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Body talk

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Are you expressing or suppressing your feminine and masculine qualities? Discover the answer using the most tangible reference point you have – your own body.

Ever wondered why the left side of your face differs from your right side? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that one side of your body is much more prone to aches and pains, particularly when dealing with stress?

Far from being a random occurrence, the asymmetries of the face and body reveal how we utilise our masculine and feminine energies in our day-to-day life. Storing information like an organic computer, our body is a living library ready to be accessed.

On the path to self-discovery, what better map to use than your own physical body!

Finding balance

Regardless of gender, everyone has a masculine and a feminine ‘energy’ within them.

The terms ‘male’ and ‘female’ refer to physical gender. Whereas the terms ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ are not gender specific, they are energetic.

When these two energies are in balance, we are functioning at our full potential. When out of balance, we experience a feeling of separateness, resulting in mental, emotional, and physical imbalance, which, if left unchecked, can develop into disease.

Left-right brain function

Scientists have discovered the left side of our brain controls the right side of our body, and the right side of our brain controls the left side of our body.

Left-brain functions are primarily concerned with dividing the world into pieces of usable data: facts, logic, structure, analytical thinking, and linear time. The masculine nature of the left brain is revealed on the right side of our body, which reflects our external world and our professional life.

Right-brain functions are primarily concerned with non-linear or global consciousness: imaginative, intuitive, emotional, flexible, dream, or childhood world. The feminine nature of the right brain is revealed on the left side of our body, which reflects our internal world and our personal life.

Body talk

Body expression

Our external experiences and reactions create an internal body chemistry that directly affects our molecular structure. This means our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, repetitive actions and behaviour literally create and shape our physical body; it is our most expressive and unspoken statement.

Given this knowledge, how can we tell whether our feminine and masculine energies are being expressed or suppressed? It can all be read in the balance and structure of the face and body.

Face language

We are all natural face readers, instinctively responding to the facial features and expressions of those around us. In fact, face reading is a baby’s first language!

As we grow and experience the world, our face becomes the physical embodiment of our mental, emotional, and spiritual habits. Each face reveals its owner’s personal history, character traits, intimacy requirements, work preferences, gifts, challenges, and much more.

For example, if a person’s smile is more open on the right side of their face it indicates they are more outgoing and communicative in their external world, charming people socially or professionally. If a person’s mouth is drawn in tight on their left side it indicates they are guarded about sharing their private inner world of feelings; an outsider will have to earn their trust first.

It’s not uncommon to have subtle differences between the left and right side. However, distinct asymmetries of the face and body indicate a great deal of mental-emotional conflict and imbalance. An historical example of this are the two faces of Adolph Hitler; his dominant right side displayed a ruthless power, while his left side appeared diminutive and withdrawn.

Masculine-feminine imbalance

Energy sculpts the landscape; this is true of the Earth’s surface and the human body. A body-reading analysis looks at the balance of energy flow: a person’s stance, posture, bone structure, tissue distribution, and muscle tone. (Please note: due to the complexity of human beings, please consider the following examples as informative indicators as opposed to absolutes.)

For example, a person who is relying on their feminine traits and suppressing their masculine qualities may present in the following way. Their head may tilt to the left, suggesting they are listening to their internal feelings. They are far more introspective. The left shoulder rotated forward indicates an inclination to be over-expressive of their emotions, even highly sensitive. The right foot points inwards or the right knee is locked, holding back masculine expression and experiencing self-doubt about stepping out and taking action.

Conversely, a person who relies on their masculine traits while suppressing their feminine qualities may present in the following way. The right side of their body may come forward to face the world, while the left side is protectively drawn back. The left shoulder is pulled up holding back feminine expression, while the right shoulder is unnaturally low suggesting a drain of masculine energy. The right foot points outwards indicating a tendency for over-analysis and an assertive mental drive that can take them off course.

Mind-body archetypes

The following two archetypes are broad generalisations (for there are many variations in between). However, people can often identify with traits or characteristics belonging to one archetype or the other. This provides valuable insights into our own behaviour and the actions of those around us.

1. The over-nurturing feminine archetype:

Men and women with a dominant feminine essence often shun their masculine traits and fear their own assertiveness; they are prone to indecisiveness and are hesitant to step out and take action, transferring their focus onto the needs of others.

Physically, the person will often exhibit a heavier or rounder build with a large chest area, a prominent abdomen and over-developed thighs with muscles covered by layers of soft or desensitised tissue. Consequently, energy is being drawn down from the head into an expanded chest area and abdomen, leading to an externalised outpouring of mothering energy towards others.

This inclination to over-nurture is largely an attempt to gain approval and attention. They seek continual feedback from the outside world for fulfilment. However, their ‘good deeds’ often carry a sense of obligation and they may be viewed as pushy, or even intrusive. This self-sacrificing tendency can lead to feelings of resentment or rejection. Often a growing sense of inner emptiness mirrors their expanding body. A key question for this archetype is: Who am I if I’m not giving to others?

2. The overbearing masculine archetype:

Men and women who strongly identify with the masculine often develop a forceful mental drive to the detriment of their inner sensitivity and awareness. Consequently, they can be overbearing, defensive, and aggressive, creating internal feelings of isolation.

Physical strength is often developed in the upper body through a hardening of muscle and tissue (as seen in the ‘bodybuilder’ body-type increasingly popular amongst women). Energy is drawn up from the ground to inflate the chest, shoulders and arms. Simultaneously, sensitivity is being drawn away from the womb or belly towards the head.

This appearance of power hides an inner sensitivity, usually developed to protect the person from being hurt again. They can then feel unsupported, misunderstood, and fear collapse. This creates the attitude of ‘I have to do it all myself.’ They have a deep inner desire for support and connection, yet their defensive outer body structure prevents this from occurring. Due to this, they are often stuck in a self-created feedback loop that tells them it is not safe to express their sensitive self, as their aggressive approach is often mirrored back at them by others.

Global healing and thrivability

Interestingly, the interplay between feminine and masculine energies that occurs within our bodies also plays out on the global stage. We are in the process of bringing these two energies into alignment. The transitional period can be painful, with many people feeling distinctly ‘out of balance’ as we experience great upheaval.

The old-world structures and constraints are breaking down and a new paradigm is emerging. This new collective consciousness has distinct feminine elements, with an emphasis on: flow, change, receptivity, expression, collaboration, nurturing, feeling, and flexibility. In response, the ego-directed need for control, order, and dominance has escalated. This is largely due to a distorted perception of masculinity and power.

When masculine and feminine energies work in harmony – personally and collectively – there will be an integration of the intellect with the heart. This then brings forth true wisdom, integrity, synergy, power, truth, love, awareness, responsibility, authentic action and mind-body balance.

Focusing our attention on our bodies and balancing our inner energies is one of the most empowering ways to address the current global imbalance and contribute to  emerging consciousness.

Accessing your body’s wisdom

You don’t have to be a body-reading expert to gain insights into your own mental-emotional patterns. Become curious, connect with your body, and start making the unconscious conscious.

For instance, notice how you alter your stance or posture in some situations or around particular people. Or, if you experience pain or tension, take note of where in your body it’s occurring and on which side.

Ask yourself:

  • What thoughts, feelings, or emotions preceded this pain or anxiety?
  • What’s happening in my personal or professional life that could be triggering this?
  • What choices can I make, or conscious action can I take, to create more balance and ease?

Emotional root cause

Sometimes your mind can’t communicate or explain what’s wrong with you, but your body can!

And just because you’re experiencing physical issues now, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them for life. Just like the human brain, the physical body has a great capacity for regeneration and plasticity, depending on the stimulation and feedback it is receiving. Remarkable transformations of the face and body are possible!

Gift of recognition

Something beautiful happens when you develop a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. You don’t get as frustrated or annoyed with yourself or others. You begin to understand what’s happening on a much deeper level. Therefore this leads to greater compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. A powerful self-awareness starts to emerge in your life. As a result, this will allow you to accept the past, and embrace the present. In turn, you can work with yourself in the future.

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Lauren J. Wilson is a mind-body facilitator who practises emotional anatomy, energy-based bodywork and empowers people to connect with the healer within. She is the creator of Soul Resonance Self Healing, based in Cairns, Queensland.

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