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Brows and lashes

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Brows and lashes – frame the windows of your soul
Looking into someone’s eyes can say so much even without the need for words. Keeping your eyes well defined without excessive make-up is easy to achieve with these chemical-free products that are a must for every summer make-up kit. Natural in ingredients and the finished look, a well-defined eye brow and no clump mascara will take years off your appearance and is all you need for a fresh face in the hotter months.

Here are some products to keep your eyes glowing:

Issada – Red Carpet Lashes
This unique product is the most natural alternative to applying false lashes that I have ever used. It reminds me a little of fairy floss as the revolutionary fibres are miniscule cellulose plant-stem fibres, which adhere to wet mascara and magically create extreme lash extensions. Soft, natural and safe to use with contact lenses, Red Carpet Lashes are easily removed with your normal eye makeup remover. A very clever and innovative product! RRP $34.00

Mineralogie Brush-On Brow Gel
I love a well-shaped and groomed eyebrow. It can lift your face and take years off your appearance. I have also been a huge fan of eyebrow gel for years, and this 100% mineral based, light gel formula is one of the best. It gently covers light and grey eyebrow hairs while keeping your brows in place all day long. It colours the hair and adds a natural thickness that is easily removed at the end of the day. Combine this with the Mineralogie – Waterproof Mascara and you are set. It is formulated with powerful mineral pigments which meant no irritation to my eyes, and my lashes didn’t feel or became dry and brittle, which is often the case with waterproof mascaras. My lashes were defined and easily separated for a long, luscious lash that lasted until I decided to remove it. No panda eyes for me this summer! Both Products RRP $34.00

Priori – Lash Recovery Serum
Help fight the effects of premature ageing, environmental factors and premature eyelash fallout with this incredible product that helps transform brittle, short, sparse lashes into fuller, voluptuous, thicker-looking lashes and brows. Each hair is nourished and the lash line energised. This formulation reduces the potential for irritation that is the problem of many eyelash products on the market today and, as I suffer greatly from sensitive and allergy eyes, I was amazed at the difference this product made. Incredible results in just over a week! RRP $130.00

Natio – Brow Kit
I am a real sucker for a great brow kit and this one ticks all the boxes. The highly pigmented powders in light and medium can be mixed together to create the perfect shade for your brows. The kit also contains a fragrance-free brow wax to keep your brows in place, and the aloe vera and coconut oil help promote healthy conditioned hair. But that’s not all; in this mirrored kit you also get a pair of stainless steel tweezers, a rounded grooming brush and a slanted brow brush for accurate product application. The perfect brow companion!

Finish your look with Natio’s Lash Definition Mascara. One of the main differences between mascaras is the wand, and this silicone wand shaped like a corkscrew is really flexible so I could coat, shape and separate individual lashes to my heart’s content. The water-resistant formula with beeswax and carnauba wax really helped to lengthen and plump the lashes for intense volume. Love it! Kit RRP $19.95 Mascara RRP $16.95

The Body Shop – Brow and Liner Kit
This versatile kit contains two powders that can be used for thickening the eyebrows and defining the eyes if used as eyeliner. The snazzy little brush has an angled tip one end and a thin brush on the other end for perfect application. My brows were left looking very natural and it nicely defined my eyes without the need of a pencil. I then used the Brow and Lash Gel and my brows stayed in place all day. This clear gel can also be used as a pre mascara treatment to separate and condition lashes before you apply your mascara. A great duo! Brow and Liner Kit $28.95 Brow and Lash Gel $20.95

Becca – Ultimate Mascara
This water-resistant mascara wraps lashes in micro-tubes for ultimate lengthening and conditioning with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that strengthen the lashes and reduce lash loss. I loved the conical brush as it really lifted and curled my lashes and my eyes were perfectly ‘flutter’-ready. The conditioning formula repels water, sweat and tears with no clumping, smudging or flaking. Feels fabulous! RRP $45.00

Lariese – Enlighten Facial Cream Cleanser
When it’s time to come clean, this cleanser is a lifesaver as not only can it be used on the face but it is perfect for removing eye makeup as well – including waterproof mascara. Product can also be removed without water. So can this product get any better you ask? Well yes, as it is 100% purely organic with ingredients supplied by Mother Nature only. Smells divine! RRP$29.95

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