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If you are interested in advertising with LivingNow – either on the website, or in an App edition – please fill in the form below. Once you have confirmed your email address we will send you our advertising rates automatically.

Digital advertising guidelines

Our advertising guidelines aim to inform you of what kind of advertising we allow. LivingNow retains the right to disallow any advertising we deem unacceptable whether or not it is included in these guidelines without providing a reason for doing so.

Advertising material must not:

  • contain discriminatory content
  • contain profanity or violence
  • contain unethical content
  • contain broken links
  • advertise addictive products (such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc)
  • advertise weapons
  • advertise illegal products or services
  • advertise multilevel marketing
  • promote misleading content

Further, advertising material must:

  • meet professional design standards, including:
    • clear and recognisable with legible text
    • use suitable image resolutions and quality
  • advertise products and services that are in line with LivingNow’s vision
  • consist of a single image in .jpg, .png or .gif format (.svg and .svgz are not supported at this time)

File specifications

Ad location Maximum file size File type Dimensions (WxD)
Leaderboard 300kb JPG, PNG, GIF 728×90
Large sidebar 350kb JPG, PNG, GIF 300×600
Medium sidebar 150kb JPG, PNG, GIF 300×250
Large footer 400kb JPG, PNG, GIF 1500×250