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Bruno Groning DVDs reviewed by Bianca Fauré


By the end of the three DVDs, I couldn’t believe that I’d not heard of Bruno Groning before!

The documentary tells us all about Bruno’s life. It starts from when he was a small child, spending a lot of his time with nature and animals, and his strange connection with wild animals. It shows that there was always something considered “a bit strange” about Bruno.

As an adult after WW2, he started healing people. He was curing thousands of people who surrounded his home each week. Illnesses varied from IBS to MS. He cured blind people, and helped people in wheelchairs walk again.

While watching I was thinking about how amazing it was that this man could heal people just by talking to them. He always said that it was not he himself healing these crowds, but God, and only if you “believe, and let it in, will it help”. We meet many of his friends in the movie, and also hear from people who were healed back in the 50s.

After the media caught wind of these miracles, it all started to fall apart. One reporter proposed that Bruno give him 50,000 Euros not to publish a bad article. Bruno had no money, as he would not accept anything from the people, although he was offered cars, gold, and all kinds of valuable tokens. The article went to print and Bruno was taken to court several times as people claimed he was practising medicine without a licence.

A fascinating look into the life of a miracle healer, and the love and hate that came along with it… And how Bruno Groning was, at the same time, greatly respected and exploited for other people’s personal gains.


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