All that glitters

All that glitters

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Raym’s client encounters an angel, and an unexpected turn of events.


It’s an angel. An angel!

My client Sheila is in a mossy place that shimmers with bright and playful rainbows, created by the sunlight refracting through the clear, sparkling waterfall beside us. We have arrived in a sacred, other-worldly place at the end of her shamanic journey.

She is teary and cannot believe her eyes; her journey has not been an easy one.

So beautiful… She telepaths.

Ask her does she love you?

She does. And she has a gift for me…

A translucent, mystical mandala fluoresces before us, hovering in the hazy gloom of the moist and misty cave.

This will bring you peace. Touch it, gaze into it and whenever you need solace, think of me. We will be forever connected. The angel smiles.

Sheila steps towards the beautiful hovering yantra.

Just a moment, before you go any further, please say out loud after me, “I have learnt all I need to know about suffering and pain, I choose now to be totally free of all trauma.”

You cannot be free of it. The angel sounds stern.

Why not? Sheila is surprised.

Because you are evil.

This sounds a little judgemental to me; angels are beyond judgment. I stare hard at the being before us.

Touch the mandala and I will always be with you. The angel gazes at Sheila.

Sheila reaches out her hand. Ask this angel, does it love you unconditionally?

What? Of course it does.


She asks and we sense a microsecond of hesitation revealing a hint of anger on the radiant smiling visage before us, like a momentary flicker on a TV screen.

Say after me quickly, “I challenge your truth as a being of light. Show yourself in your true form!”

Sheila follows my instructions and things change rapidly. The cave is filled with the stench of sulphur and a loud, hideous, cackling laugh.

You will suffer for eternity, I promise you that.

A voice emanates from the dark cloud that was the angel.

Sheila is picked up and thrown across the cave by this dark force which has her by the throat and is strangling her. I know her physical body in our time/space will also be gasping for air and I must act quickly…

Sheila has come to see me because of her inexplicable weight loss. She weighs about half of her normal weight. Looking overwhelmed and frail, she recounts her life. She describes being placed in psychiatric care by her family for being anorexic, when she wasn’t. She tells me about a series of physically abusive lovers, a mother who repeatedly told her she was worthless and a violent father.

I do not mention it, but she presents as a textbook case of major karma ready to be cleared – unpleasant, but a blessing in disguise. She lies in my crystal mandala and I prepare myself to plead her case to the karmic court, after witnessing some awful past life deed.

I end up doing neither.

One after another we clear layers of multiple traumas held in different parts of her body; the pain in the side of her face reveals a motorbike accident later in life where her face hit the ground but actually relates to the emotions she felt being slapped as a child by her father. Trauma held in the throat first manifests as an abusive partner choking her but when it is cleared it exposes an earlier forced promise not to speak of childhood sexual abuse. Her body has been repeating traumas to draw her attention to the primary emotional wound, creating an opportunity to clear the held emotion at its source, once it is revealed.

And so it goes on, witnessing then clearing layers of extreme related traumas in this life and in others until finally I feel that she is clear and we arrive at the glistening waterfall. Wondering what could have caused so many layered traumas without any apparent karmic connection, I am just about to relax into an angelic vibe and hopefully hear an explanation, when Sheila is attacked and strangled.

I address the being pinning Sheila to the wall.

Do not fear us we will not harm you.

Stay out of this, you fool.

I gaze into the black form and understand more.

Do you realise you are dead?

It pauses. I am not dead. I travel through time to perpetuate this curse. You know nothing. It hisses

—Once you were a good and wise woman; accused of wrong doing you were starved, tortured and burned alive.

Her form stabilises into what she once was and her grip loosens on Sheila’s throat.

And I cursed the descendants of the bastard who imprisoned and raped me. This is one of them! I have cursed you all for eternity. Your ancestor destroyed my family and humiliated me in front of the townspeople! You will feel unimaginable pain, you will starve, you will be raped and abused and your skin will burn!

Sheila finds her own inner strength and stands up to the spirit of the woman throttling her.

No need to talk in the future tense, I have experienced all of those things.

My life has been torture: despised by my parents; betrayed, physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. This has gone on for long enough!

An eternity is not long enough to redress the wrong your ancestor did to me and my children. Yes, I realise I am dead. I recall my tortured death now, with great clarity. And I still see your ancestor’s smiling face in YOU. You carry it still. Her grip tightens.

The negotiation for Sheila’s release is long and protracted but eventually I help her tormentor realise that enough is enough, that Sheila is not responsible and it is time for the curse to be lifted. The heartfelt apology from Sheila’s ancestor also helps and the woman finally lifts her curse and is taken away for counselling by those who love her unconditionally.

A magnificent ancient god steps forward and congratulates Sheila for her forbearance.

Ask him to complete the session by clearing all residue of trauma you are holding onto in all realities, across all time/space.

He does so.

Addressing Sheila, the ancient one transmits a resonant vibration.

You are strong not to have collapsed under the strain of this life. It was not your fault, it was not Karma. It was a curse placed a long time ago with such venom and intensity it was well hidden and hard to discover, let alone break. Your entire lineage has suffered from it.

How will this session affect Shiela’s life? What should she do now? I ask on her behalf.

I feel his deep compassion as he addresses her. You should rest now. All your physical ailments will fade away and you will be able to put on weight and retain it. All the traumas you have experienced will now stay in the past where they belong, you do not need to repeat them or be affected by them ever again. There is a partner waiting for you and you may have children, if you wish. Until today this curse would have affected your children too. This is no longer the case, you are free.

—Thank you. I speak for Sheila who is too emotional to communicate.

Sheila allows herself the deepest sigh as she opens her eyes to her new reality. I feel at peace – for the first time in my life!”


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