Black dog – Raym Richards article about a past life - sculpture of Anubis

Black dog

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Andrea’s shamanic journey reveals the moment of trauma in a distant past life that has triggered her current medical condition.


I am behind my client Andrea as she flees down a sloping subterranean stone tunnel illuminated only by the flickering torch held overhead by her servant, penetrating the thick blackness ahead of us. Andrea is fearful and apprehensive but I know she trusts the person leading us. Without this feeble flame the absolute darkness would swallow us and we would be utterly lost.

I do my best to help her understand what is happening without leading her.

What are you wearing? I telepath as we hurry along.

She looks down at her body for the first time. A sheer white dress. It’s a shame to get it so dirty. Oh, my body is younger than it is now. This is another time, a long time ago. Why am I so frightened?
Let this play out and see what happens…

There is an almost imperceptible shift in the thick darkness ahead as the dense coal blackness gives way to a soft bluish grey. An opening at last — moonlight.

The older woman leading the way turns and the torchlight illuminates a fleeting smile, which is not at all reassuring. It barely masks the terror concealed beneath it. Still some distance to travel, we hurry on. As soon as it is bright enough to see the floor and walls the torch is extinguished. Our guide steps out into clear night air and immediately holds her hands wide and low, a universal symbol for STOP!

Too late. Andrea is now so close in her enthusiasm to breathe fresh air that she knocks her servant forward and they both stumble into the dappled moonlight. Exposed and vulnerable they face the indescribable half human apparition that awaits them.

Andrea summons all her strength and steps forward in front of her servant. “You have no business here. You serve ME. Begone!”

The chilling, snarling laugh emitted from the beast is stomach churning. It easily reaches over Andrea and snuffs out the life of her faithful servant. The snap of her neck is quite audible in the quiet night.

“You have betrayed us and you will be punished”; It barks.

I don’t understand what is happening. What am I fleeing from? Why am I being punished? Do I have to go though this – again? Andrea looks back at me.

To fully comprehend and release the reasons for your visit you do need to experience it again, yes. But first ask your body to show you what led to this.

Andrea is visiting me to get to the bottom of the endometriosis and ovarian cysts that are making her life a misery. Apart from the constant pain she experiences, she feels that it is now or never in terms of conceiving a child. This shamanic journey has taken her into the core of her being and revealed the moment of trauma in the distant past that triggered her medical condition now. In order to release it she needs to understand it so we have travelled through time and space to experience the lifetime where it all began.

Andrea’s body shows her where it all started, taking her to the start of her past life experience. She is travelling in a magnificent horse-drawn chariot next to a handsome man. They are dressed in simple but very fine clothes, wearing heavy gold jewellery and makeup. An adoring crowd hails them as they pass through an ancient city.

I contain my own thoughts.

She commands her body to return us to the moonlit night and her confrontation with the angry beast with the lifeless form of her servant, a pool of darkness behind her. Her past life self tries to brazen it out, attempting to exert her now abdicated regal authority over the creature before her.

I do not want to distract her with explanations but I know dealing with the Ancient Egyptian god Anubis will not be easy.

 “By running away from your duty you have abandoned both your pharaoh and any vestige of power you thought you had. I do not serve YOU. It is the other way around. And now it is time for you to pay the price for your betrayal.”

“I do not fear death.” Andrea feels the inner strength of her past life self, knowing that her time has come.

“Death is the least of your concerns…”; the black man-dog snarls.

He rises to his full height and extending his powerful arms towards her he points at her midriff, pouring multi-coloured, writhing energy into her womb.

“Henceforth, you are cursed, never to bear children and to experience womb pain in every incarnation from this point forward. Knowing this to the core of your being, now you may die!”

Andrea experiences the terror of her own death, aware of what the future holds for her.

Undoing the curse and negotiating with a recalcitrant ancient god takes all my skills and some time, but eventually it is done and the curse is lifted.

 One more thing — you must now undo the promise you made to yourself never to bear children ever again. Then you can be free.

 A tearful Andrea voices that promise and we complete the session returning to this timeline, opening our eyes.

“How will this affect my life?”

“Nurture yourself and after your regular check up let me know what you doctor says. I am optimistic that you may now bear children.”

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