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Between bodies

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Television shows such as Medium and The Ghost Whisperer have done a great deal to bring the work of spiritual mediums to our everyday awareness, but not every spirit who communicates with our world is looking to right some illegal wrong or needs help in finding its way to the light.


Mostly, the spirit people that communicate through a medium’s work have one basic message they wish to convey: “I am still alive and I am always with you.”

True love, it seems … never dies.

Given that we are all born of spirit, the unseen realm is quite literally our true spiritual abode so most souls that pass from this world into the next are quite capable of finding their own way home. These days we are all familiar with the term GPS – Global Positioning System. Imagine, then, a GPS ingrained within each and every being, tracking our passage through the cosmos and helping us find our way back to the very source from which we came.

For this reason alone we needn’t worry about our loved ones who have departed this Earth. Their passage of spiritual progression and growth is assured and any suffering they endured while on earth begins to heal the moment they cross over from this world to the next. The soul’s progression is not left to chance – a natural law of eternal guidance ensures we all find our way home. It is our birthright.

Yet the death of a loved one casts such a heavy grief-filled shadow over those left behind that even the most enlightened among us may soon lose sight of the bigger picture, especially if that death was unexpected or premature. The death of a child or the unexpected suicide of a teenager, for example are brutal tests of faith and spiritual awareness. Personal loss is difficult to overcome and sadly death seems the most irreversible of losses. My work as a spiritual medium has brought many opportunities to learn from those who reside in the etheric realms and yet the question I still find the most difficult to answer is: “ What exactly do our loved ones do over there?” I am asked it all the time and, frankly, the answers are as varied as the needs and personalities of the millions who reside there. But in a nutshell, people get what they need and that’s the way it should be. True spirit communication should always carry a personal message of healing, if not for the actual spirit as the television shows suggest, then for those of us left behind to cope with grief. A good medium will always try to leave their clients with some degree of closure because they know that death often creates a vacuum, leaving a string of unanswered questions in the process. To build a bridge between worlds, we need to recognise and rectify this.

Recently, a woman came to me hoping to make a connection with her son who had mysteriously disappeared several years earlier. At the time of the sitting, this heartbroken woman, whom I shall call Maureen, had not received any real closure following his death. The coroner was unable to make any conclusive findings because his body was never recovered. Death by misadventure was the official ruling, leaving more questions than answers. The evidence he brought to our sitting was staggering to say the least, proving in no uncertain terms that it really was he who was communicating.

Through the gifts of spirit communication, which I often refer to as the language of the soul, the young man was able to describe the final moments before his passing, name his best friend and thank him for taking care of some personal matters, bringing his mum some much-needed respite from the turmoil she had endured for years.

You see, Maureen had seen many mediums and sadly many of these people had watched a little too much television! They told her he was alive and being held captive by some feral underworld gang and would one day be ransomed. One even told her that he hated her so much he never wanted to see her again, citing abuse and her relationship with men as the primary cause behind his disappearance. All of this was of course, untrue.
What on earth were they thinking?
Where was the healing?
Where was the compassion, the good use of the gifts of mediumship?
Did they ever stop to consider the terrible strain that such ridiculous theorising dressed up as mediumship would have on that poor woman’s life? Where was the evidence to prove they had made a connection to her son? Sadly, it was as absent as the compassion and healing that spirit communication is meant to bring. The need for mediums to produce evidence is not just to satisfy the cynics but to bring about clarity in the mind of our clients. If we can give some small piece of evidence that the person they grieve for is really communicating, then healing can take place. When all was said and done, Maureen’s son had only one thing to say. “I love you mum and I did not kill myself.” That was what she needed to hear.

“Thank you, Ezio”, Maureen said when we had concluded our session. “You have given me everything a mother could wish for. I know you have connected with my son and now I can lay my doubts to rest.”

Criteria for mediumship

People developing their mediumistic abilities have three things to consider. First, we must grow and develop spiritually. That is of primary importance. Psychic development without a sound spiritual foundation is not only a waste of time but it is also a sure-fire way of hurting people. We need to be students of spirit. Learn from them, seek knowledge, wisdom, guidance and all the things that bring our souls a little closer to finding out exactly who and what we are here for. We alone are responsible for the manner in which we deliver information So through practices such as meditation, contemplation and prayer, we are able to elevate our consciousness beyond mortal delusions and use our abilities for no other purpose than to educate or help.

Well…at least while we are doing the work! Delusion to some degree is an inescapable part of life.

Next we must work with our spirit team to build a practical, functional bridge between the worlds. It is often said that the difference between a psychic and a medium is that a medium works with a spirit team while a psychic does not necessarily work with spirit. While this is true, there is another aspect to bridging the worlds. The medium’s body is an instrument, much like a radio receiver. Tune the frequency and the connection is much clearer. Building a receiver big enough to connect clearly takes time and effort and of course the three P’s: practice, patience and perseverance.

There is no escaping it. Development takes time. We can meditate, reflect and read all that we can and, most importantly, we shouldn’t be afraid to experience life. We can’t just sit by the side of the road and hope some speeding car will drive past and take us along for the ride of our lives. We need to get in the fast lane: to test ourselves; to enjoy living. If we have no life experience of our own by which to cultivate our own inner potential, then how on earth are we ever going to serve the spirit world? If spirits are going to communicate through us, then doesn’t it make sense that we should have some life experience of our own so they can use us to their best advantage?

This brings us nicely to the third and possibly the most important point: Spirits are people too! Frankly, this is the lesson I found hardest to learn. But what a revelation! As any first year student of metaphysical studies will tell you, trying to get messages from the spirit world can be quite frustrating. Images flash through your mind with so quickly it is difficult to know what they are, let alone what they mean. Yet for the entire disassociated ‘picture rabble’ that flows through a novice’s mind, there is one thing that is often overlooked. Those images, those words; they are not clairvoyant images. They are some person’s deepest thoughts and recollections and they are being shared with you so you may pass them on to others. We need to do so with integrity.

A person in spirit has seen fit to share intimate aspects of their life with us. At the very least, we need to learn how to convey them properly. It is an honour to be selected by spirit to deliver a message. Certainly I have always considered it a privilege.

A special gift

Life in spirit is a continuation of our beautiful journey. As mediums we are given wonderful insight into the subtle and magical workings of our world. I have learned never to take it for granted. So much so in fact, that as well as giving messages from those who have crossed from this world into the next, I am occasionally granted the rare and beautiful gift of delivering a message from a soul about to be born from the spirit world into our side of life. Recently, in a crowed auditorium in Sydney’s west, I had the honour of delivering a message from an unborn baby to its grandmother who was sitting in the audience. After I had made an initial connection to the woman’s mother, a small boy appeared just to my right.

I didn’t immediately know who he was. The spirit child gave the name of his mother who was six months pregnant at the time, told of a medical condition that had been troubling her and mentioned his future grandfather and uncle by name. He also confirmed that his mother knew his sex: a boy.

The woman gasped as she received the information, but what really blew her mind – and undoubtedly removed any remaining scepticism she may have had – was the child telling her he liked the name his mother had chosen for him which he gleefully told me was Aiden. Tears filled the woman’s eyes. What a gift to know your future grandson already knows who you are! Before he had even entered this world he had taken the time to get to know his future family. This woman came hoping to receive a message from her own mother but also connected with her unborn grandson. The bonds of love run both ways.

I believe quite literally in the web of life, that sacred weaving that binds each of us together. My work as a medium clearly demonstrates that the ancient teachings in this regard are true and that is why I don’t begrudge the television shows mentioned at the beginning of this article. These shows bring people and spirit together even if it is in a somewhat superficial way. They pique people’s interest, encourage them to explore further, look a little deeper. And perhaps this is enough for now.


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