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Becoming the butterfly

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Uncovering your unique purpose within the global shift.  Is it chaos or is there some deep pattern to it all?


Nature is offering us an illuminating insight into our collective evolution through one of its most humble creatures, the caterpillar. As a caterpillar matures a strange thing happens within its system, radical cells start to emerge, what scientists call ‘imaginal cells’. These imaginal cells are perceived as an attacking force and are destroyed by the system of the caterpillar. And yet more and more of these imaginal cells occur until the caterpillar’s system can no longer destroy them all and it begins to shut down. These imaginal clumps form together and begin to build an entirely new DNA matrix, fed by the old one but going beyond it. All these clumps then unite in a magical orchestra led by a mysterious conductor. The last remnants of the caterpillar have become a thin shell around the outside which drops away and something so vastly different from the caterpillar emerges, a glorious rebirth – a butterfly takes flight.

Within our global consciousness, as individuals, communities and nations, we are being invited into this magical awakening, from caterpillar to butterfly. As this awakening occurs we will have a very different experience depending on where we focus. If we focus our attention on the inner caterpillar our experience of the coming times could be destruction, dissolving and a general feeling of something terrible is happening. If on the other hand we can let go of this and focus our awareness on the ‘imaginal cells’ (within and without) you will see an entirely different picture. You will begin to see the beautiful image of a butterfly emerging.

We are all part of this collective awakening to the global butterfly. Called by the master butterfly within our cells it is time now to go beyond individual awakening (single imaginal cells) to unite with other imaginal cells to form awakened clumps. Each and every one of us is a vital part of this global awakening, what are you? A piece of the wing, body or an antenna? Are you ‘clumping’ together with other imaginal cells or still doing it alone?

Finding your part in the global design is a mysterious and magical adventure, surrendering every day to become that which is awakening within and ‘clumping’ with this awakening in others. The global butterfly now calls us to live this awakening in our marriages, families, friendships, communities, businesses, schools, councils, societies and nations. It is time to hear the butterfly within and say yes to its calling to die to the old perceptions and become the butterfly that you and we truly are.

So how do we hear the call? How do we let go of the caterpillar? How do we find what part of the global awakening we are? How do we clump together?

There is one simple activity that will open the butterfly within and guide you to its wisdom. Listen. The biggest block to hearing your own call to awakening is you are making too much noise hear it, looking too hard to see that it’s already there! There is nothing you need to do or say to make it happen; it already is who you are. Slow down and listen… trust what you hear, act on what you hear, live from what you hear. You are a magnificent butterfly and a vital part of the collective butterfly we are all to become. Honour the gift you are.

Arion Light is the director of The Art of Living Awake, a company dedicated to the awakening of the limitless essence within. He is a circus clown, facilitator and awakening coach.

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