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Big Love Fest – bring more love into your life!

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A 3-day festival of Intimacy, Relationships, Sensuality, Love, Tantra, & Embodiment

Experience a deeper connection to self, to others and to community!

DATES: 22nd, 23rd & 24th November 2019
VENUE: SECOND STORY – 222 Johnston Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

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What is Big Love Fest?

Big Love Fest (BLF) is a 3-day celebration of LOVE in all its diversity. Packing a programme of over fifty workshops!

With presentations, panel discussions, live performances, rituals and ceremonies on the themes of intimacy, relationships, sensuality, sexuality, tantra and embodiment, Big Love Fest is a transformational festival like no other.

Bringing together the best local, national and international workshop facilitators, the weekend will provide a transformational deep-dive. We’ll offer closed space workshop experiences, as well as short, easy-access taster classes for those wanting something a little lighter. Therefore, you can choose your own level of involvement!

A diverse array of experiences and tools to gain

The stage will also be set for facilitators to educate and illuminate the audience with presentations and panel discussions, delivered in Second Story’s renowned Next Level Space.

For a truly authentic festival experience, a diverse array of creatives will have the opportunity to showcase their talents. There will be sensual dance, live music, art, movement and performance – all delighting festival goers, late into the night.

Additionally, our social evening events, infused with ritual and ceremony, will allow attendees to let loose after a day of transformation. We’ll be collectively creating the space to celebrate, connect, and love one another in a freely expressive and safe way. Then, what better way to integrate than to dance the night away with beautiful, heart-connected folk to your favourite soul jams?

Whether looking to explore the edges of desire or deepen connection to self and others, the intention is for every Big Love participant to experience something that sets their heart alight.

BLF Intentions:

  • Create a magical weekend of unparalleled connection, community and love
  • Similarly, provide a safe space to explore all the key themes of the festival
  • Provide a plethora of workshop options for transformational personal growth experiences
  • Create a program that is so BIG and full that no one could possibly attend everything on! Abundance!!

Join us for an INCREDIBLE three days!

You’ll get to feel that you are spoilt for choice. Our aim is that your value for money and expectations will be exceeded ten-fold!

For all the details, go to:

And remember; if you would like a 15% discount to attend, use the code LIVINGNOW15 when you get to the check out. We’re delighted to share the love, and help create a more loving, harmonious community!!! 💗

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