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Black & White – Jewel Nguyen

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We interview people 30 and under for their take on life, and we hope their stories will inspire you. Contrasts and paradoxes are part and parcel of life – which therefore seems quite black and white at times. This issue we interview Jewel Nguyen.

Black and white BW
Jewel Nguyen

Aged 22

Born in Sydney




What are you doing with your life now?

Right now, I’m working as a casual in a shoe shop. I’m also going through the process of going back to school. In between all this, I am constantly preparing, training and releasing my creativity through art, design, modelling, etc., and hope to one day release it musically.

Do you have other plans for your future life?

Other than modelling, opening up a clothing store seems very appealing to me at the moment!

How are you going to achieve that?

Through a lot of designing and research. Hopefully university can give me an insight of what’s behind the scenes with all the designing and branding. I’m pretty excited.

What do you think about goal setting?

It is very important! Without goals, there is no sense of direction or motivation in life!

What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Getting the modelling opportunity – and having people support me in it!

What effect did that have on your life?

A very positive effect. Now I’m eating healthier and exercising. It’s great to have someone who is also trying to be healthier with you.

What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

Which one should I choose? Hahaha! Probably knowing that my boyfriend at the time wasn’t so interested in me any more. Knowing that relationships are dying, even if you didn’t want them too.

How did that affect you?

It affected me emotionally. I was constantly paranoid and sad. I know I wasn’t treated right, but I still managed to drag out the relationship more.

Have you been able to see the gift in that?

Yes, I got someone who saved me and treats me right now 🙂

Do you have a sense of yourself as being more than your body and brain?

Of course! But I believe that everyone is more than just body and brain. The characteristics and attitude are just some of the key points that define more of who you are.

Do you have a feeling that there is an energy greater than you, something that might have all the answers?

No, not really. I have never addressed this ‘greater energy’. I’m sure this greater energy won’t have the answers to everything as well, for it is me who has to discover these answers… one by one through growth, development and love.

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