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The bigger picture of life

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Who are we? What are we? We live with a heavy focus on a short-term life. Do we ‘only live once’ as the common phrase implies? Yes, but that one life lasts forever.


Most people have an image of themselves, of life, and the world. Generally, people see themselves as physical and mortal, with life asa brief competition in which you either succeed or fail, and they see the world as besieged with environmental, climatic, population and pollution problems. All in all, the frame in which we place life is small and limited. ‘You only live once’, is an all-too-often repeated phrase.

Fair enough, but there is another, much bigger picture. Yes, we are physical beings and physically mortal, but we forget we are also metaphysical soul beings who are immortal.Unfortunately, all our focus is on being physical and mortal, and striving toward wealth and security. We live with a heavily blinkered short-term focus on a short-term life, striving to be so-called successful. Like a horse with blinders, we see only what is directly in front of our noses.

In all life the metaphysical precedes the physical.The fact that we are magnificent, metaphysical, multi-dimensional beings of love and light is either seldom realised or completely ignored.We forget or ignore that all life is the creation of love, that humanity is love made manifest. We forget or ignore the fact that love is the principle of creation, not an emotion that causes us to weep, or laugh, or commit ourselves to constant mental and emotional self-attack. We ignore or forget that as we release our personal demons of insecurity, blame and anger, as we release all our negativity, we become the ‘in-lightened’ people who, simply by living, express love and light into the multiverse… and beyond.

We look at the years of our life as a linear progression, and number our days accordingly. We ignore or forget that in our immortality we live just as surely and certainly in our non-physical life as we do in our physical. We forget or ignore that just as a movie is made from the sum of its many frames, so also our physical lives are the many frames rather than just one. Each frame of the movie we call a lifetime, and each lifetime we spend as frivolously as if it were no more than another ride in a carnival of costumes. The movie, ‘The Continuity ofSelf’, is a movie with a vast number of frames.

We forget or ignore the greater reality in which we all live, for the blinkers we wear blind us to any view of that. We believe that life is a linear process, one day following the other, thus we generate anxiety for the future along with regret for the past. We forget or ignore that all time occupies the same moment, making it as easy and possible to change the past as it is to change the future.

We forget or ignore that we are beings designed to experience, become, and continually expand unconditional love. Love with no conditions! We forget or ignore our greatness while we so vigorously practise being small. We hail the physical athletes, and even the intellectual greats, while we cringe in the face of those few people with true wisdom. Clever words we applaud, but true wisdom opens doors of such insight that we cringe from the light that shines forth. We forget or ignore our own light, for it tends to reveal our magnificence rather than our more familiar mediocrity.

In our daily lives and in our beliefs–particularly our beliefs–we are making ourselves into pygmies rather than giants, into a mockery of our true potential, as we chase the technological wizardry that we think will reveal our inherent cleverness.

It is a pity we failed to learn that clever holds hands with stupid.Look at our humanity on this planet today, and tell me this is not true. Look at our ever-increasing physical sickness… about forty-five percent of the Western world with cancer, along with our escalating anxiety and mental depression, and our chronic emotional problems… a new case of dementia every seven seconds. Look at our devotion to money rather than our spirit, and our astonishing belief that we can actually drug ourselves out of this quagmire of ill health, and mental and emotional problems.

For those who believe it, of course ‘we only live once’, but that once is countless incarnations of differing tastes and touches of eternity.That once is our sacred immortality. That one life is forever. That once is where and how we learn the rules of creation, creating our own reality while learning that we are beings of love.

If you voyage into the greater mysteries of life, you will find that allis within your own consciousness. You and I, we are miracles of creation discovering that we are the creators of that miracle.


For 60 years Michael Roads has had the natural ability to communicate with nature and metaphysically go beyond linear time and space. Author of 16 books, he relates his unique, experiential truth in a powerful, no-nonsense format, providing pathways to our divine potential.

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