Agnihotra – a precise science from ancient wisdom

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My husband and I were introduced to Agnihotra in 1989. We were seekers, had experienced many healing modalities and were attracted to a lifestyle supporting nature. We longed to make a difference, dreaming of a peaceful, loving, healthy planet.

Experiencing our first Agnihotra healing fire, we realised we were in touch with a tool that can bring actual positive changes to our environment, both outer and inner.

Agnihotra is ancient technology from Ayurveda that has been renewed for these times to deal with worldwide pollution. It involves a small fire ritual performed at sunrise and sunset in an inverted copper pyramid. When done correctly, a flood of life force descends, neutralising pollutants and rejuvenating all in its path.

Worldwide Agnihotra, and its extended science called Homa Therapy, is rejuvenating soil, water and atmosphere on farms, restoring harmony in the home, reducing crime in neighbourhoods and bringing health to bodies and minds, leaving stress and disease behind.

Too good to be true?

As we had a keen interest in community living, self-sustainability and organic food, we purchased land in 1993 in the drought-stressed Hunter Valley, NSW, to see what Homa Therapy could do. The land was over-farmed, the soil tired and lifeless, no worms to be found and the atmosphere burdened.

To our surprise it took only three days of sunrise and sunset Agnihotra fire to neutralise the oppressive feeling in the atmosphere.

It took only three months to see big changes in the soil – despite ongoing drought it became moist, friable, full of worms and greener than neighbouring farms.

Healing the ground water

We sunk a bore and hit water at 30 meters. A lab test revealed salinity at 1150 ppm and a pH of 9.5; not conducive to healthy plant growth.

Here was an opportunity to see the effect of Agnihotra on ground water. We performed Agnihotra by the bore well and placed Agnihotra ash regularly down the bore. The Department of Water Resources was testing bores in our area – so we had the joy of witnessing the water improving in quality with every successive test. Now the water is within world standards of potable drinking water measuring a pH of 7.2 and 720 ppm salinity.

High quality Homa organic produce

For several years now we have been producing high quality organic vegetables, grains, pulses and potentised herbs, with minimal irrigation. With Homa such results are common worldwide. Just today we received an email from fellow Australians who have been conducting a similar experiment in the desert – like state of Maharastra in India: “We had agricultural experts here last week, totally baffled by our …healthy turmeric crop in an area where they do not usually grow, as well as cotton, all without chemical application. This is, of course, testimony to the power of intensive Homas.” Bruce Johnson, India, Sept 2006.

With regular practice of Agnihotra healthy, peaceful biospheres are formed

According to ancient knowledge the changes biosphere towards for 12 km and are approximately 2/3 of a km diameter in width. Our experiment on our land proved itself and the property is now a Homa Teaching and Healing Centre. Living in and visiting a Homa biosphere is healing in itself. Pollution puts stress on the atmosphere, which in turn burdens the mind. Agnihotra undoes this, bringing relief daily. This healed atmosphere has amazingly fast psychotherapeutic value.

Agnihotra, psychotherapy and de-addiction

A young man who had been struggling with substance abuse since childhood has this to say:

“I was regularly using drugs as a way of blocking out a traumatic childhood of sexual abuse. After three months of daily Agnihotra I have lost all desire to take drugs, with no withdrawal or mood swings… I am more patient with my children and more loving and understanding towards my partner. A short time ago I found it near impossible to get out of bed. Now I awake looking forward to a new day…”
Gaia Sigel , Blue Mountains NSW, July 2006

Then there is protection from manmade and natural disasters – the Bhopal [India] tragedy in 1984:
On Dec.2 1984 there was a massive toxic leakage of Methyl Isocyanine gas from Union Carbide factory killing tens of thousands and maiming even more. In the midst of this horrendous occurrence, a miracle happened which made researchers all over the world take note: a handful of people remained unaffected. The only factor that was different for these people was that they had been regularly practising Agnihotra for several years. I actually met one of these people on a visit to Bhopal in 2001. He told me how his family, in the midst of people suffering and dying all around, had escaped the dreadful effects of the cyanide gas poisoning and that he could only attribute this to the daily practice of Agnihotra.

We can make an extraordinary difference to the quality of our lives

The beauty of Agnihotra is that anyone can perform it, benefiting not only themselves but also their environment. It is an empowering way of serving the whole, building natural biospheres where healthy organic food can easily grow and where harmonious relationships can thrive in a transformative atmosphere renewed daily by a simple practice.

Frits and Lee Ringma operate a not for profit Association called HomaTherapy Association of Australia dedicated to teaching Agnihotra, Homa Therapy and Homa Organic Farming, free of charge, at their teaching Centre, Om Shree Dham, in the Hunter Valley and through workshop tours.

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