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Activate the potential of spiritual energy

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“We often underestimate the potential of our spiritual nature. Part of the vision [with spiritual growth] is to explore and activate the transformative potential of spiritual energy.” -Sufi teacher and author Llewelyn Vaughn-Lee


How do we activate spiritual energy to support our growth and transformation?

The purpose of spiritual energy in our human experience is, in part, to energise the soul so that it is ‘motivated’to continue its journey of growth and evolution.

Your soul is your spiritual nature, and its growth is stimulated by ‘soul food’. Spiritual energy nourishes the soul so that it can grow into its most perfect form.

Spiritual energy also uplifts the currents of your mind so that you begin to think, perceive, and experience life very differently. The benefits of having it flowing through your heart and mind include greater levels of peace, compassion, care, acceptance, tolerance and patience. In other words, you become a more grounded, loving presence.

Spiritual energy also another amazing benefit: it modifies cellular structures. Cells are permeable information systems readily influenced by the content of your mind. As you allow spiritual energy to flow through your being it has a radical effect on your cells: they begin to shed ‘memories’(a kind of encoded pattern) which anchor you into past experiences that are not conducive to your soul’s growth: pain, trauma, unattended sorrow, limiting beliefs. As your cells heal by releasing the heaviness of the past they return to wholeness. You will notice that you feel lighter in being, and dis-ease and discord becomes less prevalent in you.

Turn your spiritual values into spiritual energy

This is a simple way to start activating spiritual energy within your being, but, before we begin, let’s clarify what I mean by values. Values are simply things that we deem important. We all have significant and encompassing value sets which govern the many facets of our lives. Spiritual values are a subset of all existing values, and arethose whicharein harmony with the consciousness and action of Spirit.

Spiritual values are not of any one religion or movement; they are more universal in nature and reflect our shared humanity. I’ve mentioned some of them already, including: peace, compassion, love, acceptance, tolerance, patience, oneness, authenticity, gratitude, etc.)

  1. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to relax. Choose one of your top spiritual values. (What values of spirit and spirituality are important to you?)
  2. Visualise the word or phrase in front of your heart centre.
  3. Tune into and feel the energy this value represents. (Everything is energy, including your values.)
  4. Once you feel the energy of the value, allow it to expand gently within and around you. Do this for as long as you’re comfortable.
  5. When you feel complete, close it down and choose another of your spiritual values and repeat the exercise
  6. Each time you change values, notice how the energy changes. How does the vibration change? How does it feel different? Where in your body do you experience it? Notice anything at all that helps you discern the unique energy signature of that value.

I encourage you to practise connecting with spiritual energy on a daily basis and you will activate its potentials in your life. Set an intention to open the channels of your heart to the inflow of love that is your birthright and the essential nutrient of your soul’s advancement–and allow it to transform the very nature of your being, for that is its potential and its promise to you.


Leon VanderPol is the founder of the Center for Transformational Coaching and creator of the Deep Coaching approach for personal transformation. 

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