Grand master Mantak Chia – How to engineer and heal your DNA with ancient Tao medicine

How to engineer and heal your DNA with ancient Tao medicine

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5000 years ago in ancient China, during the yellow emperor’s reign, a wise sage (a taoist master), named Qi Po created a health care system in which doctors only got paid when no one in the village got sick.

As soon as one person felt sick, the doctor would lose his pay. The job of the doctor was to teach people a self-healing system called Universal Healing Tao. This system is the parent of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It focus on teaching people how to self-heal, self-rehabilitate, and self-regenerate. This system kept Chinese people supremely healthy for centuries.

In recent years, quantum scientists have validated that Tao Medicine is a most effective form of energy medicine. It heals and prevents disease, enhances energetic and physical vitality, slows down signs of ageing, and promotes longevity. Universal Healing Tao

Tao self-healing techniques have the ability to transform DNA, repair telomere, and stimulate stem cell renewal capacity. Because of this, Tao Healing has gained recognition as a profound Quantum Medicine among the western health science universities worldwide.

Tao means the way, the path back to the source of life, the Supreme Balance of the Great Nature. Philosophers and masters teach Tao techniques to cultivate inner peace, virtues, sexual alchemy and spiritual wisdom.

Primordial force and dark matter

The whole Tao Medicine practice is involved with how to evoke the primordial force in order to be reunited with it in your body. Primordial force is an aspect of dark matter that fills the whole universe.

When the human body is formed, the sexual organ cells, heart and kidneys all store part of the primordial force to support the expression of life. When we combine our love, compassion and orgasmic sexual energy, a harmonising resonance effect arises at the synergistic frequency of 8 Hz.

In this state of activation, our cells will draw in the cosmic primordial force and a process of cellular intercourse occurs. DNA is transcribed in the nucleus and translated from RNA in the cytoplasm. Cells divide and combine, giving birth to new and improved cells. Tao masters have mastered the techniques on how to harvest this primordial force for repairing DNA. This, then, enhances health, vitality and longevity.

Taoist purification is considered to be the most beautiful and greatest path of life, therefore it cannot be adequately compared to anything else of this world.

Make Tao practise your way of life

Tao practitioners practise daily to increase the life force (Qi/Chi), in order to cleanse the body-mind-heart-spirit ecosystem. This Qi circulates throughout the energy body, the meridian systems and physical body via a practise called Microcosmic Orbit. Through this practise you can activate your millions of cells with the Taoist power of yin and yang dynamic meditation.

This condition creates the vibration at the subatomic level within our body and mind. This is the energy of the electro-magnetic energy field. Tao practises aim to create a high status of the mind that is full of peace, which forms the foundation of immortal happiness.

Growing a golden light body

The goal of Tao’s practise is to grow a ‘Golden Light Body’, which is one’s immortal vehicle for spiritual freedom. It transcends the limits of the physical world of time and space – while still living in the here and now. Therefore, the goal can be attained and experienced in this lifetime through practising Tao. It is the ultimate meaning and purpose of life.

Grand Taoist Master Mantak Chia

Grand Taoist Master Mantak Chia

DNA engineering

Australians are very blessed to have a Grand Taoist Master – Mantak Chia – coming to the Gold Coast in 2020. Moreover, Master Mantak will be teaching the Universal Healing Tao system with 9 levels of depth. He will teach you how to cultivate the Heaven and Earth Primordial Force and astrological power. This will be combined with human Jing, Qi, Sheng to genetically enhanced new versions of our DNA through the power of ‘positive personal engineering.’

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