it is in a picturesque and idyllic setting. Women come to her for remedies and she is well liked by them. She also acts as the village midwife, bringing many children safely into this world.

Her life is solitary but not lonely. Her preference not to take a husband or to attend church creates gossip she is unaware of – gossip which leads to her present situation, pursued by simple-minded, ignorant, fearful and angry men, intent on punishing her for not bowing to their Christian God, or to a man, and for other fabricated sins – such as witchcraft.

We are both drawn back to her past life pursuit and its imminent climax.

The mist is lifting and she glances back to see her tormentors and realises that they are gaining on her. She comes to her senses and gets her bearings. Changing course slightly, she cuts across the heath to a place she knows.

My word, this woman’s confusion has cleared. Now she has a clear resolve – and boy is she is angry. These bullies and thugs will not get the better of her. She has something up her sleeve.

Accelerating her now exhausted body into one final burst of energy, we see what is ahead through the thinning mist. She pushes off hard from the edge of the heath into the sheer drop below. As she does so a sharp stone cuts through her thin shoe and into her foot, condensing this intense emotional trauma into the last physical pain she feels before leaving her body immediately prior to her death on the rocks below.

Diane is sobbing. “The ignorant bastards…” Feeling again the emotions of her past life self, “I had a beautiful life. I harmed no-one and I helped so many!”

How did you feel as you pushed off from the edge of the heath? I take her into no-time-space where she can view the bigger picture.

Never again! I will never help others through healing ever again – look what it led to! I can feel the pain of her aching heart as she cries freely.

You can see clearly now what brought you here and how you created the block to your own healing power that you are looking to clear. You can clear the trauma now and reclaim your power as a healer, affirming that you do so without fear of punishment or retribution. Are you ready to do this?

There is a long pause as Diane collects herself and feels into her potential future.

Yes! Let’s do it. I am ready to reclaim my power as a healer and fully be of service to the light.

I feel joy for Diane’s decision but there is one more bridge to cross before we get there, and I know she will need a moment to prepare for it.

First you must forgive those who persecuted you…

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