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A quiet revolution

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Your next breath could change the course of human history.


We are living in extraordinary times and you are here on Earth to play an important role in the awakening of humanity.

All around us we are witnessing the blossoming of holistic healing and ways of living that are natural and sustainable. We are coming back into relationship and healing with ourselves, each other and the planet.

The new paradigm – heart centred: we are one

We are entering the third great evolution of humanity. According to the word renowned anthropologist and futurist, Fritjof Capra: the first was the agrarian age (when we started to grow crops and build villages); the second was the industrial age (when we learnt to build machines to mass produce); and the third age is the information age – the age of systems theory, of interconnection.

Our personal, social and environmental crises on Earth are actually the birthing pains of a new humanity and a new earth. It is time for us to heal our separation and reconnect with our fundamental truths: our fundamental goodness (peaceful, loving happy and whole), our capacity to create from love, and our fundamental oneness with all things.

It is time that everyone on the planet gets to thrive. We have the technology to provide everyone on our planet with clean water, healthy food, housing and education – we just have not had the consciousness (until now).

It is time for us to clear the clouds of pain, fear, guilt, shame and resentment that have been obscuring our basic goodness: the love, peace, happiness and wholeness inside each and every one of us. It is time for us to reconnect to our heart, to come back into relationship with each other and the planet.

Your pain, struggle and heartache is life calling you; calling you to look inside, heal, open your heart and live your purpose here on Earth – to be of service to others: to give back from your own healing and help make the world a more open-hearted place.

The root cause of our personal, social and global issues has come from the split between our head and our heart. Long ago we started closing down on our feelings and escaping into the disconnected land of thinking. Every time we repress an emotion we become a little more disconnected from our feelings, a little more neurotic and a little more dissociated.

Humans are either thinking or feeling

We have achieved amazing feats with our intellect: global communication and travel, advanced medical treatments, extraordinary standards of living… but there is a dark side to our intellect – separation. The world of thinking is an abstraction that happens in a bubble (as cartoons depict). From our intellect we can rationalise and justify anything: dropping atom bombs on people, genocide, clearing of forests for plantations, use of toxic pesticides… The rational mind is into efficiency: increasing profits, saving time… but so often diminishing the quality of life too.

Through our feelings we connect. With our feelings we come into relationship with life: we experience the present moment, our body and our heart. We connect to the life force that animates all things; we feel the juice of life!

The land of feeling has three deepening domains: the body, our emotions, and our heart.

Through our body we experience the richness of life: the smell of coffee, the taste of wine, colours of autumn, the sound of the ocean and the touch of a lover.

Our emotions allow us to experience the energy of life: the passion of what we care for, the joy of what we love, the alertness of what we fear, the power to self-assert from our anger, and the depth of our grief.

Through the delight of our heart we experience the tranquillity of peace, the lightness of inspiration, the expansiveness of gratitude, the flow of generosity, the strength of courage, the love of compassion, and the wonder of mystery.

Living from our heart is the deepest and most loving way to live. It requires us to connect to our body, emotions and into our heart. Our breath can be a catalyst for this transformation.

The key is our breathing

We block uncomfortable feelings by tensing our body – we call this getting uptight! As we tighten our body our breath becomes restricted to the upper chest. Restricting our breathing lowers our energy and makes it easier to stay in control of our feelings. It also puts us in our head. Upper chest breathing triggers the sympathetic nervous system, sending a cascade of adrenalin and cortisol through our body that increases our anxiety.

Taking a deep, full, relaxed breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system via the vagus nerve and has a calming effect on our body.


Breathwork is the most profoundly healing, liberating and heart-opening experience I have ever had.

In a breathwork session we relax, connect and deepen the breath. As we continue to breathe in deep, relaxed and flowing ways (natural breathing) three things happen. First, we become more present (mindful). Secondly we build up the amount of energy in our body (we come alive). Thirdly we allow the flow of the energy (emotion).

Relaxing and deepening the breath activates our emotional energy in our body and gives us an opportunity to release unresolved past emotional residue (mostly fear, anger and grief). This leaves us feeling more peaceful, present, relaxed, open-hearted (loving) and grateful.

Begin now

You can begin to reconnect to your heart by simply spending some quiet time focusing on your breath. Practise gently drawing your breath in and out through your nose, expanding it down into your belly and bring it slowly up to your chest. A good way to start is with 20 connected breaths once a day. Once you get into the rhythm of the breath you can begin your heart opening by cultivating gratitude. Call to mind the good things in your life. See if you can actually feel the gratitude in your body.

Do not underestimate the power of your breath. Your breath is the link between your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

From our intellect we see separation: our mind from our body, me from you, us from the planet. Through our heart we experience that we are one. Love connects us all across space and time. Consider that deeply and you will realise that, if we are one, then what we do to anyone we do to everyone. Closing your heart hurts us all and opening it frees us all. It just depends on whether we are being part of the problem or the solution. The Buddhists point out that the hand that removes the thorn from the foot is not in pain.

As you connect and open your heart you will continue to realise that we are one. There will come a tipping point when humanity’s heart is more open and connected than closed and separated.

You just don’t know how close we are to that tipping point.

Your next breath could change the course of humanity.

For deep emotional healing and heart opening I recommend you engage the services of an accredited breathwork practitioner, one that is registered with the Australian Breathwork Association.

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Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas de Castella

Nicholas de Castella is the Director of the Australian Breathwork College in Melbourne. He has 25 years’ breathwork experience, and 17 years of training practitioners. http://www.breathwork.com.au

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