Author guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Southern Hemisphere’s most loved personal development, relationships, health, and sustainable living publication, LivingNow.

Sure, these guidelines are long, but they have useful information about what you need to do to increase your chances of being selected! 😉 So read on – it really doesn’t take tooooooo long – and remember that there’s a check-list off to the side, and important links at the bottom! Also, tips for how to achieve better SEO scores for your article, which, in turn, generates more traffic to what you’ve put all that time into writing! 😀

If you really can’t get yourself to read the whole lot, the summary is that by submitting an article to us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions – which include that the ownership of the article goes to us, that it won’t be promotional in nature, and that you will actively share the LivingNow link to your article, should it be selected.

At LivingNow we value diversity and encourage articles that support, inspire, and celebrate individual and global thrivability. High quality, well-researched pieces and articles that offer ‘a gift for the reader’ are what we look for.🤗

Why write for LivingNow?

LivingNow is a well established and respected publisher. Writing for the magazine gives you, as an author, the opportunity to expand your reach and authority. A well written, informative, and inspiring article not only benefits the reader, but sends a clear message that you have experience and expertise in your field of endeavour.

While our editorial policy restricts you from being commercially promotional in your article (this works to inspire trust throughout our content), we can instead offer that you purchase a separate display ad, to run alongside the article. This allows your promotion to capitalise on the trust established from within your article, while still ensuring editorial independence.

In order to create the most enjoyable, impacting and educational experience possible for readers, please make sure that you adhere to the following when preparing your submission.


  • Preference will be given to articles that have not been published elsewhere.
  • It’s rare that we will consider articles that our readers may have already been exposed to, either in print or online. We may consider republishing articles, however not very likely. If we do, it is essential that the original source be provided so that we can reference it. Please talk to us about this.

Preparing your submission:

  • Please send us your article in a Word or Pages document, or, preferably, via the LINK BELOW .
  • Include 10-25 words of introduction, or preamble, to whet the appetite of the readers – try to include the key word (focus of your article) in this introduction.
  • Include a list of 5–12 key words (not for publication, but for our team to use for SEO purposes).
  • Submit your article with sub-headings approximately every 280/300 words, and make sure each paragraph does not exceed 150 words.
  • Sentences should be shorter where possible (avoid long, rambling lines 😉 ) so that the SEO filters rank your article well.
  • Include any references, with links for verification.
  • In a separate file attach a head shot to go along with your biography (additional info below). Please use subject line: ‘Article submission – category’ (rather than your title of your article, as this may change).

Author biography:

  • Include a 20–40 word biography at the foot of your article.
  • Please note that your biography must NOT be promotional in nature or promote your business, book, website, etc.
  • You may include links to your website, and social media if you’d like to.

Head shots and other images:

Preferred format of photos is JPEG, attached directly to the email, or uploaded via the link below (never embedded in the document).

  • Author photo
    • Please name your image: Firstname-Lastname-author-image.
    • Minimum requirements 300DPI, 512×512 pixels.
    • Aim for a well-focussed image with good light.
  • Article images
    • If you have photos to illustrate your story (not necessary but nice if you have them), please send them in a small file format for choosing, and confirm that you have them in a large format, and provide the source / photographer’s details.

Word counts for articles:

Want to know something? We actually don’t care about word-quantities; it’s the QUALITY that counts! 😉

We accept anywhere between 300–3000 words, so the key is to think about what is going to be of the best value to the reader.

Some short articles are too brief, others are sweet and wonderfully-to-the-point. Some long articles are great and full of detail, while others drag on… So really, we are not going to be looking at the quantity of your words, but the overall gift to the reader; the quality.

Podcasts & videos:

  • Provide a playable URL (web address) for the file
  • Pay-to-access content will not be accepted
  • Note: we do not host podcasts and videos directly on our site, so please do not submit original audio or video files; links only


  • We aim to finalise our choice of print articles several weeks before publication. Please keep in mind that we receive a large number of submissions from around the globe each week. Because of this, it can sometimes take months for a determination to be made. Once this takes place, a member of our team will be in touch to let you know.
  • While we release our digital magazine editions every couple of months, we are always on the lookout for great content for our website, too, and welcome interested authors to submit for inclusion at any time. If you would like your piece to be considered for web only and be exposed to our readers sooner, please note this in your submission.

More on exclusivity:

Due to Google’s algorithms, it is now vitally important that either your article is exclusive to LivingNow, or that we know where it has been published so we can reference it. If you want to showcase it on your personal site here are two alternatives:

1. Wait for us to let you know that the article is on our site. Then put a teaser on your site linking to ours (which would have more traffic than most people’s individual sites anyway!)

2. Wait another two weeks (until the bots have caught up) and publish the entire article on your own site. At the bottom of the article say “First published in MONTH, YEAR, on

If the article is already on your site, submit to us a different version!


Upon submission of your work you acknowledge that we, Living Now Digital Media, have permission to publish the article in whole or part in any or all of our business media platforms, e.g., our website, apps, ebooks, blogs, social media, e-newsletters, and other forms of digital promotion.

Note that your submission will be edited prior to publication and we cannot allow for author approval of edits prior to publication.

Our articles are for kudos, not commerce:

There should be no form of promotion in articles (unless you have specifically bought a promotional, sponsored article, which is a different process!) – no hooks for the readers to get the rest of the story in your workshop, your book, or your services.

If your need is a promotional article, talk to us about our ‘write-up’ / sponsored article options. Please note that we do not pay for articles.

*IF* your article is accepted:
You agree to promote your article (with the link/s we will send you) to your community, as a way of supporting the WHOLE LivingNow community to grow and learn and thrive together 🙂

Sending us your submission

For a regular article, please use the form at

For a “postcard” entry (when applicable to the particular issue), use the form at

Alternatively email us the submission to: with confirmation that you have read these guidelines and agree with them.

We look forward to receiving your unique submission!


  • Ideally, SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE VIA THE LINK!(Bottom of author guidelines page) Alternatively, entire submission in single email, with email subject line “Article submission – <category>”
  • Exclusive article (or original source provided)
  • Article has subheadings at least every 300 words, with each paragraph under 150 words
  • Keep sentences short wherever possible
  • References and links included
  • Author biography, 20–40 words
  • Website & social media links, if desired, in bio
  • URL for podcasts and/or videos included
  • Article is not promotional in any way
  • Head shot in jpeg, pdf, or tiff format, min 512×512 pixels and 300dpi uploaded via link, or attached to email
  • Images for article in small file format
  • You agree to promote your article (with the links we’ll send you) to your community, supporting the whole LivingNow community to grow & learn & thrive together 🙂
  • Confirm your acceptance of our author guidelines