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Stargazer – astrology for August 2021 – meet Mercury

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Meet Mercury – trickster & messenger of the gods

This month we’re moving from megaliths to Mercury, our solar system’s smallest and fastest moving planet. Mercury travels very close to the sun, taking just 88 days to orbit the sun compared to earth’s 365 days. Fast moving, carrying important information and linking subconscious and conscious awareness, Mercury is a vital ingredient in everyday life.

On the 2nd August, Mercury conjuncts the sun in Leo and from the 12th-30th. He’ll be working his magic in ruling sign Virgo. Spotlight on this fascinating planet.

Mercury mythology & symbolism

In Roman mythology, Mercury, with his magical winged sandals and helmet, was the messenger of the gods. He carried important messages between gods and humans. He was even able to communicate with those who dwelled in the underworld. This movement from upper world to underworld symbolises the connection between our rational mind, intuitive mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind.

Mercury in the birth chart

For astrologers, Mercury rules commerce and communication of all kinds. Mercury is the planet of everyday expression, helping us put our thoughts into words; plan our daily activities; interact with one another and explore and exchange new ideas and information.

Mercury is one of the most important planets in the birth chart. When you think about how much of our lives revolve around communication – traditional media, social media, relationships, commerce, research, travel, study, socialising and just hanging out together – it’s amazing we don’t pay more attention to individual communication styles, as symbolised by Mercury.

Mercury travels close to the sun so, in your birth chart, Mercury will either be the same zodiac sign as your sun or star sign or the one on either side. For example, if you’re a Virgo, your Mercury will be in either Leo, Virgo or Libra. If you’re a Pisces, Mercury will be in either Aquarius, Pisces or Aries.

Mercury shows how you think and process information

It shows how you make decisions, learn new things and interact with others. A balanced Mercury promotes inquisitiveness, liveliness, wit, curiosity, good communication and versatility. When Mercury is out of balance there is a tendency to become highly-strung, anxious, nervous, critical, indecisive, dishonest or overly rational. Clearly Mercury has a strong connection with mental health. Read on to learn about your own unique communication style, based on your birth chart.

Mercury in Aries – enthusiastic and innovative… or tactless and impatient?

Mercury in Aries tends to lack patience, thrives on novelty, and loves making snap decisions rather than getting bogged down in what they see as irrelevant or boring details. Direct and forthright, Mercury in Aries can lack tact or even be aggressive. Enthusiastic, unafraid to challenge others and quick to embrace new and exciting ideas or champion a cause, life is never dull or predictable when Mercury in Aries is around. Sensitive souls beware!

Mercury in Taurus – realistic and practical… or unimaginative and bull-headed?

Mercury in Taurus natives take time to think things through. Once they’ve made a decision, they stick to their guns and can be very stubborn. Their communication style is slow, measured, calm and deliberate and others usually take them seriously. Mercury in Taurus has a no-nonsense approach to decision-making, and their ideas are often very practical and useful. Abstract thinking does not appeal, but being earthy creatures, they use smell, noise, and tone to assess new situations.

Mercury in Gemini – mentally agile and fun… or superficial and easily bored?

Mercury rules Gemini, and those with this placement are generally quick-witted, fast learners with excellent social skills and a capacity to entertain. Their minds operate at the speed of light. They are curious and versatile, with many interests, and seem to know a little about everything. There is often a talent for languages, puzzles, mathematics, public speaking, writing and broadcasting. The downside is that Mercury in Gemini requires constant stimulation and is easily bored. There can also be a sense of detachment and over-reliance on logic at the expense of feelings, which can cause problems in personal relationships.

Mercury in Cancer – emotionally perceptive… or slow thinking and irrational?

These people communicate with feeling, displaying their sensitive, diplomatic, thoughtful and caring nature. They are great listeners and can pick up subtleties in conversation. Their views tend to be subjective and personal, and they dislike facts-only thinking. Blessed with marvellous memories and emotional perception, Mercury in Cancer sees and remembers all kinds of things that others gloss over or have long forgotten. Problems are approached in a slow and steady manner as they intuit the right answer. They take time to form opinions and get frustrated if others try to hurry them along. Nevertheless, they will usually try to avoid arguments, even if frustrated.

Mercury in Leo – persuasive and confident… or boastful and arrogant?

When Mercury in Leo people speak, they are persuasive and confident with an air of authority. Warm, personable and idealistic, they have a strong drive for self-expression and make good leaders and public speakers. Passionate and enthusiastic, Mercury in Leo is fun to be around, an excellent story teller, and with a strong sense of drama. If left unchecked, this dramatic tendency can extend to boasting and exaggeration. They easily see the big picture and can inspire others with their grand plans. They are not so keen on mundane detail. Self-expression in a creative field is one of the best uses of this Mercury placement.

Mercury in Virgo – diligent brainiac… or task-obsessed pedant?

Mercury in Virgo people are rarely flashy communicators, but they love it when others acknowledge their intellect and competence. They can become anxious or highly-strung when things spiral out of control. Therefore they tend to spend lots of time taking care of day-to-day, practical matters to keep things on track. Errands, to-do lists, daily chores, paying bills and secretarial tasks are scheduled and implemented with ease. Mercury in Virgo functions best when they know exactly what to do and what’s expected of them. This makes them valued colleagues, diligent students, and reliable friends. Their main problem is not seeing the big picture. As my mother used to say: ‘arranging deckchairs on the Titanic’.

Mercury in Libra – diplomatic charmer… or hypocritical fence-sitter?

Libra is the charmer of the zodiac. These smooth-talking, nice guys are the masters of pleasant, social interaction. Championing equality, fairness, balance and rationality, they can always see your point of view as well as their own. Relationships and mental stimulation are super important, with friends and loved ones providing a sounding board for ideas and debate. Objective, tactful, fair, kind and diplomatic, they make great friends, counsellors and colleagues, and can be guaranteed not to rock the boat or embarrass you. The down side of all this is that Mercury in Libra avoids conflict. Trying to keep people happy all the time and refusing to admit what they really think or feel can be exhausting and lead to accusations of indecisiveness, hypocrisy and dishonesty.

Mercury in Scorpio – perceptive and deep… or controlling and suspicious?

Blessed with penetrating insight, critical minds, and shrewd judgement, these folks can get straight to the heart of any problem or story.  Don’t try and fool them because you won’t succeed. Passionate, observant, and fearless, with X-ray vision. They detest superficiality and can seem quite negative or dark because of their desire to dig out the truth at all costs. Mercury in Scorpio people instinctively sense hidden motives in others, but are usually reluctant to reveal information about themselves until they have built up trust. Not the most light-hearted of Mercury signs, but the one you want on your side when there’s a crisis.

Mercury in Sagittarius – inspiring and brilliant… or bigoted and patronising?

These folks have a thirst for knowledge; are into freedom of speech and they love to communicate in an optimistic and positive manner. Full of vision and  big ideas, they don’t like boring details and small print. Subsequently, this often lands them in hot water. Restless, curious, quick and impatient, they enjoy studying and discussing far-reaching subjects like religion, philosophy, travel, foreign countries and customs and the meaning of life. Consequently, conversation with Mercury in Sagittarius is usually stimulating and entertaining. However, their optimistic outlook can sometimes jar. And although they think they’re open-minded, they can be judgmental and patronising. Their actions don’t always match their lofty ideals and principles, but they won’t appreciate you pointing that out!

Mercury in Capricorn – structured and competent… or rigid and boring?

Mercury in Capricorn speaks and writes in a slow, measured and methodical manner. They like to get things right first time and appreciate structure and order with a focus on practical, tangible results. This is a no-frills Mercury – no excess words, no time wasting, no flowery speech, no frivolous remarks and no excess emotion. Their judgement is impeccable, and while they may seem cool, conservative or even calculating, they are usually reliable and trustworthy. And despite their apparent stiffness, formality, and authoritarian nature, they do care about what others think and thrive on praise and encouragement. This is an excellent Mercury placement for business and law.

Mercury in Aquarius – quirky and innovative… or intellectually arrogant?

Unconventional in self-expression, Mercury in Aquarius natives enjoy breaking the rules and stirring people up. They love an intellectual debate, especially when presenting their own unique and innovative ideas. Quirky, alert and quick thinking, they provide interesting company, but can be confronting. Being an air sign, their detachment and intellectual nature can lead to problems in personal relationships. People born with this placement can also be stubborn in their viewpoints. Unfortunately, they are often trying to force their ideas onto others, and despising those who disagree with them. They are attracted to scientific and metaphysical pursuits. As a result, anything that promises progress and advancement for humanity has special appeal.

Mercury in Pisces – sensitive and kind-hearted… or moody and delusional?

Mercury in Pisces people are often vague and indirect in communication with others which can lead to misunderstandings and hurt. They see the world through a dreamy, visionary, poetic and romantic lens and often have psychic ability. The harsh realities of logic, legalities and cold hard facts do not appeal or make sense to them. Rather they soak up the feeling, mood and vibe of their environment, being more right-brained than left. Often accused of being moody and disorganised by more rational types, they are inspired by love, warmth, nature, gentleness, creativity, art, and music. Sometimes Mercury in Pisces says things they think others want to hear, rather than because they actually believe them.

Using Mercury to understand others and improve relationships

As you can see from the above descriptions of Mercury through the zodiac, we all think and communicate in a slightly different way. That’s why we argue, debate, and marvel at why other people just can’t, or won’t, see the world from our perspective. But variety is the spice of life. If you find yourself in conflict with a loved one, colleague, or family member, find out where Mercury is in their birth chart, and take the time to learn about how they think. Not only will this help you become more tolerant, compassionate, and understanding, it will open your eyes to new ways of thinking and being.

Leo new moon – be the best you can be

The August new moon falls on the 8th in fire sign Leo, conjunct communication planet Mercury, locking horns with the Uranus-Saturn square (see below). Normally the Leo new moon promises creative beginnings and an air of anticipation and positivity. But with Saturn and Uranus in the mix, there’s a sense of tension and uncertainty. Accordingly, this is reflected on a national scale by the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. It’s difficult to plan and maintain faith when the ground is shifting, so try to focus on things that are under your control.

Leo is all about personal style, creativity and aesthetics. Leo rules fashion, the arts and  performance. Similarly, Leo is the leader, the champion, the hero. If you find your wings are clipped, look at what you can do this month to embrace the spirit of Leo. Strut your stuff and end up feeling proud of what you’ve achieved.

Covid-19 disruption – will it ever end?

As Australia struggles through its coldest, darkest winter period, it’s perhaps no surprise that coronavirus cases are on the increase and disruptive lockdowns have become more frequent.

For those struggling with the impact the Covid-19 restrictions on family, finances, business, friendships, relationships, travel, and mental and physical health, and for those desperately wanting things to get back to normal again, it may help to revisit the symbolism of the Saturn-Uranus square, which is operational throughout this year and next and affects everyone on the planet.

While Saturn in Aquarius pushes us become resilient, wise, and strong by facing up to the challenges of life and working together, Uranus in Taurus invites us to reinvent ourselves. Therefore it’s time to break free from old beliefs, old habits, sabotaging behaviour and anything that keeps us stuck in a rut. Profound and lasting change is the outcome.

Death of the old, birth of the new

Looking back in history at periods of change, war, and revolution, we can see that while these are usually bloody affairs, something always has to die before something new can be reborn.  Though the death of the old is often painful, frustrating and undesired, revolutions create new circumstances and previously unimaginable opportunities.

We can’t control what’s happening at the moment, but as always, we can control how we respond to it.

Aquarius full moon – the light of optimism

As the Leo season draws to a close, we have a full moon in the final degree of Aquarius on 22nd August.  This is the second Aquarius full moon this year, bringing the lessons of group cooperation to the fore. The full moon is conjunct lucky Jupiter offering a sprinkling of optimism to what has been a challenging month. A grand trine between Venus, Saturn and the North Node suggests that if you focus on what you can do help those around you and make the world a better place, your own circumstances and perspective will improve. Therefore, count your blessings, be patient and gracious, and know that spring is just around the corner.

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