Birth and death

Birth & death – postcards from our community

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Touching ‘postcards’ from LivingNow community members covering various aspects of birth, death, transformation and revelation.


Death: endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition

Experiencing death can be incredibly painful; heart wrenching, body numbing, a pervading & pulsating ache. Death can illuminate lost opportunity, can spotlight behavioural shortcomings & have you grieving for the person you never dared allow yourself to be. 

To ‘seek out’ death is to dive into the shadow-self, the constructed-self, the identity-self designed & developed over a life. As you shape-shift into your warrior & follow the whispers & callings of your soul, magic will ensue – for with resilience & love you birth new aspects of self, bringing forth the purest form of expression that is whole & authentic you.
Jacinta Starick, artist, mind and body healer at JS Creative Consulting.


A different look at birthBirth postcards

I like to welcome new babies to this world & reassure them they are safe & loved here. In Unity, we regard a birth as an ongoing soul taking on a physical body to experience this beautiful planet Earth & fulfil its next soul purpose. Babies come into this life with spiritual gifts that most of us have lost through socialisation & education. They gaze in wonder at new faces, because they see the colourful auras that we no longer see.
Rev Rhonda Murray, a Unity Minister in Brisbane


“The most important contributory cause of pain in otherwise normal labour is fear.” (Read.G.D.)

This doesn’t mean that pain experienced during labour isn’t real; it is very real indeed. But it doesn’t have to be so! Our body is beautifully designed to create a mind-blowing cocktail of hormones that can help us experience intensity, even ecstasy, instead of pain. These hormones can see us through normal childbirth without pharmaceutical drugs that negatively impact the natural processes (the way anaesthetic a dentist applies to your mouth affects your ability to speak, eat or drink) & that also end up in the baby, affecting initial bonding process & establishment of breastfeeding. 
Liisa Halme, writer, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, breathwork practitioner.

Birth postcards


Revealing & healing the impact of your birth

Conception, gestation & birth are your source experiences of life & also the perfect metaphor for the creative process in action. Thought plus energy equals results. If birth is shocking, traumatic & followed by separation from the only body you have known, the impact can resonate in every cell of your body. As a result you may take on a number of archetypal negative beliefs that create the foundation of your thoughts & choices. Hidden from your personal understanding, they can cause an effect until they are revealed & healed. 
Lynne Thorsen, intuitive natural healer & teacher in the field of transpersonal psychology.


Coping with grief & supporting the bereaved

We live in a death-denying society, lacking skills in coping with loss or helping others who are bereaved. Nature gives a short-term anaesthetic to numb the initial grief. Support is most needed 3–6 weeks later when the numbness is replaced with the pain of facing the permanence of death. A phone call, a short visit, a warm hug, or just a simple ‘sorry’ can show you care.
Rev Rhonda Murray, a Unity Minister in Brisbane.

Death postcards

One last time

My father & I spent most of our lives separate, yet the short times we spent together I saw that we were identical in most ways. Last Christmas we finally reconnected. He passed after a traumatic accident in April, his last few days in a coma in ICU. Many little things remind me of him everyday. I know that one day these small moments will be a comfort to me. However at this point I cannot feel that way. My grief is raw, my heart aches, & I wish I could’ve told him I loved him one last time.
Georgina Catchpole, seeking peace & trying to figure out who I am.


Cornered by death

It is commonly said that ‘life is for living’. With purpose or not, living is what we do. As we live we age until we take our last breath. From the day we are born, ageing is a continuum & the quality of life depends on so many variables & mindset. When our life is nearing an end what will be occupying our time & thoughts? Will we have lived a good life? We will all be cornered by death – so how we live our lives matters, no regrets.
Simone Quinn, life coach at Core Coaching, Melbourne.


Blending the two worlds – bridging the gap

By 2030 the number of people over 65 will double! There can never be enough ‘funded’ beds. Death HAS to go back into our communities, into our homes as it used to be. Having someone at our side ALL the way – guiding, encouraging, sharing, providing options – will be a source of comfort & assurance, both for the dying & those around them.
Who can step in when medical & nursing palliative care have to leave for the next client? Who can bridge those gaps? The end of life doula is a non-medical role, providing support, education & resources.
Helen Callanan, founder & trainer of Preparing the Way Doula Training.


Death & saying goodbye

My brother died recently in a work place accident. His wife brought his coffin to their home & placed it in the lounge with the lid off. I observed the grandchildren going back & forth to ‘chat’ to my brother (their grandad) lying in the coffin. Before the funeral, which was held at their home, the children & grandchildren wrote their goodbyes on the coffin. 
Mary Scott, Sunshine Coast mentor/online marketer in the personal development field.



Repeated patterns in this life triggered by traumatic death in another

I have facilitated over five thousand recalls of past life deaths. We all die many, many times in our cycle of death & rebirth. We may experience physical pain & sometimes fear at the moment of death, but it is the emotional trauma experienced when we die that we carry through into subsequent lives, affecting our relationships, career, finances & personality. These traumas, if not cleared, stack up & repeat until we clear them. Observe your life & look for repeated patterns; they are clues to deeply held emotional traumas that are ready to be released.
Raym Richards teaches his Crystal Dreaming™ technique worldwide.


All the best

Dearest Son,
The doctors were wrong about my death & dying. It has been nearly twelve years since we purchased my burial plot. I am sorry you were traumatised with their treatment of me. I’m very proud of you graduating with Honours last year. I wish you all the very best on your conquests & endeavours in your life.
Love Mum
Karen Alexander (Mum) is a survivor of terminal cancer diagnosis and lives in Queensland.
Peter (Son) is a sound engineer and stood by me.


Love & let go

Life happens through modification or replacement. Some things can be modified, others must be purged & replaced. Whatever our preferred word for change is – growth, development, evolution, improvement – it becomes possible when we can embrace death today to experience birth tomorrow. When we love each part of ourselves today, we can let go of attachments & the fear of loss, & trust that whatever we’re letting go today is for our benefit tomorrow.
Johannes is an osteopath & public speaker with a knack for philosophy.



Celebration of life

I associate life with a blank canvas – how the finished product appears is very much up to us. I’ve been privileged to live a life knowing four generations, blessed with much happiness, many of life’s good experiences (challenges, excitement, love, happiness, fulfilment), along with a few not so good experiences (sadness, loss). I live a simple, comfortable life with love, caring family & good friends. I have certainly made plenty of mistakes, not always learning from them, but they make for an interesting canvas! Not too many regrets.

I have chosen not to seek my birth mother, but live with the knowledge that my adoptive mother blessed me with unconditional love which I believe played a large part in my fulfilment. Life is what you make it – be grateful, be gentle, be kind, live life to the full & treat others as you would like to be treated.
Anne Catchpole.

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