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Stargazer – Spring 2018

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With the advent of spring, Stella offers seven tips for a sensational spring, as well as some advice for the season: to thine own self be true; rediscover your passion; foster vision, growth & expansion; address work-life balance. 

Spring equinox – cleanse & renew

Having survived the July-August eclipses it’s time to come out of winter hibernation and embrace the sensational season of spring. With action planet Mars and communication planet Mercury both completing their retrograde cycles in late August, now is the perfect time to blow out the cobwebs, dust off your life and make a fresh start!

On 23rd September we celebrate the spring equinox as the sun moves into air sign Libra. Libra, whose symbol is the scales, is all about balance – twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness – a moment of perfect equilibrium all over the world. No wonder so many of us are motivated to bring balance into our own lives at this time of year by detoxing, spring cleaning, changing our diet, decluttering and releasing old, stagnant energy. In the animal world, spring is mating season and everything is fresh and feisty. You too can use the uplifting and refreshing energy of spring to rejuvenate your own life.

Seven top tips for a sensational spring

  1. Dig out your garden or window boxes and plant lots of beautiful flowers and succulent veggies.
  2. Spring clean your wardrobe – throw out all those old clothes and shoes you never wear and treat yourself to a beautiful new outfit.
  3. Take a long, hot bath or shower, wash your hair, scrub off all the old skin and icky bits and smother your body with potions and lotions.
  4. Walk in the fresh air, swim in the ocean or river, climb that mountain and embrace the beauty and power of the natural world.
  5. Choose a dish or recipe you’ve always wanted to make, then enjoy sourcing the ingredients and inviting friends round to share your creation.
  6. Make a list of 10 things that take just 10 minutes to do and stick the list on your bedroom or kitchen wall. Every time you have a spare 10 minutes, take pleasure in ticking one of them off.
  7. Simplify your life by outsourcing just ONE thing you absolutely hate doing!

And as I said before…. spring is mating season!

Venus retrograde – to thine own self be true

Relationship planet Venus begins her retrograde journey through Scorpio and Libra on the 7th October – a period when we assess the value of the people and things in our lives and discard people and activities that no longer serve us. Keeping up appearances becomes increasingly difficult when Venus is retrograde as others instinctively sense our true motives and allegiances, especially in personal relationships.

If you’re happily partnered and living an authentic and fulfilling life, the Venus retrograde period will probably go by unnoticed. But if you’re avoiding confrontation; deceiving others or ignoring your true desires and feelings, you could be forced to come clean!

This is not necessarily a bad thing. We all compromise in order to survive and keep the peace. Venus retrograde gets a bad press because it’s often cited in the same breath as infidelity, jealousy, forbidden love, breaking social norms and compulsive or ‘out of character’ behaviour. But love is not all sweetness and light. Sometimes we make the wrong choices or have moved so far away from our true selves that it takes a shock or sudden reversal of fortune to bring us to our senses.

Think of the six week Venus retrograde period (7th October – 17th November) as an opportunity to be honest about who and what is really important to you and have the courage to back yourself as well as honouring the choices of others.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius – rediscover your passion

Communication planet Mercury moves into fire sign Sagittarius on the 31st October producing brilliant flashes of intuition accompanied by tactless outbursts and a few home truths. And when Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th November for a three week stint, we can expect even more of the same.

Sagittarius is a sign of great wisdom, but its insights come through the third eye, rather than the left brain, meaning they can’t be explained in rational or logical terms. As Mercury travels backwards through Sagittarius, we have the opportunity to instinctively reconnect with our passion and inspiration. This ties in nicely with the Venus retrograde transit mentioned above.

Here are a few common manifestations:

  • A spontaneous and seemingly haphazard approach to life breaks up old patterns and creates new ones
  • Sudden insight into the past, present and future of possibilities occurs
  • Release of creative potential from the unconscious helps remove old blockages
  • A desire to play and be irresponsible, rather than working hard or making plans
  • Psychosomatic illness. Listen to the message coming from your body!

Mercury will be in Sagittarius for just over two months from 31st October to 5th January, with the Mercury retrograde period running from 18th November to 8th December.

Jupiter in Sagittarius – vision, growth & expansion

Just before midnight on the 8th December, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, will enter Sagittarius for a year-long stay. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and very much at home in this feisty, abundant and optimistic fire sign. Sagittarians can look forward to an enjoyable and productive 12 month period. Meanwhile the rest of us will focus on issues of a Sagittarian nature including: philosophy; law; religion & spirituality; international affairs; education; travel; adventure; sport and politics.

As Jupiter in Sagittarius is an open-minded and tolerant energy, it is to be hoped that more balanced viewpoints will prevail and new visions created. We can aspire to international cooperation and racial equality, rather than war; sharing of resources, rather than fighting to control them; and acceptance of the religious, philosophical and spiritual beliefs of others, rather than condemning or killing those who view the world in a different way.

And as Sagittarius is the sign of vision, growth and expansion, December 2018 – December 2019 is a wonderful time to reach for the sky and pursue your own dreams and goals.


What Jupiter in Sagittarius could mean for you

aries logoARIES

Jupiter will be travelling through your ninth solar house bringing the potential for new spiritual or religious experience. This is a great year to learn about other cultures through travel, adventure or studying new philosophies and belief systems. Your consciousness will expand greatly, so this is an extremely auspicious time for spiritual practice, study and meditation. Publishing, foreign languages, religion and higher education are all important themes.

taurus logoTAURUS

Jupiter in Sagittarius will pass through your eighth solar house, teaching you about the deeper, unspoken aspects of close relationships. Psychological issues can be embraced and understood leading to inner and outer union. Inheritances, joint ventures, investments, loans and business dealings promise to be favourable over the coming year.

gemini logoGEMINI

With Jupiter in your seventh solar house, now is the time to focus on your marriage and other significant personal and business relationships. Make sure those you care about know how you feel. Geminis looking for a new partner could get lucky this year, but whatever your situation, it’s a great time to connect with new people. A wonderful year for engagement, marriage, attracting new clients or seeking one-to- one personal advice.

cancer logoCANCER

Jupiter will be travelling through your sixth solar house putting the focus on the practical details of life – household chores, paperwork, caring for pets, health checkups, service to others. All those mundane activities that may seem boring, but they keep life running smoothly and efficiently. A good diet and exercise program will set you up for the year ahead.

leo logoLEO

Jupiter will travel through your fifth solar house, making this a year for fun, creativity, romance and pleasure. Sounds good? Well make the most of it, take a break and enjoy yourself! Music, art, singing, dancing, acting, dreaming, writing, partying, falling in love or some other creative, fun activity – your choice! The fifth house is also the house of children, so make sure you spend time with kids, discovering your inner child or even having a child yourself.

virgo logoVIRGO

Jupiter will be travelling through your fourth solar house prompting you to cherish your home and make your living environment more secure and comfortable. A year for focusing on personal needs rather than on the outer world. Take time out to build a sense of inner peace and confidence and express your true nature. Spend as much time with close family and friends as possible. A good year for buying property, renovating or redecorating your home.

libra logoLIBRA

As Jupiter passes through your third solar house this year, your brain will be on fire. Talking, writing, reading, chatting, texting, networking, and social media – this is definitely not a year to keep your ideas to yourself. Others will seek out your company, advice and point of view, so expect more invitations than you can keep up with. Write that book, start that blog, set up a community group or join a committee and share your passion and ideas.

Scorpio logoSCORPIO

Jupiter will travel through your second solar house, meaning money could run through your fingers, so watch out for extravagance! But if you play your cards right, you could end up in a substantially better financial position in a year’s time, attracting money, pay rises, material possessions and all sorts of other good fortune. Invest your resources wisely and only spend money on the things you truly value.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

This is your year Sagittarius! With lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet, blessing your life, your energy is magnetic. Focus on the law of attraction and have the courage to ask for what you want and follow your dreams.  This is a year to discover your true power and passion and an auspicious period for making a brand new start. It’s also a great year to change your physical appearance to better reflect the true you.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

Jupiter will be transiting your twelfth solar house, promoting a deep need to serve selflessly, whether through personal relationships, family commitments or volunteer or charity groups. Hidden emotions could rise to the surface, pushing you to explore relationship dynamics with others. This is an excellent year for resolution and forgiveness and releasing any anger, blame, shame or guilt. Seek comfort in solitude, nature, meditation and other spiritual activities.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

As Jupiter enters your eleventh solar house, your social life is highlighted. Any group activity can be especially fun and inspirational and there’s the chance to make new friends who share your interests. Networking is also a fantastic source of new contacts, so if you need a leg up in any area of life, don’t be afraid to ask for help. A good year to work for the benefit of others and share your talents.

pisces logoPISCES

Jupiter will be traversing your tenth solar house bringing good fortune and abundance to your nurturing ourselves as well as taking care of others. And with the south node in Capricorn, we need to create better practical, legal and financial structures to support individuals, families and communities so they can focus on this nurturing. The phrase ‘work-life balance’ has become very popular and that’s what the Cancer/Capricorn nodal axis is all about.

September new moon 10th Virgo Earth Heartfelt dreams need solid foundations. Be ruthless in getting rid of old stuff.
September full moon 25th Aries Fire Keep the communication channels open. Good relationships are about give and take.
October new moon 9th Libra Air Forgive and forget, and find the middle ground. Enjoy beauty and harmony.
October full moon 25th Taurus Earth Prepare to be surprised! Fated encounters could take you in a new direction.
November new moon 8th Scorpio Water Creative potential is enormous. For best results, trust your gut and act with integrity.
November full moon 23rd Gemini Air Consider all the possibilities but accept that others may not share your vision.
December new moon 7th Sagittarius Fire Your brilliant ideas have merit, but refine them before acting on them.

Nodal axis in Cancer-Capricorn – work/life balance

Every year and a half, the karmic lunar nodes shift backwards through the zodiac. For the past 18 months, the nodal axis has been in Leo (north node) and Aquarius (south node). However, from early December, we have 18 months of Cancer/Capricorn energy.

Cancer is all about the home, the family, children, mothering, cooking, eating, food and taking care of others. Capricorn is all about work, business, outer world achievement, leadership and building foundations and institutions. With the north node in Cancer, we’ll be encouraged to focus more on our home and family life. It will be important to nurture ourselves as well as taking care of others. And with the south node in Capricorn, we need to create better practical, legal and financial structures to support individuals, families and communities so they can focus on this nurturing. The phrase ‘work-life balance’ has become very popular and that’s what the Cancer/Capricorn nodal axis is all about.

Lunar planning

The general advice with lunar planning is to launch projects 2-3 days after the new moon; bring them to completion in the period from just before the full moon to a few days after the full moon. Then it’s time to wind down projects and reflect on developments in the week before the next new moon.

Each lunar cycle has a slightly different theme. I’ve listed these in the table to help you make the most of the lunar energies. 

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