A ‘new’ water bottle that really wows.

A ‘new’ water bottle that really wows

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How would you like Lourdes water available from your own tap? Or Ganges sacred water? Oh, not the dirty sort, but up from the source where it is clean?



I know, you’re probably reading this in your suburban Australian house and thinking this woman has totally flipped or she knows something I don’t. How could I get sacred water like these from my Toowong tap or my Fairfield fawcett?

A few months ago, a congenial guy called Ulrich Duenzl (Rick for short, though I hasten to add he’s anything but short) arrived on our doorstep with a batch of shiny stainless steel water bottles. At first they appeared to be a nice way to transport water so as to minimise landfill and, perhaps more worrying, the likely carcinogenic and certainly oestrogen-mimicking effects we get from ingesting tiny particles of plastic (especially when heated by days rolling around the car). Also, some of the metal bottles available on the market appear to be aluminium – again a worry regarding Alzheimer’s. I was very happy to be given a bottle to trial.

Ulrich proceeded to tell me that it was not just to transport my water, though it does this very well, but it is to impart more health-giving properties. Hmmm. So then he started to blind me with science and the laboratory tests that had shown again and again (to the researchers’ incredulity – and hence they ran the tests many times) how the surface tension of the water molecules had become more viscous by being exposed to the technology. Ulrich saw he was losing me. He quickly told me that the Lourdes and Ganges energies had been imprinted in the metal. He had my interest, except how on earth could that be? His analogy to music being imprinted into a CD got through.

So I cannot really tell you why or how the water is good, but it tastes good, and I ‘feel’ like it is more refreshing.
Contact Ulrich and Jennifer on 0412 872 993 or 03 9395 2169 – nice people – and spiffy looking bottles that appear to be the real deal.

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