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Astrological weather for our times

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In the next few weeks and into November we should be really feeling the effects of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto aspect. As these are the heavy duty planets and the square is a heavy duty aspect, it is no wonder that many are feeling the instability in their lives. This aspect is part of a long running cosmic dance between these two planets which won’t be complete until 2015/16.
But through all the stresses and strains of our long held belief systems (as expressed by our institutions) being undermined, shaken and reassembled again, the outcome of process is one of hope. Once the shock waves subside and we can look back in hindsight, we will see what a wonderful outcome it is to have our cherished institutions cleared of hidden blockages and realigned with higher goals.
This is a grand process of worldwide, inevitable change and the only thing that makes it all so hard to take is that it is so SLOW! painfully, frustratingly slow as supports are dismantled and rearranged, cleansed and realigned to more spiritual objectives – the human dimension and the world seen from Gaia’s point of view.
So take a look at your life and be scrupulous about discarding outmoded and outworn habits and lifestyles. If you take the plunge into change you will find the going pretty rough and frustratingly slow, but keep your eye on the prize. In a few years you will look back on this time and thank these planets for their service in our lives in pointing out the need for change.

As my natal planets share the same degrees as the Uranus/Pluto square, I have found (to my amazement) that my foundation of health has taken a major shock and I have had to absolutely change every single thing I put in my mouth. There is no going back either. Now my eyes have been opened, there is no point in going back to poor lifestyle choices. But don’t get me wrong, sure the lead-up has been painful, but once the choice was made, it has been really easy to follow through.
A few years ago, when I looked at my natal chart, I thought the shocks would come through my house or my family and although they were major players in this process the foundation needing attention most was my diet and stress levels. Wow have I learned a lot! And its not over yet, so I look forward to the coming months and years because the outcomes are sure worth the effort of change.

In my working life I manufacture astrological diaries which carry commentaries like the one above about the astrology of the time. The Spirit of the Seasons set of 6 Astrological Diaries have different formats for different purposes. The Moon Garden diary lists the moon planting times, the Moon Dance diary shows the moon’s phase/face for each day for example.
All diaries have daily transit lists (including the moon), monthly ephemeris and charts with commentary, astrology signs and seasonal markers along with information for those new to astrology or those who use this for ritual or meditation. In addition, I can draw up your own Personal transits for the year and place that alongside the world transits in a Diary format of your choice. The Diaries have been a joy to produce this year as they have me focussed on the outcome and my life has been greatly improved because of them.

Jessica Blythe

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