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Breathwork / Rebirthing

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Modality of the month: June – Breathwork / Rebirthing

I am in a state of perfect bliss, alternatively laughing hysterically at the absurdity of life and then crying because I feel so happy and loved. My heart feels so full that is about to explode. I can see my whole life’s journey with great clarity.

More than that, I can see my soul’s and humanity’s journey, and it is funny. Funny, that we all take it so seriously. Funny that I feel so separated from the truth of my own profound connection to infinite love, the love that some people might describe as God.

I am experiencing the climax of a guided breathwork session with an experienced teacher. During my session I have been lead into gentle connected breathing, where each deep breath is connected to the next, in a continuous unbroken cycle.

This simple process affects your physical body and leads most people into a state of expanded consciousness. To get to that state I needed to release any emotional traumas locked into my body as cellular memories. Fortunately for me just a few, the primary recall being of a time in my mother’s womb. I saw myself clearly as an embryo and felt the powerful emotions I experienced as a conscious being, just before birth.

This extraordinary technique was initially developed by two key people, Leonard Orr and Stanislav Grof. Essentially the core approach is the use of a conscious connected breathing to work with the psyche and clear unconscious patterns.

Stanislav Grof, born in Prague, was working with patients in a Czech mental asylum when he noticed that those who had the greatest transformations had started to spontaneously breathe in a certain way prior to the change. He started experimenting with this technique and found it consistently had dramatic results and called his way of working with a conscious connected breath, Holotropic (towards wholeness) Breathwork.

Leonard Orr was involved with the Human Potential Movement in America in the early 70’s and discovered quite by accident after falling asleep in a hot tub that the connected breathing brought on by being in warm water affected his physical and emotional bodies. He, as I did, experienced tangible tingling in the body, particularly the hands and other areas where emotional trauma was held. Because many clients in these early days recalled their birth experience and were able to change decisions they made at that time, he called it rebirthing.

More commonly called breathwork by practitioners today, it is not simply about revisiting your birth, although this can happen. It is about supporting you to clear whatever is unconsciously blocking you in any area of your life.

Breathwork/rebirthing developed over a period of 45 years, spreading rapidly across the planet. It gained a reputation as a technique that could bypass the conscious mind, and lead to a rapid release of old emotional blocks, blocks that could be affecting someone’s physical and emotional well-being now.

What happens during a session is unique for every person and for every session, depending on what you want to focus on clearing or creating.

Breathwork can be cathartic, as you release old, powerful and sometimes scary emotions, but an experienced therapist can guide you through that. To reach the state of bliss I experienced, it is well worth it.

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Raym Richards

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