Allow your business to grow by releasing its spirit

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These days, given the economic climate we live in, it is good to be as switched on as we can be if we are to allow a business to grow to its full potential. Not only is it essential to employ sensible organisational skills, we will do well to tap into our creative and intuitive intelligence.

Not so long ago, I found myself in a place in my business where I have never been before. After many years of dedication and service to community and humanity, while continuously up-skilling and applying as many marketing strategies as I was aware of, I thought I may have had to walk away and allow my business to die. And then I became aware of something; while I could see my business struggling in front of my eyes, I could actually feel it dying within me, and could sense that it was telling me it felt abandoned, and weary. The Spirit of my business had begun to prepare itself for death, and was shutting down. If my business was dying and I was still alive, then it must actually have a life force of its own.

When I stepped back from it, I realised that the spirit of my business had been seeded and nurtured through my dreaming of its creation.

All these years I had thought the business was a part of my spirit, and had kept it so close to me, bossing it around, and telling it what to do and what not to do. I’d showed my disappointment in it often enough – and I lost faith in it too easily. No longer! The change came about when I began to separate out from it, taking time out for myself away, and gave it some breathing space to grow on its own. Finally I had learned to trust it, treating and speaking to it with love and respect, and great gratitude. Here is the prayer I wrote to it in its darkest hour:

Dearest Spirit of My Business

I see that you are tired, I feel your weariness, and I am listening to your plea for understanding. Please know that I love and believe in you. I now honour you and set you free to find your way through the darkness into the light. To your spirit I say thank you – thank you for where you have led me and for what you have taught and shared with me, and provided for me and my family. I pray to the Universe and Great Spirit that you may be supported to find your way through this time, and discover all that you need to thrive now, and become whole again.

Needless to say, the spirit of my business heard me. We are now very respectful of each other and work together to assist other business owners to understand and get to know the soul of their business, and to value and respect the spirit in all things.

Task for transformation today:

Step back and disconnect from your business for a moment. Feel the chords between you and find where they are connected to your body. Now, as if disconnecting a light bulb or garden hose, push in, twist, and pull each chord out and plug it into a great sphere of rainbow coloured light above your head that you imagine and create above your head. Let your business feel your trust as you acknowledge and honour its spirit and free it to grow and find its own way. Feel yourself connecting with your business now with light beams from your heart and mind. Let your thoughts be impeccable now, and filled with love and trust that will connect you in a different way.


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