Breathwork – the magic and the miracles

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Are your day-to-day happenings triggering emotions around feeling small and unworthy, guilty or ashamed? Breathwork gives you the ability to have the memories of the past without the emotional charge attached to them.


Your future is made up of incremental moments of now. That means everything you do in each second, minute, hour, or day determines what you will get in the future.

Not convinced?

Okay, consider where you are now and cast your eyes, your mind, your feelings, and all of your senses, back to each moment you have lived up until now. What do you see, hear, feel, and remember about the past that has shaped where you are in time and space right now in relation to what you are doing? What relationships are you having? How happy are you? How are you loved? These are all aspects of your life as it is now.

I hear you say:

But I don’t want what I have now. I deserve to be loved more.

If I hadn’t been abused I would have better relationships.

If only I had more confidence I would get the job that I want.

I keep making the same mistakes and my ‘now’ never changes.

My parents didn’t want me.

This list goes on.

Enter rebirthing breathwork

Breathwork uses a specific breathing technique called conscious connected breathing to bypass the conscious mind and unlock and clear negative emotional memory from the body. It is based on the premise that every emotional experience – from the deepest trauma to the utmost joy – is held in the body at the cellular level. Often the memories of pain and trauma are suppressed as we try to convince our conscious minds that all that was in the past, that we would rather not remember and that it doesn’t have any impact on us now.

Breathwork is a safe, simple, and self-generated form of transformational therapy that uses your breath to locate the place in your body where past negative emotional memory is stored and held. The process allows you to breathe out the negative emotional response to the past event and gain new insights into how holding on to it has affected your life up to now. The emotion might be due to something that stuck with you as a hurt, small child, a part of your soul self that has split and sought refuge at the time, a memory that was imprinted on you during birth, or a myriad of other reasons.

The magic and the miracle

Some of these things may be going on for you at an unconscious level right now. For example, ask yourself if your day-to-day happenings are currently triggering emotions around feeling small and unworthy, guilty and ashamed in relationship, if you are feeling beside yourself or disconnected, or unduly angry and hurt by someone or something. This may mean your cellular body is holding similar memories from the past, which are bubbling over as a response to whatever is going on for you.

The magic is that you are more conscious and aware of what triggers you emotionally and can now have more positive emotional responses to events in similar circumstances if they arise.

The miracle is that, because you have now changed your emotional script, you are less likely to attract the circumstances that produced the trauma in the first place.


The breathwork community in Australia consists of professional practitioners who will listen, respect, and sit with you lovingly and without judgement of you in your individual process as a client. To find a practitioner in your area go to the Australian Breathwork Association (ABA) website.

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Jennylee Taylor

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