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Alternative views on the birthing experience

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Birth is a creative act of love and there is an art to giving birth. It is an integral and natural part of a woman’s life, whether she decides to conceive a child or not. In our Western culture many women experience unnecessary and overwhelming distress and pain because, generally, we have been educated to fear rather than to embrace and be transformed by this amazing event.


Birth can be a sensual, gentle and wild enriching ride. Resting in the goddess and primordial energy of woman is empowering. The medicalisation of birth is causing a ‘forgetting’ regarding the natural flow of conscious and the intensity of its changing states, the ebb and flow. A woman’s womb is the seat of her emotional self. How a woman feels about her body, her baby and her partner affects her capacity to create and surrender to the energy of birth and mothering. Many women are afraid as they hear so many ‘bad’ and ‘horrific’ birth stories. When you begin to hear the story, trauma has occurred not because of the ‘pain’ but due to a lack of belief in the woman’s ability to give birth. I often hear from women who have experienced trauma in their first birth, “no one believed in me” and “I didn’t feel supported or heard” – there was a lack of guidance. The way in which a woman births greatly influences her relationship and ability to bond with her baby.

Reiki is a wonderful gentle energy that assists in the creation of sacred space. It creates harmony and clears fear, providing balance, allowing a woman and her partner to retain their dignity and birth with love. During labour it gently accelerates and dissolves emotional blocks and tensions that create muscular tension in the stress itself – just a symptom of an underlying emotional discomfort, an inner struggle or blockage. Reiki is a wonderful way of rising above that response and embracing the goddess energy of the earth and heavens and, as a woman, to rest deeply in the sanctity of his soul. Birth is very much about being open wholeheartedly to receiving this grace which supports us throughout the changing states of the birth consciousness.

As mothers we hold the space for our children and allow them to grow under the guidance of our love. Birth is our first initiation into that life-long union with our child. We love them, and let them go continuously. The process of birth is very much about attending to the rhythm and going with the intensity or flow of the contraction and then letting go and surrendering to the no-mind space once the wave of a contraction passes, whereupon, if you listen quietly you will hear your child and feel your child moving through your body in perfect response to what is occurring in your own body. Reiki assists you to clear the fear and anxiety of the unknown so that you can be at peace and at one with your body and your child.


Rebekah Fisher is a childbirth educator, birthing companion (doula), hypno-doula and holistic therapist based in New South Wales.

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