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On being the ‘I’ of the storm

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How to find your way out of a storm by understanding how it works. Jena shows us the similarities between a hurricane and our own interior world.

Is it possible that your mind, your lover’s mind, your child’s mind, your neighbour’s mind, even your enemy’s mind, all look and behave much like a tropical storm?

In the grander scheme of things, these ‘agents of change and transformation’ are always seeking equilibrium; balance through imbalance. Although they create chaos as part of the spin-off, hurricanes do a lot of good. They funnel cool, clean air from the higher stratosphere down to the ground and, by moving the heat away to places that could do with a little warming, they stop one part of the world from frying and other regions from freezing.

So what does this have to do with us and our enemy’s minds?

If you look at the structure of a hurricane and you compare it to the human psyche, the pattern is the same. At our centre, pure presence, we are connected to the heavens. This is where cool, divine inspiration comes in from above. The minute we step outside of that pure, sunlit stream, all hell breaks lose. We are in the stormy chaos of old, dark, recycled thoughts. This is a place of zero visibility and pain.

Wait a second: aren’t these thoughts part of the collective mind– layers and layers of pain that we simply recycle unless something new comes in?

The good news is that we can use the uplift of the storm to propel ourselves upwards to where we are free to bring in new thoughts, new ideas and innovations instead of rehashing the old.

The way out of the storm

1.  Locate your current position in the storm by listening to the quality of your thoughts.

2.  Remember the acronym GPS to find your way out:

  • Gratitude
  • Pattern recognition
  • Self-compassion

3.  STOP manifesting the darker parts of the storm by telling yourself a story.


Surrender to the feeling to release its chi

Take the released chi for uplift rather than for manifesting chaos

O – return to the centre ASAP instead of becoming mesmerised by what you see

Present = no story: as soon as you are present you are home and dry, in the sunshine and fully connected

Why ‘I’ instead of ‘eye’?

In the cross-section of the storm, the ‘eye’ is shaped like ‘I’. This is the place where all minds are in alignment: the divine mind, the superconscious, the conscious mind and the subconscious. Rest here and all will be well.

Jena is a certified Master Life Purpose Hand Analyst and IIHA faculty teacher who teaches internationally. She will be teaching in Brisbane again in March, 2016. Jena says your unique purpose is visible in your fingerprints.


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