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Stargazer – astrology for July 2021 – Megaliths, astro clocks, and lunar calendars

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Stella Woods shares astrology insights for July 2021

Last month I wrote about the Neolithic builders of Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Portugal and Spain who used Pythagorean geometry and astronomy to lay out their stone circles and position their standing stones over 5000 years ago. These stone-age masons were accurately recording the cycles of the sun, moon, and major stars more than 3000 years before Pythagoras was even born! 

Alexander Thom was a former professor of engineering science at Oxford University, surveyor and statistician. He spent decades surveying. He meticulously analysed the alignments and positions of over 250 stone circles and standing stones in Britain and France. Accordingly, he concluded that Stonehenge and other megalithic sites were clocks and calendars designed to record time. Moreover, that they could predict solar and lunar eclipses, and track the 18.6-year moon cycle.

Stones were chosen for their special geological and magnetic properties. Correspondingly, they were erected at particular angles to enhance and conduct the earth’s natural energy currents. Locations were carefully selected to align with natural formations such as high peaks or gaps between mountains.Nether Largie Standing Stones Stella Woods astrology

Cosmic observatories

After studying Thom’s work and visiting a number of stone circles in Britain and France, I realised these cosmic observatories must have been common all over the UK and Western Europe. The ones that have survived into the 21st century tend to be in remote locations, like the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Correspondingly, areas relatively untouched by human habitation or flattened and destroyed by farming. And it’s only in recent years that we’ve begun to understand the purpose and importance of these megalithic structures.

Much to the surprise of traditional archaeologists, Thom’s extensive surveys of megalithic sites revealed specific layouts based on Pythagorean triangles and standardised measurements. Their alignments consistently referencing and tracking major astronomical events, such as the summer and winter solstices (longest and shortest days); the autumn and spring equinoxes (turning point of the seasons) and the major and minor standstills or extreme positions of the moon during its 18.6-year cycle.

Nether Largie – lunar observatory

In May 2021 I visited one of Thom’s favourite sites at Nether Largie in Kilmartin Glen on the west coast of Scotland. People have lived in this fertile coastal valley for 6000 years or more, and although not as famous as Stonehenge and Avebury, Kilmartin is the largest prehistoric site in Britain, with over 150 prehistoric monuments dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Age (4000-500 BC).

At first sight Nether Largie looks like a random collection of standing stones. However Thom considered it one of the most important lunar observatories in Britain. The complex consists of two pairs of three-metre-high stones 70 metres apart (aligned north-east to south-west) with a single stone in the middle forming an X (see photos).Nether Largie Standing Stones (X) Kilmartin Glen photo Stella Woods astrology

Nether Largie lunar observatory in Kilmartin Glen, Scotland (Image: Stella Woods)

How it all worksNether Largie Standing Stones Kilmartin Glen photo Stella Woods astrology

Once every 18.6 years, the moon makes its greatest sweep of the night sky, from its rising point in the north east to its setting point in the north west. As the moon reaches its most northerly position (major standstill), it can be observed rising through a small notch in the Kilmartin hills when looking towards the horizon from the central stone.

The observatory could therefore be used to track the moon’s 18.6-year cycle and monitor key rising and setting points. Using the same technology, Nether Largie could also predict eclipses with unbelievable precision (to less than a minute of arc) making it more accurate than a surveyor’s theodolite.

Cup and ring markings on the central Nether Largie stone (Image: Stella Woods)

The large central megalith (see photo) has mysterious cup and ring markings, as do many stones at Neolithic sites. Thom speculated that these carvings could have been instructions on how to use the observatory. Or perhaps tables showing the positions of the moon at different times in her cycle?

I find this stuff completely fascinating. A stone age lunar observatory that still works today, with not a battery or wire in sight. I wonder what else we could learn from these masters of time?

Welcoming winter – season of hibernation

The period following the winter solstice as the sun moves into Cancer is a time for reflection, withdrawal, and release. This is useful as energy contracts and condenses. The yang solar energy is at its weakest at this time of year. Instead, the darker yin lunar forces are on the rise.

July is the perfect time to spend indoors in front of a warm fire. Perhaps with a glass of wine or hot drink, feasting on nourishing stews, pies, and roasts. Embrace the cooler weather and long dark evenings and snuggle up in bed with a good book. The sun is in home-loving Cancer for most of July. It’s a great time to spend quality time with family and loved ones. Or perhaps dig out the cookery books, and enjoy the slow pace. Light candles and burn incense. Visit the sauna or spa. Take a bracing walk on the beach, or enjoy the mountain air. Refuse to be rushed or pressured. Hibernation is the keyword!

Accordingly, those who honour the energy of the season of death and decay will easily ward off illness, exhaustion, and the winter blues. Think of winter as a time to release unwanted baggage and conserve your energy.

The final day of July marks the eve of Imbolc, a traditional fire festival. Seeds planted at the winter solstice in June are quickening and spring is just around the corner.

Celebrate the gradual return of the light by burning a blue candle in the main room of your house. Allow it to represent peace, wisdom, truth, patience, health and calm. Fill a small bowl with water, and place it next to the candle. You can add a pinch of salt for protection and purification. Additionally, you could include a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Cancer new moon – show how much you care

The July new moon falls on the 10th, in water sign Cancer, trine spiritual and creative Neptune. New moons are all about new beginnings and this new moon highlights the importance of personal relationships. Occurring just a couple of days before the bi-annual Venus-Mars conjunction, which also puts the focus on relating, this new moon asks us to take a good look at the major relationships in our life. Suitably, it’s a great time to fully focus on family, friends, lovers, children. Think about how we could make these relationships more satisfying, more loving, and more reciprocal.

At its best, Cancer is an open-hearted, kind, caring, loving and nurturing energy. Cancer is the zodiac sign of mother, family and tribe. In our competitive, work-driven society, most of us could do with a bit more Cancer in our lives. The ability to be vulnerable, honest and open. That feeling of just belonging and knowing we are loved, safe and secure. Love can sometimes be hard. Start by showing the people in your life how much you care for them and how much you appreciate them. And listen to your heart!

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Venus & Mars in Leo – warmth and celestial swagger

In stark contrast to all the yin winter energy, for the first three weeks of July, relationship planets Venus and Mars are both in dramatic and charismatic fire sign Leo.

Venus symbolises the things and people we love, while Mars describes our sex drive, energy and ambition. The two lovers join forces in the heavens in the early hours of 14th July at 19-20 degrees Leo, creating sparks and drama. Leo rules the heart and adores performing, creativity and fun. Generous and fearless, Leo is always ready for a party. 

Those with personal planets in Leo can expect a few surprises, while Leos looking for love could definitely get lucky. The rest of us should feel an increase in playfulness, passion and desire. If something or someone catches your eye or arouses your interest, just go for it! What have you got to lose?

Venus will be in Leo until the 22nd July and Mars until the 30th August – plenty of time to get creative, declare your love, spice up your relationship or indulge that inner child!

Crop circles and sacred geometry

Crop circles have been photographed in fields all over the world. Each summer, however, a whole host of these amazing geometrical formations appear overnight in the wheat, barley, rapeseed, and corn fields close to the sacred sites of South West England, such as Stonehenge and Avebury. Despite their best efforts, no scientist, farmer, or sceptic has ever caught or filmed a human being creating a genuine crop circle.

Most crop circles appear in the middle of the night between 2am and 4am. This is when the fields where they manifest are at their furthest distance from the gravitational pull of the sun. They always appear close to existing sacred sites and seem to be created by sound and light. Witnesses have seen tubes of light descend from the sky in bursts of 15 seconds prior to the appearance of a circle. Additionally, orbs of light have been spotted hovering over the fields.

Often a column of vapour appears above the circle, apparently from moisture released from the shafts of grain. Laboratory results on samples taken from crop circles show that the grain stalks have been blasted by a form of electromagnetic energy. And back in the 1990s, biophysicists discovered that seeds from crops where the circles appeared late in the season grew four times as fast as control samples.Eight-pointed crop circle Fulley Wood UK – Summer Solstice 21-6-21
Image Steve Alexander Temporary Temples

Eight-pointed crop circle at Fulley Wood, UK – Summer Solstice 21/6/21  (76 m diameter)
Image: Steve Alexander & Temporary Temples

Most people who see images of the circles are overawed by their beauty, size and complex design. However, when you are standing in the middle of one of these huge circles, all you can see is flattened grain. Therefore, it’s the combination of aerial photography, drones, the internet, and social media that has allowed us to truly appreciate, discuss and share these stunning images. This new knowing has opened us to dimensions of higher consciousness via the universal language of mathematics and geometry.

What, if anything, are the circle makers trying to show us? And, further, who or what are they? Some believe they are sending messages to help humanity evolve. Whatever their motive, there is something very special and sacred about the crop circle phenomenon.

In researching this article, I’d like to acknowledge the work of Steve and Karen Alexander of Temporary Temples. For the past 26 years they have been flying over the crop circles, taking photos, making drawings and analysing the sacred geometrical designs to try and find answers. You can view images of the latest 2021 crop circles on their website. https://temporarytemples.co.uk

Aquarius full moon – wild, impossible ideas

“This immortal silver dish of wonder, cruising among the beautiful stars and racing clouds, turning waking life itself into a sort of dream, has been a force and presence even more powerful in the shaping of mythology than the sun, by which its light and its world of stars, night sounds, erotic moods, and the magic of dream, are daily quenched.” (Joseph Campbell)

The beautiful July full moon falls on the 24th in air sign Aquarius conjunct Pluto and opposite the sun in Leo. Aquarius is a group-oriented sign. Therefore, you can use this full moon energy to get together with like-minded friends. Perhaps have a night out – or a lovely warm night in. Ideas will flow freely, especially wild, creative ideas, impossible ideas and eccentric ideas. Put the world to rights. Express your opinions. You could even discuss astrology. Plan a revolution. Criticise your opponents. Correspondingly, through all this, don’t take yourself too seriously. Have a great month!

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