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Beating the blues on Valentines day

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There can be so much hype around Valentines Day. It can be easy to feel there is something wrong with us if we don’t have ‘somebody special’ in our lives.

Most people want, or have wanted, a romantic partner at some point in their lives. And at times such as Valentines Day, it can feel like extra pressure is on.

Valentines Day is often a wonderful time for those in happy relationships or a new friendship starting out, but for many of us this is not the case. Many people actually go through the day feeling lonely, anxious and fearful.

However there are things that you can do to get back to feeling good, no matter what your relationship status is.

We all have had our heart broken at one stage or another, and its not something we want to endure too often! Instead of feeling disappointed and disillusioned after Valentines Day, here are 7 tips to stop your heart hurting:

1) Become aware of your feelings

Allow yourself to feel and then acknowledge your feelings understanding they are only in the moment.

2) Feel being loved

Sit quietly and remember any feelings of being loved. Think back to these events throughout your life, and remember them with fondness.

3) Be kind to yourself

Do something that will help you feel better. Go for a walk. Book in a massage. Read a book. Have a longer than usual bubble bath.

4) Do something you enjoy

Perhaps create something new, or follow through on an unfinished project.

5) Connect with friends

Hang out with a friend who helps to make you feel good. You could go for a picnic together, or have fun doing something you both enjoy.

6) Do something nice for somebody else

Invite somebody out. Cook someone a meal. Or go visit someone you haven’t seen for a while. Who knows; they will probably love to see you!

7) Convey your care

Make or buy a card for somebody you love telling them why you love them. It can be a family member or friend. It’s great to be reminded of loving and caring feelings. Really helps in beating the blues!

I have been on my own for 7 years now after being married for 21 years. I know what it like to have somebody to enjoy romantic Valentines Days with, and also how to enjoy the day without needing a ‘special someone’.

The truth is we can surround ourselves with people who love us. It’s about loving those who are there – and not putting our energy into missing the one who isn’t. I find myself happy every day, and enjoy life no matter what day it is! l have dedicated myself to helping others through my business ‘Create the homelife you desire’. I hope these tips help you have a great Valentines Day, and every day.

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