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The awful answer

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Raym’s client searches for the cause of her deep and irrational despair and opens a window through time into a surprising reality.


I am walking next to my client Sharon on her way to work. It is a bright and sparkly blue-sky morning and it feels like spring, although the leaves on the few trees around us appear to have a golden tinge. It has been raining overnight and the city feels fresh, washed clean.

Everything seems perfect and Sharon is happy. We are in a big and busy city, the cars drive on the right and people are well dressed. Apart from the odd beggar it feels like an affluent, clean place. She is walking to work in one of the many office buildings around us.

Why am I here? This does not make any sense; it all feels too modern to be a past life. I feel like I am making this up… Sharon telepaths, resisting her experience. 

Please let’s just allow things to unfold. I sense Sharon’s frustration. This is new for her and she is expecting to experience some kind of past life recall. There are many contradictions in her journey so far, which I too am expecting to be a release of past life trauma. But it is playing out as something else, something quite extraordinary. The whole experience has a bright, slightly distorted hallucinogenic feel.

I follow Sharon through what appears to be a fairly routine and mundane start to her day at work. She greets her co-workers as she enters the lobby of the tall building with its curved balcony and tall, elegant, almost Islamic windows. Heading towards the elevator, I start to really pay attention to her surroundings, which are both out of time and yet strangely familiar.

Through the windows I notice a type of car that I recognise and tuning into her surroundings I hear people speaking an accented, vernacular English, but the soundscape is not clear. She appears to be close to our present time but the computer screens and mobile phones look too chunky – almost steampunk by today’s standards. People’s clothes and hairstyles are slightly off. Could we be in a parallel reality?

The awful answer to my question will become apparent in the next few minutes…

Sharon has come to see me about the irrational despair she has experienced for the last 15 or so years, as she cannot quite place when it started. Her depression has not responded to any other form of treatment and there appears to be nothing in her present life that triggered it. In desperation she has come to see me to experience a shamanic journey to seek the truth of what triggered her despair, which I expect to find in another time and place.

In our interview prior to the session she expressed what appeared to be a genuine open mindedness in seeking the truth of the cause of her depression, but things are not going as she expected. She seems to be experiencing a very genuine ‘recall’ of a past life that cannot possibly be true. It is happening too close to this time for her to be there as a grown woman. Her inability to deal with the lack of logical explanation is preventing her from experiencing all her journey has to offer.

Please just see this through. Experience what your body is showing us. The answer is here. I know it is.

Okay. I am here – so I may as well. She sighs and as she surrenders to the process we continue to experience her life as this happy but ordinary woman at the start of her day with much greater clarity.

We witness her take her place at her cubicle, high up in the tower that overlooks the water and the sprawling city beneath her. An early starter, she is the first to her desk. Colleagues arrive and she is settling into her day, when her routine is shattered.

We hear a loud explosion outside and the few colleges who are on her floor start pointing behind her and rushing to that side of the building. She turns to see a similar tower close to hers on fire. Nobody knows what is happening and she looks for her supervisor. Then, all the phones start ringing at once.

She looks out at the unbelievable scene unfolding below her.

“I saw it, a plane hit it – what a terrible accident. Poor souls.” Her colleague tears up looking at people leaping to their death to avoid the flames engulfing the higher levels of tall tower next to hers.

Her supervisor tells everyone to stay put but then shortly afterwards the PA advises immediate evacuation and trying not to panic. She joins the ten thousand other office workers trying to leave the building rapidly by the stairs. I realise where we are and I know she has just minutes to live.

This is bullshit. I CAN’T be here. It makes no sense! Sharon has realised where she is too.

There is violent jolt and the building rocks wildly as windows are blown out and the second plane hits several floors below us. We are enveloped in intense heat and suffocating smoke.

WHAT? There cannot be another accident! Who would do this? What is happening? WHY? My family, my boys…

She dies an agonising death trying to escape upwards, fully aware that there is no way out, desperate for just a few more breaths of air and a few more moments of life. She despairs, yearning to be with her family. The emotional pain of her death is excruciating.

Sharon, we must step out of this trauma into no time-space so that we can clear it.

How can I be in two places at once? I have never been to New York.

Your higher self can experience more than one incarnation simultaneously. Normally we do not make any contact with ourselves; there is no need, but this is an exceptional case. Your higher self has created this opportunity to clear this trauma. You can choose not to if you wish. If you prefer, you can wait to reincarnate to clear it, experiencing a similar trauma, in some form, to trigger its release in this life or the next. Or you can clear it now. 

I can see she is still having difficulty comprehending the truth of her ‘impossible’ experience. It is a lot to absorb in just a few minutes.

When did you say your depression started? 15, maybe 16 years ago, around 2001?

The impact of my question sinks in and Sharon takes a moment to digest its implications. Then she starts crying, allowing herself to fully feel the pain of her parallel self’s death.

I was happy. I had a good, simple life…my children. This pain is so intense. What do I have to do to clear it? 

In order to be free of this trauma and the despair you have been experiencing for the past 16 years, you must call on the perpetrators of this awful act and forgive them.

I give her time to collect her thoughts and feelings and be ready to forgive. The people who will step forward when she calls them will not be the ones she expects. But that is another story…

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